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Monitor > Setup > Preferences

Refer to the following when changing preferences.

Recording Path


Installing and Using the Viewer and Recorder Software

Business Internet Video Camera with Audio

Chapter 5

Recording This is the Drive and Folder on your PC where
recorded files will be saved. The default location is C:\
Program Files\LinksysOne\LinksysOne Surveillance
Utility\Storage\Local ID\File Type
. You can also click the
Browse button to select the desired drive and folder.

Instant Recording Time Limit

Maximum time limit for Instant Recording This sets
the maximum size of a recording. (Recordings are started
by clicking the Record button on the Main screen.)

Motion Detection

Record before Motion Detected Set the time so the
Utility will start recording a certain time before the Utility
detects motion in a Camera’s field of view.

Record after Motion Detected Set the time so the Utility
will stop recording a certain time after the Utility detects
motion in a Camera’s field of view.

Disk Allocation for Recording

Total Disk Space This shows the total amount of storage
space on your hard drive.

Available Disk Space This shows the amount of storage
space available on your hard drive.

Enable Disk Space Limitation This feature allows you
to limit the amount of space your recordings occupy on
your hard drive. Click the box for this feature and then
enter the Maximum Allowed Space in the next box. The
Maximum Allowed Space is the amount of space on your
hard drive you’ll allow your recordings to take up, which
should be smaller than the available room you have left
on your drive along with space for your operating system
and other programs. Plan for when that space gets full by
clicking either Overwrite Earliest File, which will delete old
recordings as new ones fill the space, or Stop Recording,
which will end your recording once you fill the space.
Allow a minimum of 300 MB storage space per camera. If
you will be using the same drive that Windows is installed
on to store your recordings, make sure you leave at least
ten percent of available disk space free.

Initial Settings

Launch this Utility when Windows Started Check this
to have this utility start when Windows starts.

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