the history of comic books presented by Tom Amyx Though i enjoyed getting a very well organized introduction to the

history of comics, i did not feel like i got much out of it from a social or psychological perspective, apart from the discussion of the senate hearings held in 1954, of which i was already aware. It was interesting to me from a personality study perspective of a classic comic collector, where his energy focus seemed to be more on the object (completionist) than on the narrative analysis component(exegetical and social meme elements). It was sufficient, to get a pretty solid power point covering the primary periods of comic book history, but i had wanted a more in depth look at the contemporary innovations associated with graphic novels, their artists and writers, and their introduction of very deeply structured narrative arcs that deal with obscure/alternative histories as well as more underground themes such as the hermetic and occult philosophies which first began to enter into popular literature in the late19th and early 20th century. In general i felt like, though well presented with standard comic book geek sincerity and pretty good content, most of the material was not new to me, nor did it challenge or excite me to investigate new areas that i was of yet unaware of.

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