If you’ve ever wondered; this shit does happen and I have seen it many times as a retail manager—some of the

many reasons I left the industry. I remember a man named Earl. He worked at the store I helped to managed in Lititz !a. Let me tell you a little about Earl. Earl was a hard worker he was a very hard worker. He showed up on time and rarely "alled off. He was on one of the lowest pay s"ales of the store. #et he always had a great disposition; he always had a smile and was willing to help people. He worked mainly in the parking lot and the vestibule of the store. He would gather up shopping "arts sweep the parking lot and the sidewalk he would shovel snow and he would help the "ustomers load up their "ars. He did this all willingly with a smile and never "omplained. $ell he had one "omplaint his hands were "old he "ouldn’t afford good gloves he "omplained until someone gave him a brand new pair of really ni"e gloves and Earl never "omplained again. However there was a ma%or problem with Earl and it "aused numerous "omplaints from "ustomers. &orporate 'ffi"e would "onstantly send messages to us about getting rid of Earl be"ause all of the &ustomer "omplaints. $e fought for Earl and did our best to keep him employed but when I left I heard a year later they had set him up and fired him for a violation of no "all no show—old ta"ti" of a lot of "ompanies (in"luding $al)mart from "onversations with numerous employees* they "hange your s"hedule without telling you. $hat was the "omplaint+ 'h Earl was not a pretty boy. He was elderly and not a ,star. .ome of the "ustomers %ust simply did not like looking at him.

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