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Future Aspects

Future Aspects

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Published by: saikripa121 on Dec 16, 2013
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In the earlier topic we discussed the constraints concerning our project, lets move further and discuss the future aspects of our project. First let us find some remedy (solutions) to our earlier defined constraints. (the numbering here is based on constraints on earlier page) 1. Time factor !s discussed earlier ,considering the time given to us for completion of our project was much less than re"uired ,we were unable to rope in most of the attractive (but not so important) functions in our project or#ut .$atter if we get time then we will surely add some of the following functions provided by real or#ut. %ommunities This feature will enable the user to join the group he want to be part of .for eg if a particular user is fan of saurav ganguly ,then he can join(or start ) a community called as &saurav ganguly fan club'(wonder anyone will join it (((() also any user can start any community of his choice. The community can be moderated one or open to all as in real or#ut. )rite testimonials Through this feature any user can write sweet memories or any thing he can thin# of for his friends in testimonials. (This can be also written in scraps but its just for feel*good factor.) Fans If a user is completely bowled over his friend's personality, then he can be his fan.(This is another feel*good factor) !lbum The user, if he feels so, can maintain an album containing photos of his choice. +ut there will be ma,imum limit of photos to be #ept in album. These photos can be viewed by all the user's of our project or#ut. .estricted access !s our project is based on $!/ only those computers which are connected by common servers can run our project or#ut(for eg if we access our project or#ut from our 0/ lab, then we won't be able to chat from 1%'s from mech. 2epartment as there is no common server connecting them ).this constraint can't be removed unless some hardware changes are made to connect two 1%'s together. !ccessing on internet This constraint can be removed by money only. For running or#ut on internet we have to ta#e a website on lease. ( else we can collaborate with yahoo for giving a tough competition to real or#ut ,which is handled by google(() 5ther limitations Initially the number of user's on or#ut are less, hence the maintenance of database is not a difficult tas#. +ut as number of user's will increase storage in database would pose a big problem. 6ence a system containing

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all the database information need to be installed . )e can also design our project with help of applets. 7. !pplets provide a very slee# and good*to*loo# form to our interface. !lso if we plan to put our project on internet then !pplets will be a preferred choice as they are 6T:$ files only.!lso a bac#*up of this system should be ta#en. . !ppropriate 89I )e have seen in constraints that why we went with frames instead of applets. in case our original one fails.

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