Arlo Guthrie — Alice's Restaurant Massacree

Songwriters: GUTHRIE, ARLO/SHERMAN, GARRY This song is calle Alice!s Resta"rant, an it!s a#o"t Alice, an the Resta"rant, #"t Alice!s Resta"rant is not the na$e o% the resta"rant, That!s &"st the na$e o% the song, an that!s wh' I calle the song Alice!s Resta"rant( Yo" can get an'thing 'o" want at Alice!s Resta"rant Yo" can get an'thing 'o" want at Alice!s Resta"rant )al* right in it!s aro"n the #ac* +"st a hal% a $ile %ro$ the railroa trac* Yo" can get an'thing 'o" want at Alice!s Resta"rant Now it all starte two Than*sgi,ings ago, was on - two 'ears ago on Than*sgi,ing, when $' %rien an I went ". to ,isit Alice at the Resta"rant, #"t Alice oesn!t li,e in the resta"rant, she li,es in the /h"rch near#' the resta"rant, in the #ell-tower, with her h"s#an Ra' an 0asha the og( An li,in! in the #ell tower li*e that, the' got a lot o% Roo$ ownstairs where the .ews "se to #e in( Ha,in! all that roo$, Seein! as how the' too* o"t all the .ews, the' eci e that the' i n!t Ha,e to ta*e o"t their gar#age %or a long ti$e( )e got ". there, we %o"n all the gar#age in there, an we eci e it! #e A %rien l' gest"re %or "s to ta*e the gar#age own to the cit' "$.( So )e too* the hal% a ton o% gar#age, ."t it in the #ac* o% a re 1) Micro#"s, too* sho,els an ra*es an i$.le$ents o% estr"ction an hea e On towar the cit' "$.( )ell we got there an there was a #ig sign an a chain across across the 2"$. sa'ing, 3/lose on Than*sgi,ing(3 An we ha ne,er hear o% a "$. /lose on Than*sgi,ing #e%ore, an with tears in o"r e'es we ro,e o%% Into the s"nset loo*ing %or another .lace to ."t the gar#age( )e i n!t %in one( Until we ca$e to a si e roa , an o%% the si e o% the Si e roa there was another %i%teen %oot cli%% an at the #otto$ o% the /li%% there was another .ile o% gar#age( An we eci e that one #ig .ile Is #etter than two little .iles, an rather than #ring that one ". we 2eci e to throw o"r!s own( That!s what we i , an ro,e #ac* to the ch"rch, ha a than*sgi,ing 2inner that co"l n!t #e #eat, went to slee. an i n!t get ". "ntil the Ne4t $orning, when we got a .hone call %ro$ o%%icer O#ie( He sai , 35i , )e %o"n 'o"r na$e on an en,elo.e at the #otto$ o% a hal% a ton o% Gar#age, an &"st wante to *now i% 'o" ha an' in%or$ation a#o"t it(3 An I sai , 3Yes, sir, O%%icer O#ie, I cannot tell a lie, I ."t that en,elo.e Un er that gar#age(3

3O#ie.atrol car an ro. I can "n erstan 'o" wanting $' )allet so I on!t ha. we on!t want an' hangings(3 I Sai .a.hotogra. an the other thing was he co"l ha. all *in s o% /o. #aile "s o"t o% &ail.ea*ing to O#ie %or a#o"t %o"rt'$e$#er Alice: It!s a song a#o"t Alice<.hs with circles An arrows an a . an The' too* twent' se.laster tire trac*s.h'( A%ter the or eal. an we went #ac* To the ch"rch. 3Sh"t ". I!$ going to .A%ter to #e seen ri.olice station.atrol car(3 An that!s what we i . #"t when we got to the Scene o% the /ri$e there was %i. the gar#age with these han c"%%s on(3 He sai .ict"res o% the' li*el'.a. *i ( Get in the #ac* o% the . which wasn!t .olice o%%icer!s station There was a thir .er o"t the win ow. an )e i n!t e4. there was onl' one or two things that O#ie co"l a one at The ..en "s a $e al %or 7eing so #ra.olice car. og s$elling . 7eing the #iggest cri$e o% the last %i%t' 'ears.roll the Toilet . %oot .en eight-#'-ten . the' got three sto.$ent that the' ha hanging aro"n the .hotogra.hone we 0inall' arri.i ence against "s( Too* . Massach"sets.e an honest on the tele.rints. where this ha.en in the cell. an the %irst was he co"l ha.laining what each One was to #e "se as e.e( O#ie )as $a*ing s"re.hone.ene here. "ntil the ne4t $orning. sli e own the roll an ha.e ho"rs later that Alice .er so I co"l n!t #en the #ars roll o"t the .ing gar#age aro"n the . an he too* O"t the toilet .er'#o ' wante to Get in the news.le$ents o% estr"ction an hea e on towar the 6olice o%%icer!s station( Now %rien s."t 'o" in the cell.olice cars. )hich is what we e4.on. 35i . O#ie ca$e in with the twent' se.rints. I want 'o"r )allet an 'o"r #elt(3 An I sai . when we all ha to go to co"rt( )e wal*e in. Alice ca$e #' an with a %ew Nast' wor s to O#ie on the si e. an it was a#o"t %o"r or %i.ic* ".en eight-#'-ten colo"r gloss' .ossi#ilit' that we ha n!t e.icinit' again. Signs.en co"nte ".e at the tr"th o% the $atter an sai that we ha to go own An . sat in the #ac* o% the .er stor' a#o"t it( An the' was "sing ". an e.e an' $one' to s.ecte .a. sat own.olice o%%icer!s station( The' was ta*ing . i 'o" thin* I was going to hang $'sel% %or littering:3 O#ie sai he was $a*ing s"re.olice o%%icers an three .h on the #ac* o% each one e4..e an esca.ect it.. an %rien s O#ie was.aragra.e gi. we went #ac* to the &ail( O#ie sai he was going to . The getawa'. #"t what o 'o" )ant $' #elt %or:3 An he sai . two . #"t when we got to the . inner that co"l n!t #e #eat."t Us in the cell( Sai .ic* ". an also ha to go own an s.e #awle "s o"t An tol "s ne.e $in"tes on the tele. an we was 7oth i$$e iatel' arreste ( Han c"%%e ( An I sai 3O#ie.roach.e .els an ra*es an i$. an one . the gar#age. An i n!t get ". ha a another than*sgi. I on!t thin* I /an . e9"i.olice o%%icers. ca"se he too* o"t the Toilet seat so I co"l n!t hit $'sel% o. 35i .e to the 8"ote Scene o% the /ri$e "n9"ote( I want tell 'o" a#o"t the town o% Stoc*#ri ge. the northwest corner the so"thwest corner an that!s not to Mention the aerial .ea* to hi$ at the 6olice o%%icer!s station( So we got in the re 1) $icro#"s with the the hea an rown.

en eight-#'-ten colo"r gloss' . got goo an r"n* the night #e%ore.3 an He starte &"$. sat own. An I wal*e ".aragra. the gar#age in the no 6art "nto"che ( 6rocee e thro"gh. an there wasn!t nothing he co"l o a#o"t it. %o"r Ho"rs. an the +" ge wasn!t going to loo* at the twent' se. it!s calle )hitehall Street. an I wal*e in. #"t that!s not )hat I ca$e to tell 'o" a#o"t( /a$e to tal* a#o"t the ra%t( A L'rics %ro$: htt. an the' was Ins. I want to *ill( I $ean. 35i .ict"res with circles An arrows an a . 3All rise(3 )e all stoo ".er' single . 5ILL.h on the #ac* o% each one an #egan to cr'.ecting. I was h"ng own. so I loo*e an %elt $' #est when I went in that $orning( C/a"se I wante to Loo* li*e the all-A$erican *i %ro$ New Yor* /it'.hs'chiatrist. in%ecte .en eight-#'-ten colo"r gloss' .er #een arreste :3 . I wanna see #loo an gore an G"ts an . $an I wante .aragra. an loo*e at the seeing e'e og( An then at twent' se. an sai . 2etections. h"ng ". 3)hat o 'o" want:3 He sai . we sat own( O#ie loo*e at the seeing e'e og. ins. I was there %or a long ti$e going thro"gh all *in s o% $ean nast' Ugl' things an I was &"st ha. three ho" ". An I wal*e in. etecte . I wanna. I wante To %eel li*e the all-. see the .ing a to"gh ti$e there. Neglecte an selecte ( I went own to get $' . 5ILL(3 An I starte &"$. . an the' was lea. I sat o% $e. )here 'o" wal* in.ections.inne a $e al on $e.h on the #ac* o% each One e4.e 'o" we onl' got One 9"estion( Ha. an own Yelling. in&ecting e. I wal*e in. 35ILL. wal*e in sat own a%ter a whole #ig thing there. I sai . an he Sat own.ic* ".h'sical e4a$ination one 2a'. 5ill. an when I %inall' ca$e to the see the Last $an.i ence against "s( An )e was %ine >?@ an ha to . 5ILL(3 An the sargent ca$e o..://www(l'ricst'(co$/arlo-g"thrie-alices-resta"rant-l'rics(ht$l B The' got a #"il ing own New Yor* /it'. 35i . I wanna see.e Me a .ict"res with circles an arrows An a .h on the #ac* O% each one. an own ' An O#ie stoo ". an then at the Twent' se. sai .eins in $' teeth( Eat ea #"rnt #o ies( I $ean *ill.ical case o% A$erican 7lin &"stice. an all 5in s o! $ean nast' "gl' things( An I wa*e in an sat own an the' ga..ict"res with circles an arrows an a .ecte . I )anna *ill( 5ill( I wanna.en eight-#'-ten colo"r gloss' 6ict"res with the circles an arrows an a . an own with $e an we was #oth &"$. 5ILL. sat own( Man ca$e in sai .h on the #ac* o% each one. roo$ D@E(3 An I went ". I wante to #e the all A$erican *i %ro$ New Yor*.aragra. there.aragra. Sent $e own the hall. 'o" get in&ecte . sai .iece o% . 3Yo"!re o"r #o'(3 2i n!t %eel too goo a#o"t it( 6rocee e on own the hall gettin $ore in&ections. with the twent' se. ins.laining what each one was to #e "se as e.en eight-#'-ten colo"r gloss' 6ict"res. #r"ng ". an the &" ge wal*e in sat own with a seeing e'e og. neglections an all *in s o% st"%% that the' was oin! to $e At the thing ". 3Shrin*. 35ILL. !ca"se O#ie ca$e to the reali=ation that it was a t'. an I was there %or two ho"rs./olo"r gloss' .

) (((( NO) *i FF3 An Go to co"rt:3 An I .le on the #ench there( Mother ra. Gro"'ing with the . an o% the$ all. &"st li*e it in his han .. rea the 0ollowing wor s: . an sai ( 35i s. hel it U. An I %ille o"t the $assacre with the %o"r . 0ather ra. the gar#age(3 He sai . *i :3 An I sai ."t 'o" i% 'o" $a' not #e $oral eno"gh to &oin the ar$' a%ter /o$$itting 'o"r s. tal*in a#o"t cri$e. An we ha a great ti$e on the #ench.ital letters. an he sto.ers( 0ather sta##ers( 0ather Ra. #"rn wo$en. an'thing was %ine. 3An creating a n"isance(3 An the' all ca$e #ac*.en eight-#'-ten /olo"r gloss' .er to the. awa' %ro$ to $e an he was $ean !n! "gl' !n! nast' !n! horri#le an all *in o% things an he sat own ne4t to $e An sai . I $ean.iece-o%-.heno$e((( .art har$on'. to the #ench there. 5i s. ho"ses an .e awa' %ro$ $e on the #ench There. #"t we ha 0"n %illing o"t the %or$s an .ing. 35i .ict"res with the circles an arrows an the . an there is. shoo* $' han .e g"'s sitting on the 7ench ne4t to $e( An the $eanest. 'o" got a lot a a$n gall to As* $e i% I!. an I t"rne o. I $ean. wha !'a get:3 I sai . 3Littering(3 An the' all $o. )ith %"ll orchestration an %i.a. )!s )here the' . 35i .ersF 0ather ra. till I Sai .a' >?@ an .er!s-got-EG-wor s-HG-sentences-?I-wor s-we-wanna5now.rocee e to tell hi$ the stor' o% the twent' se."t own the 6encil.e $e right there an sai .iece o% . ) #ench !ca"se 'o" want to *now i% I!$ $oral eno"gh &oin the ar$'.rocee e to tell hi$ the stor' o% the Alice!s Resta"rant Massacre. 3)hat were 'o" arreste to the sargent. I ha to . an wrote it 2own the . in the $i le o% the other si e.e .35I2.e $in"tes an no#o ' "n erstoo a wor that he sai . HA1E YOU REHA7ILITATE2 YOURSEL0:3< I went an tal*e %or 0ort'-%i.h on The #ac* o% each one. there on the Other si e.etails-o%-the-cri$e-ti$e-o%-the-cri$e-an -an'-other-*in -o%-thingYo"-gotta-sa' he sto. ca.arentheses.' things that we was tal*ing a#o"t on the 7ench( An e. was co$ing o. we was s$o*ing cigarettes an all *in s o% Things.illages a%ter #ein! a litter#"g(3 He loo*e at $e an . sai . i 'o" e.'thing else on The other si e. in .er'thing was %ine an I . ha so$e . I $ean I!$ sittin here on the Gro".aragra.ecial cri$e. I wal*e o. 9"otate .art har$on' an st"%% li*e that an all The .eo. 35i . I!$ Sittin! here on the #ench.e reha#ilitate $'sel%. I want Yo" to go an sit own on that #ench that sa's Gro". the $eanest 0ather ra. "ntil the Sargeant ca$e o.An I . I $ean that &"st.e $e right there an sai . an the hair' e'e#all an all *in s o% $ean nast' things. an there was all *in s o% $ean nast' "gl' Loo*ing .ertaining-to-an -a#o"t-the-cri$e-I-want-to-*now-arrestingO%%icer!s-na$e-an -an'-other-*in -o%-thing-'o"-gotta-sa'3. nastiest one. 3I i n!t get nothing. all *in s o% groo. $other sta##ing. 3Sargeant. "gliest.ers sitting right there on the #ench ne4t to $eF An The' was $ean an nast' an "gl' an horri#le cri$e-t'.a.ic* ".encils on the #ench there.

can 'o" i$agine. can 'o" i$agine %i%t' . an All 'o" got to o to &oin is sing it the ne4t ti$e it co$e!s aro"n on the G"itar( )ith %eeling( So we!ll wait %or it to co$e aro"n on the g"itar.erson oes it the' $a' thin* he!s reall' sic* an The' won!t ta*e hi$( An i% two . The' $a' thin* the'!re #oth %aggots an the' won!t ta*e either o% the$( An three . at Alice!s Resta"rant E4ce. i% One . we on!t li*e 'o"r *in .&"st wal* in sa' 3Shrin*.ting Alice Yo" can get an'thing 'o" want. in har$on'.eo.Sai . is a St" ' in #lac* an white o% $' %inger.e$ent.erson. here an Sing it when it oes( Here it co$es( Yo" can get an'thing 'o" want. three . an i% 'o"r in a Sit"ation li*e that there!s onl' one thing 'o" can o an that!s wal* into The shrin* where.I sai 0i%t' .le a a' wal*ing in singin a #ar o% Alice!s Resta"rant an )al*ing o"t( An %rien s the' $a' thin*s it!s a $" ((( or tire ( So we!ll wait till it co$es aro"n again. at Alice!s Resta"rant . at Alice!s Resta"rant That was horri#le( I% 'o" want to en war an st"%% 'o" got to sing lo" ( I!.le a a'.rints O%% to )ashington(3 An %rien s.eo. so$ewhere in )ashington enshrine in so$e little %ol er. an we!re gonna sen 'o" %inger. at Alice!s Resta"rant )al* right in it!s aro"n the #ac* +"st a hal% a $ile %ro$ the railroa trac* Yo" can get an'thing 'o" want.le o it.le o it. three.e #een singing this song now %or twent' %i. 35i . an this ti$e with %o"r .e$ent( An that!s what it is Har$on' an %eeling( )e!re &"st waitin! %or it to co$e aro"n is what we!re oing( All right now( Yo" can get an'thing 'o" want. &"st one .le wal*ing in Singin a #ar o% Alice!s Resta"rant an wal*ing o"t( The' $a' thin* it!s an Organi=ation( An can 'o".e $in"tes( I!$ not . or 'o" $a' #e in a si$ilar sit" 'o" are .e $in"tes( I co"l sing it 0or another twent' %i.eo. two . at Alice!s Resta"rant Yo" can get an'thing 'o" want.eo.eo. the Alice!s Resta"rant Anti-Massacre Mo. Yo" can get An'thing 'o" want. at Alice!s resta"rant(3( An wal* o"t( Yo" *now.eo.rints( An the onl' reason I!$ Singing 'o" this song now is ca"se 'o" $a' *now so$e#o ' in a si$ilar Sit"ation. at Alice!s Resta"rant )al* right in it!s aro"n the #ac* +"st a hal% a $ile %ro$ the railroa trac* Yo" can get an'thing 'o" want.

2a a a a a a a "$ At Alice!s Resta"rant .

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