Now a days, the bank customers were depending on the net or the bank straightly for all their account details and can t able to in!ol!e in the bank process directly" This #roblem can be sol!ed through $obile %anking &ystem" The title of the pro'ect is $O%I() %*N+IN," The main aim of the pro'ect is to mobili-e the %ank #rocess that is used to reduce the customer transaction.time as well as user can able to access from anywhere through mobile" $obile banking enable customer to access the information from his personal mobile and can able to !iew his account details" This system also used to transact money to another client through the keypad of the mobile itself" The user can also !erify his Che/ue and demand draft details if another person may pass a demand draft or Che/ue"

The $obile %anking &ystem runs in a $obile %rowser 0Nokia &imulator1" The software consists of two parts !i-, the ser!er part and the client part" The ser!er part is present in $obile %anking ser!er in the form of Downloaded *pplication module" The client part is present at each client s mobile the ser!er and the client are connected to each other o!er the Internet using 2*# technology" $obile %anking pro!ides a system for the user to access his bank account through his $obile" The system also enables the user to pay his )% %ill, Telephone %ill through his mobile as well as pay for some other ser!ices, which he has a!ailed" The $obile banking system is not 'ust for payment but a user of the system can also transfer money to another account holder through this system" 3e can recei!e from his bank or from his business associates or friend or other person who is also connected to the system"

7> keys (ogitech 2ireless $arkup (anguage 02$(1 .3ardware re/uirements4 #rocessor #rocessor speed $other board #rimary memory 9R*$: &econdary memory CD.">> $% .RO$ Aloppy Disk dri!e $onitor +eyboard $ouse 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 #entium.% &amsung 6< ? $*@ .III 567 $38 $ercury .>B samtron &amsung .<= $% >7 .

2$( re/uires !ery little bandwidth and much less processing strength to render. code that you send out from the ser!er" Reasons to use 2$(4 2$( is used in the 2*# en!ironment instead of 3T$(" 2$( is designed for wireless de!ices" Compared to 3T$(. so there is a limit to how big each 2$( Deck can be" The limit !aries a great deal from one browser to another" These limits refer to the compiled form of your deck. it reads the whole GCardH tag in 2$( is !ery similar to the Ga nameH tag of 3T$(" 2*# de!ices ha!e !ery little memory. while decks begin and end with GdeckH tags" 2hen the 2$( micro browser accesses the 2$( document 0or deck1. 3T$( re/uires a larger display than is a!ailable on a mobile phone" . indicating that its capabilities are somewhat limited" *dditional limitations may be the result of the de!ice that the micro browser runs on" If Dou ha!e no prior knowledge of @$(E you will probably find 2$( much more &tringent than 3T$("2$( files are referred to as FdecksB" )ach deck consists of one or more cards" Cards begin and end withGcardH tags. the browser is Commonly called a micro browser. which is usually fairly small compared to the plain te?t @$(. which means longer lasting batteries" Ainally.Introduction to 2$(4 2$( 02ireless $arkup (anguage1 is a markup language based on 2$(" Technically it is an @$( application" Cust like 3T$( and @$(. 2$( is read and Interpreted by a browser built into the 2*# de!ice" Aor 2*# de!ices.

and not on a remote ser!er. the wireless de!ice doesn t ha!e to send data to the ser!er as often" This means !isitors to your site using a 2ireless de!ice ha!e a much faster e?perience I and on the Internet that often can make the difference between someone both staying on your site and returning later" sNokia &imulator4  Nokia $obile Internet Toolkit >"7  Nokia 6.2ireless $arkup (anguage &cript 02$( &cript1 2ireless $arkup (anguage &cript 02$( &cript1 was designed to o!ercome the limitations of 2$( for creating complicated interactions on wireless de!ices like pre.77 &D+ Nokia $obile Internet Toolkit >"7 .#rocessing and !alidating data for an online ordering form" 2$( &cript is similar to Ca!a&cript" 3owe!er 2$( &cript. is more compact and simpler than Ca!a&cript" 2$( &cript and 2$( closely integrate with one another" %ecause 2$( &cript Is Run locally on the de!ice browser. keeping to the %andwidth and memory limitations of wireless de!ices.

such as the Nokia 6. which has been newly redesigned to Aocus primarily on content authoring futures and to support multiple acti!e phone &D+s" N$IT >"7 defers considerably from the pre!ious N$IT J". Newly renamed o Nokia $obile %rowser 0N$%1 &imulator >"7" In additional. N$IT pro!ides a DTD manager through which you can import new DTDs for use by N$IT editors" Nokia $obile Internet Toolkit 0N$IT1 >"7. . !ersions in that the following N$IT J". de!ice simulator. supported phone &D+s at startup and lists these in its &D+ Control #anel" Dou can display Content you *uthor on any supported phone &D+ by simply clicking a &how button within an editor" $ost N$IT editors are used for creating @$(. and they pro!ide futures for easily selecting elements and *ttributions for insertion based on current cursor position" In addition. components are no longer included with N$IT and are now a!ailable as &eparate downloads from forum Nokia" 2*# &er!er &imulator.based content types defined by Document type definitions 0DTDs1" These editors employ content !alidation to check Content against a DTD.ateway &imulator 0N2.&1 o Nokia $obile %rowser 0N$%1 J"7.Nokia $obile Internet Toolkit 0N$IT1 consists of a set of editors for creating !arious types of mobile Internet content" N$IT enables the display of this content on $ultiple supported phone &D+s.77 content authoring &D+ as well *s the Nokia $obile %rowser &imulator 0N$%1BconceptB phone &D+" #hone &D+s are installed separately" N$IT detects installed. newly renamed Nokia 2*# . the N$IT J".

%ookmarks. and o 2I$ information is not included in N$IT >"7" These !iews. ha!e been integrated within each phone &D+ and made o *ccessible through a window attached to each running &D+ instance" This redesign of N$IT pro!ides se!eral benefits such as the ability to4 o (aunch multiple phone &D+s and multiple instances of most indi!idual phone &D+s" o &end content simultaneously to multiple instances of running phone &D+s" o (aunch diagnostic !iews from running indi!idual phone &D+s with o Kiew panels targeted indi!idually to phone &D+s capabilityE for )?ample. 2I$ and 2T(& !iews are absent from the diagnostic !iews of #hone &D+s that do not support these functions" . session. 2T(&. which are o Used for diagnostic monitoring of the interaction of phone &D+s with the o Network.o &et of tab !iews for !iewing current.

a single user 2*# gateway.based editors is an integral part of N$IT" o DR$ 0Digital Rights $anagement1" This tool.checking a file of o That type opens the file in an N$IT editor N$IT enables you to launch the following tools4 o &D+ control panel" This tool for managing phone &D+s is an integral part of N$IT" o DTD manager" This tool for supplementing the DTDs used by N$IT s @$(. not integrated with N$IT" .o *ssociate file types with N$IT editors during o N$IT installation so that double. is a separate application.

Nokia 6.77 &D+4 .

such as brows able 2$( and @$( content o 2ireless messages such as $$& 0multimedia message ser!ice1 and &IL&( 0ser!ice IndictorL&er!ice (oad1 push messages" To simulate pressing the buttons on a Nokia 6.77 mobile handset for the *mericas" Dou can also use the Nokia 6. you can !iew local files or recei!e mobile Internet content using an 3TT# connection" &uch content includes4 o 2eb content designed to be browsed on a mobile phone.77 sdk1 is a de!elopment Tool that let s you pre!iew how wireless content will look and work when it is ultimately To an actual Nokia 6.77 software De!eloper s kit 0Nokia 6.ateway" 2ith this &D+.77 &D+ has an @3T$( color browser and an 3TT# communications &tack that lets the &D+ directly recei!e from web ser!ers without going through a 2*# . click the Corresponding keys on the &D+ with the mouse" Nokia $obile %rowser >"7 &D+ 0N$%14 .77 mobile handset.The Nokia 6.77 &D+ to de!elop content for other Nokia handsets with characteristics and Aunctionality those are similar to that of the Nokia 6.77 handset" The Nokia 6.

as well as push message" It also can be used &tandalone" o N$% >"7 can be launched as a standalone browser or used in con'unction with Nokia $obile Internet Toolkit 0N$IT1. and you can display N$IT >"7 content on all running instances Of N$% >"7" o N$% >"7 now includes diagnostic !iews through its ToolsHDiagnostic menu" 2ish to pre!iew how their content will look before it is ultimately deployed on a mobile #hone handset" . or both simultaneously" o Dou can launch multiple instances of N$% >"7 simultaneously and use these Independently.N$% is a mobile phone &D+ that includes a mobile Internet browser for browsing %oth mobile Internet content 0through a 2*# connection1 and local file content" It fully &upports the content authoring features of Nokia $obile Toolkit >"70N$IT1 and can be used to display @3T$( and 2$( content.

."<".= o UC&.Using N$%. and @3T$(. as well as 2%$# and .1 o UTA. content de!elopers can mobile Internet content de!eloped using Nokia Toolkit >"70N$IT1.<1 *RC3IT)CTUR*( D)&I..N .1 conformance release" &upported content includes 2$(. as well as local file content resident on Internet ser!ers and accessed through a 2*# connection" 2*# connection may be made through either a 2*# gateway ser!er or through Nokia s 2*# gateway simulator 0N2.==6M.< 0I&O.7N>N.&1 2*# protocol &upport4 The Nokia mobile %rowser >"7 &D+ supports the 2*# Cune <7770or 2*# !ersion .IA image formats" Character &et &upports4 The Nokia $obile %rowser >"7 &D+ supports the following character sets4 o U& *&CII 0I&O."<"<1 &pecification" These may be found at the 2*# Aorum site at the page titled the Cune <777 02*# .UC&. 2$( &cript.

if he is a Ai?ed Deposit account holder the wap registration form is not generated to that particular account holder" .*rchitectural design is concerned with the refining of the conceptual !iew of the systemE identify the internal process of the system The diagrams of the Indi!idual modules are in the *##)NDI@ ." Here various operations are divided into modules that as their own interfaces with the required information and the various modules are  Registration/User Verification  Wap Registration  Balance Enquiry  Statement Enquiry  und !ransfer  EB" !elephone Bill #ayment  $$/%heque Request  %hange #assword RegistrationLUser KerificationO 2ap Registration4 This module gi!es full information about the particular registered user 0i"e" the account type and personal details1" If the user wants to register newly he should enter the personal details and the type of account information so that the wap registration form is correspondingly generated if the account type is current account.

4 This module is used to share the information between two clients pro!ided the clients register in this ser!ice pro!ider"%efore .The option gi!es full information about the user details. passenger name. it means that particular amount is deposited in the bank for a particular duration 0say for Jyears1 and the user is allowed to perform operations within the interest amount and the second one the current account type. ticket cancellation and checking the reser!ation status"This module it displays three options" Airst one is used for train reser!ation" &econd one is used for bus reser!ation" Third one is used for flight reser!ation"Train reser!ation display fi!e options" Airst one used to display all the reser!ation details 0train no. class."<1 C3*TTIN. date and so on1" &econd one is used to display the reser!ation status" Third one is used to display a!ailable tickets in the train" Aourth one is used to reser!e the tickets" Aifth and one is used to cancel the tickets" The same process is implemented by the bus and flight reser!ation" 0R)A"*##)NDI@. train name. it also has another two options to select as account type" Airst one is fi?ed deposit holder. here the user is allowed for 2ap registration and allowed to access his account information through his $obile" %alance )n/uiry4 This module is used to reser!e the bus and train or flight tickets.

. and the user will be able to chat with other client also and he will be able to send message or recei!e message" *t a time he can chat with two or more client also" 0R)A"*##)NDI@.) &TR)*$IN.4 !his module is used for the entertainment purpose& !he collection images are stored in the data'ase& !hese images are created 'y a motion picture& irst the user selects the movie name& !hen the server searches the movie on the data'ase and passes the movie from data'ase to simulator& (RE &)##E$*+.&-. first the users enter the secret code" If the user enter the correct secret code then the users enter into the chat room.entering into the chat room."J1 I$*.

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