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extracted from "Potpourri Alchemia" libary
CD #3
filename: POTPOURRI1_original.PDF
pages 163 & 164



First, the red salt of urine is prepared as follows:

Let good urine stand for some time till it putrefies, then distill
from it the spirit of urine by itself, while evaporating the
remaining Phlegma to dryness.

Pour this spirit of urine on this salt residue in a flask, cover it

with a blind alembic and set it for several weeks in a mild digestion.
Then the spirit of urine extracts and dissolves the salt and sulphur
contained in the residue. This done, collect the spirit of urine in
another clean flask upon which apply an alembic with a receptacle
luted on it. Then distill the spirit of urine gently untill a salty
skin appears. That seen, set it in the cold, and it will result in
beautitul brightred, yes, darkred transparent crystals.

Carefully pound these with gold leaves, and finally melt this mass
in a crucible. The gold therein will be completely opened and turned
into a glassy substance, almost that of a ruby. If this substance is
melted with silver and separated, it is supposed to tinge many parts
of gold,But if it is extracted, it is supposed to be an incomparably
good medicine.


Take one part of sulphur of the Sun (the red glasslike powder of
projection made from gold above) - which has already been described
- mix with one part of the red crystals,put this powder in a phial,
seal it hermetically, and set it in the B.M., for 91 days.

Then it will be congealed and flow like wax without fumes, and one
part will tinge 13 parts of Mercury into gold.

Pound this mass again to a fine powder and mix it with equal part
of the red crystals, seal the glass hermetically, set it in the B.M.
for 91 days, and the tincture will congeal, and one part will tinge
25 parts of Mercury into gold. Continue as before with the addition
of red crystals till the tincture congeals in 8 days,and finally in
3 days. Then one part of it will tinge two hundred thousand parts
into good gold.

After the 7th multiplication, at the 8th, it will begin to glow by

it's own light like a piece of hot charcoal.

B.M. = Balneo Mary waterbath (temp. 100 to 150�F)

The ruby-glass stone of gold must be made into a tincture/elixir by
dissolving it in good wine spirit (alcohol distilled from wine) and
the dose is one to five drops, but great care must be taken because
this elixir can 'fire' the body and kill a person. It will cure any
and all disease if used properly. It will also open your eyes and
ears to the spirit world. Read the old alchemy books to find further
instruction on exact dosage.

At the 3rd multiplication it can only be taken once a year, and you
will know it's the tincture of the 3rd order if one part of the stone
transmutes only one thousand parts of lead to gold by weight (1:1000).

For transmutation, you must encase the powdered stone in hot beeswax,
then allow it too cool so you can easily hold it in your hand.
Wait for the lead to melt completely, then throw in your ball of
wax and stir the lead with an iron rod. Give it time to change
colors and give a beautiful show, then you will know when it's gold
and you can allow it to cool. (This can take up to an hour).
It will have the most incredible shine of the purest gold you have
ever seen in your life. Take this to a pawn shop where they test
gold, and you will have your answer to it's authenticity.

Be careful selling gold in America, because selling large amounts

of gold without proof of where it came from can result in jail time
because they assume you obtained it illegally, or dug it up from
goverment owned land. Also, any electronic transfer of money over
$10,000 is automatically reported to the IRS. Do your homework on
how to get rid of large amounts of gold and convert it to cash.

Use your money for more than just charity; start your own projects
that make the world a better place. There is a lot you can do for
this world when you have and endless supply of gold.

Thank God for *her* grace that she has granted this gift to you,
and praise her name always, and keep the secret!

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