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Using Msn Cullen Style Chapter 4

Using Msn Cullen Style Chapter 4


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Published by moxie
hey hey enjoy and post comments but if u want a 4 sorry i named this four mistake leave commenst if u want chapter 4
hey hey enjoy and post comments but if u want a 4 sorry i named this four mistake leave commenst if u want chapter 4

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Published by: moxie on Aug 28, 2009
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Using msn Cullen style chapter 3 Hey Plz comment and enjoy Carlisle-_-101akaDr Esme##$akamomma EDWARD: pRoTeCtOr15467@forks

BELLA: vameprellabella##!!* EMMET: megottheGUNS111234 ROSALIE: theblondeandbeautiful-_-123 ALICE: ShopAholiC@themALL*10 JASPER: emotionSr@control

Vameprellabella##!!* LOGGED ON MegottheGUNS111234 LOGGED ON pRoTeCtOr15467@forks LOGGED ON emotionSr@control LOGGED ON

Vameprellabella##!!*: hi Edward pRoTeCtOr15467@forks: hey love Vameprellabella##!!*: I love u 2 so much emotionSr@control: ugh guys Plz cut the emo`s pRoTeCtOr15467@forks: be quiet I love u 2 so, so much emotionSr@control: [throwing up] Vameprellabella##!!*: like u and Ali r any diffi emotionSr@control: that’s none of u r beeswax noisy pRoTeCtOr15467@forks: mind u r language MegottheGUNS111234: hey eddzilla lol pRoTeCtOr15467@forks: great you get over Eddie then come up with eddzilla

emotionSr@control: he ha he pRoTeCtOr15467@forks: what u a donkey I never knew emotionSr@control: shut up Vameprellabella##!!*: don`t u dare shut up my love u shut down emotionSr@control: blah

emotionSr@control logged of ShopAholiC@themALL*10 logged on MegottheGUNS111234 logged of

ShopAholiC@themALL*10: u dare insult my husband pRoTeCtOr15467@forks: aw what little Ali gonna do ShopAholiC@themALL*10: you`ll see pRoTeCtOr15467@forks: oh I saw Vameprellabella##!!*: what u 2 playing see saw pRoTeCtOr15467@forks: nope I gotta go love u bells

pRoTeCtOr15467@forks logged of Carlisle-_-101akaDr logged on Esme##$akamomma logged on emotionSr@control logged on

ShopAholiC@themALL*10: hi jazzy emotionSr@control: came as soon as I heard my angel was here Vameprellabella##!!*: eww Esme##$akamomma: im so leaving Carlisle-_-101akaDr: fine leave I don`t need you stinking smell in my house emotionSr@control: mom dad relax

Carlisle-_-101akaDr: shut up Emo freak Esme##$akamomma: be quiet Carlisle at least he is better than u Vameprellabella##!!*: what going on here ShopAholiC@themALL*10: yeah whats happening Esme##$akamomma: I hate Carlisle and his stupid girly patients Esme##$akamomma: come on bella, Alice get Rose we r leaving Vameprellabella##!!*: what no Carlisle-_-101akaDr: like the blame goes on me u were making out with the newspaper boy Esme##$akamomma: yeah right douche bag Carlisle-_-101akaDr: sucide committer Esme##$akamomma: Mr. I doesn’t fight im a girl I want to lose every war Carlisle-_-101akaDr: get out you motherly a** out of my house Esme##$akamomma: fine bye

Esme##$akamomma logged of Carlisle-_-101akaDr logged of MegottheGUNS111234 logged on

ShopAholiC@themALL*10: um……… what happened Vameprellabella##!!*: I don`t know u r the psychic emotionSr@control: guess v lost our mom MegottheGUNS111234: lol u guys fell for that ha Vameprellabella##!!*: EMMET MCARTY CULLEN emotionSr@control: U BETTER RUN ShopAholiC@themALL*10: RUN FAT BOY RUN

MegottheGUNS111234 LOGGED OF ShopAholiC@themALL*10 LOGGED OFF

emotionSr@control LOGGED OF Vameprellabella##!!* LOGGED OF Enjoy and comment

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