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Your essay will be assessed on the following dimensions:

Ma"terv--. Developing

Metacognition Writer clearly, ' Writer clearly
thoroughly, and addressed
thoughtfully each aspect
addressed each of the
aspect of the prompt.
Describe and comm t
Demonstrate metacognition by
critically reflecting on your own
reading, writing, and
processes by addressing h
aspect of the prompt as fol ws:
upon both good and b ---
experiences in your past
education, including
academic reading and
Conclusion expresses
your goals, concerns,
and thoughts about your
Organization Trcmsifions and "\ Transitions
Organize your ideas so that th( of \and ordering
move from one idea to anothe . reader through reader to
reader can easily follow as you ideas p.rop. el the lllow the
Use your authentic (natural)
Essay Grade:
use '" Writer used
'language whic language
appeared to be which
in his/her appeared to
control. be mostly in
Things to focus on for the next writing project:
each aspect
of the
prompt, at
least in part.
and ordering
allow the
reader to
mostly follow
the essay.
appeared to
be somewhat
with his/her
Writer did not
address each
aspect of the
It is difficult to
follow the
writer's ideas.
Writer used
language which
often appeared
to be forced or
" c2/l u.fl-C

English 100
Essay #1: Educational Autobiography
Essay Due: September 18, 2013
Type: In-class Essay
Minimum length: 4 complete pages, skipping lines
For this assignment, you will write an educational autobiography.
For the past three weeks, we have been reading and discussing literacy narratives so that at this
point, if you have been completing the assignments and readings, you should have a clear
understanding of a literacy narrative. Use your knowledge to help you develop your essay to the
following prompt:
Think of a time when you felt like an insider/outsider in a new cultural environment in which the
language was a challenge or in your writing/reading learning experience. See page 43-44 in the
Norton to help you choose a topic.
Hard copy of essay due at the end of class on September 18, 2013;
1. Use a black or blue pen
2. Write name, date, and "Educational Autobiography" in the left-hand margin
3. Skip lines
4. Essay format (introduction with thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion)
5. Staple this sheet to the front of your completed draft
:c 13vrr:JO
' 1/,e/r 3

' "') d.,J Of m,Adl.. s&.nL :rl wo:\
: al t morj \t) SmoJ'
(\c.'.<:.. A\\ \\'- Sft<u 'i- 1.\...t j, HueJ e 1
. 1 dtJ,., '/ Know OnfboJj..
h 1-c_ s\.o.. \ u \ {..., for me, enJ ex) bb}_;
,..,._ abJ <f;Jicns, ""J r d,J" I i'>ncw k.J.of #.z1
, tJ \ OY So j rtK;. LJ he11 JJ CtJ lw.l tiM L
. k yo home / r r ... ,.,.,{;,.,.
1 J ,c) 1'1 ( \ht- JV
: P
SpecS, \l\
c.,\o.s8 \ nj
\ lk\ \\.c...
.d fe., ( ( 1 n <r 'J /.,eou;; :r " ( C t rr<>
6.o6 r {u;e, CYIIj;.uSc.
on \j th \ ik \o Ut. baCirJ thCl.\
. \\. 'bo\ Whw l)'lj Se.cc1'lJ 1_ tu<:.<b \.

1. \k\ e.\\ \l
i \ wt1 p t w kt\ cho me
i YtZ-J '" al\ o,f 1
ne .. n11 c b.:. coo :.e. ft e. ( MC-
' do Jo.u h .. (;<
; r rl (Yl' (JLcGnJ "'tu I tome.
wards 1 d?J., .1 #{nec.w hCJc,,J lo pronovnU.,. end whaJ/
. T j ,Jfl ' { l'lne((. ho-w /o fro nOun (y Jtlf f-he. 7u1 S
: I o.vJt.,j be fhe-j a>n (j fl1 c., /o reJ 9
. the.j <iesQ.. tile., b t-<eJ. m7 hc.\nJs tva.'\ becao-s'-
"1 d 1 d h ' { '\2. no ev k \-he :f J t.-,
: we.;
: \e ho\u 1 ., u.\c;o
; '5{h)')c. \\
Cho<l\x. m<. k feol 1\ \.oos \tl\<. 1 f'""J.fhj rnj
\e.n \U \\e. Q\\
j 6f b \<' f"'j fouy W t . f'))o. ( L -wes
: f:. \\1 c... tvH... f \\l'- \ (.)n \ j {Gr fYI
:Sc'hcc\. W()<;. IGfylkt'l<:lnj HxJ speet" fnjl,s\,
0-V\c\ t'\\1 l U.0fb tk Gt'l l'Yij
. c. 1 s \t1J .. 1 wO.';)
.\Y'IC.."Xc.a\,\c.. \1"' IYlorYl..,,( mf k[l
: 0. (.vcv.J, \Q s teCQ.CJH... UJO>) fo -etfl 1'n f e.l()95eS/
l hMs ( { /-h .. a./- G.lf cl HwJ We nee! Gr
; J tNCtt'l ( r I hupp I (3>,?b oJ
\,,._._ ;1 drJn<{ br.I<D<'J<, +W :frtj
\'' '"'> \ mo "'""" '1 b \ pt-ouru\. e C- "":} sd f&, , )
; 'T\-:o 1-- Schoo-f r \-'lt..YV(Q<:>S
\o 1 t...oas \ 'Lu\>t\
c\o..SSe.S c.. \:so d 6 P Yrlj
-ktl _1h clttss H-oJ hl3W tJvos (fl
. -sckooC tk. mGfe.
. 6fC>f-.(... Gfl,J 1 WOS fer:;,On
ivlw <!c, mr f.W<d afl lh prcytiMIJ abl {yld, (-{,.)
fWCtS If'! for tnt:r I CNc.r, td t rr
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do \\ \co. /