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L 10 a 12 3 4 a5 16 a7 1B 19 20 2u 22 127HB119-HC0904..doc/ss H.B. 119 As Introduced HC-0904 wt he \def eu In line 51807, delete "$8,096,040 $8,223,540" and insert moved to amend as follows: "$14,096,040 $14,223,540" In lines 51830 and 51899, add $6,000,000 to each fiscal year Between lines 52486 and 52487, insert: "Of the foregoing appropriation item, 200-439, Accountability/Report Cards, up to $6,000,000 in each fiscal year shall be used to make payments to each city, local, or exempted village school district that was declared to be "excellent" on the local report card published for the district during that fiscal year. The amount of the payment in each fiscal year to each eligible school district shall be equal to ae e district's average daily student enrollment reported on the district's local report card published during that fiscal year multiplied by $10. If the total calculated payment exceeds this earmark, the Department shall reduce each district's payment proportionally." The motion was __ agreed to Legislative Service Commission 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 -2- SYNOPSIS Department of Education ction 269.20.30 Increases GRE appropriation item 200-439, Accountability/Report Cards, by $6.0 million in each fiscal year. Earmarks these funds for a new subsidy for school districts rated excellent on the local report card. Establishes the amount of the subsidy for each eligible district as $10 multiplied by the average daily enrollment of the district as reported on the district's local report card.