Communications Proper and timely documentation communications and goes hand in hand control.

241 is necessary a complement to with good project management and

- It keeps management informed, allowing it to provide timely input and
avoid unpleasant surprises.

It generates hard records that could be very valuable and decisions.

for future analyses

It may be a catalyst to promote constructive thinking in both the writer and the readers.

On the other hand, over-documentation is cumbersome, will dilute the efforts of the project team, and slow down the project. Discretion must be exercised to avoid unnecessary paperwork and ensure that the extent and detail of the documentation are commensurate with the size and importance of theproject. Documentation,especially memos andreports,mustbe clear,concise, and attractive in order to ensure the attention of the recipients. Long, rambling, and cluttered memos are often left unread and, if read, they are frequently misinterpreted. With the advent of word processing and electronic mail, engineers are doing more and more of their writing on their computers. Obviously, this is a timesaving practice, but oftentheresultingdocumentsare not the most attractive and/or understandable and are not suitable for issue outside the limited project team circle. On certain documents, engineers should either let qualified secretarial help do the typing orthey should take somebasic training in letterwriting and editing.

17.2 DocumentationChecklist
The following list points out the areas that should be documented during the course of aproject. In some cases, the responsibility falls on the Project Manager. In some cases, it falls on others. But in all cases, the Project Manager must insist that the documentation is generated. Project Kickoff - The first formal contact with the client must be documented a in memo spelling out the request, requiring CED participation and client'sdesiredschedule. Immediate action planned by CED should also be mentioned. Initial Plan of Action - After the client's request has been studied, a memo must be issued to inform all of the plan of action and timetable proposed to

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