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Volume 23, Number 10
November/December 2008
10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 1 12/8/2008 3:27:20 PM
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Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008 / 3
Recognizing leadership
The construction equipment industry has a Hall
of Fame whose mission is to recognize, celebrate
and preserve the history of outstanding people
in the construction equipment industry whose
inventions, ideas, leadership and courage have
made supreme contributions to the industry and
to our quality of life.
It was originally created in 1993, and after a
period of inactivity, the Association of Equip-
ment Manufacturers (AEM) re-introduced it this year as the AEM
Hall of Fame with ve new inductees. Candidates were judged by an
independent panel of industry experts and supporters on how well they
exemplied ve guiding principles: innovation, industry contributions,
leadership, corporate citizenship/social responsibility and sustainability.
Our inductees this year represent some of the most inuential
minds in the history of construction and equipment manufacturing,
AEM President Dennis Slater said at the induction ceremony.
This issue, I will present two of these people to you and in an up-
coming issue, I will cover the other three.
Sir Anthony Bamford
Before he became chairman of JCB in 1975,
Sir Anthony Bamford established JCB SA, the
companys French subsidiary in Paris, which has
become the model for JCBs worldwide devel-
opment. Under his leadership, the company has
grown from a regional equipment manufacturer to
one with 300 products and manufacturing plants
on four continents selling to over 150 nations.
JCB has won more than 50 awards for exports, marketing, design, tech-
nology and for its care for the environment, among them 23 Queens
Awards for Technological and Export achievement. He has also over-
seen efforts to promote industry workforce development. One is a
company educational centre now being developed to educate students
in engineering, manufacturing processes and international business.
LeRoy G. Hagenbuch
LeRoy G. Hagenbuch, P.E. is co-Founder
and president of the engineering rm Philippi-
Hagenbuch, Inc. His patent for the rst commer-
cially available tailgate designed for off-highway
haul trucks was only the beginning. He is now
credited with 89 patents, 51 in the United States
and 38 in other countries. The most recent patent
renes rear-ejection technology, allowing opera-
tors to push the load from the back of a haul truck instead of raising the
bed. To advance the process of mine reclamation, he developed many
products to efciently haul overburden and other materials. Hagenbuch
has made outreach and industry progress a mainstay of his career. He
has written white papers on vital industry topics, spoken at conferences
and trade shows worldwide, and been active with many associations on
behalf of the industry. His operating philosophy has been to extend the
safety focus beyond training and awareness; each Philippi-Hagenbuch
engineer is challenged on the safety of their product designs. In ad-
dition, each staff and production meeting at the company starts with a
discussion of a critical safety topic.
Best wishes for 2009.
A Baum
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November/December 2008
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4 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
Loader evolution
ASVs PT-60 Rubber Track Loader has
undergone the most signicant evolution of
all of ASVs new product line and includes
a powerful new two-speed powertrain that
gives operators the choice of higher torque
in low for digging and tough excavation, or
faster travel in high with a maximum speed
of 11 mph (17.7 kph). There are also new,
more durable, steel rear-idler wheels in the
rubber track undercarriage.
The PT-70 and PT-80 models feature
larger standard interiors and improved
torque when in the high speed range. The
largest unit, the PT-100, delivers 99.5 hp
(74 kW).
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4WD compact tractors
Bobcats new line of compact tractors fea-
ture four-wheel drive for travelling over and
working in rough terrain, and hydrostatic
transmissions for easy operation.
The compact tractors can be used with
Bobcat implements, including an angle
blade, auger, backhoe, box blade, nish
mower, seeder and tine rake, as well as a
front-end loader and attachments.
The 2,055-pound Bobcat CT120 com-
pact tractor features a 20-hp diesel engine
and two travel speed ranges.
The two-speed CT122, and the thee-
speed CT 225, CT230 and CT235 have 22-,
17-, 30- and 34-hp, respectively. Weights
for these models range from 2,055 pounds
to 3,055 pounds.
Bobcat Company
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New track-type tractors
Lever efforts for Caterpillars new D3K,
D4K and D5K dozers are decreased by as
much as 90 percent compared to conven-
tional mechanical control levers. The left
joystick incorporates a thumb wheel for
on-the-go speed adjustments, plus a speed
recall button that lets the operator quickly
select a pre-programmed operating speed.
The right joystick includes an automatic
blade shake button for easy removal of
excess material, as well as a thumb roller
for low-effort blade angle adjustments.
A single oor pedal controls the de-
celeration and service brake functions.
Pressing the pedal past the speed control
detent activates the service brakes.
The D3K, D4K and D5K have 74-hp
(55kW), 84-hp (63kW) and 96-hp (72kW)
engines, respectively, and are available with
extra long (XL) and low ground pressure
(LGP) track frames.
Caterpillar Inc.
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Reaches difcult spots
The low-prole, telescoping-boom action
of the new Gradall XL 4100 III excavator
allows the unit to work where conventional
knuckle booms cannot, under bridges and
tree limbs or in tunnels. A live boom exten-
sion gives the ability to reach over obstacles
and into ditches.
The carrier is available in two versions:
a 6 x 4 model which weighs approximately
47,500 pounds (21,545 kg); and a 6 x 6
model that weighs approximately 49,420
pounds (22,416 kg). The operator can also
select the Gradall, Deere or SAE joystick
Rated bucket force is 24,900 pounds
(111 kN) while the telescoping boom crowd
force is 24,500 pounds (109 kN). Unlike
conventional excavators, the telescoping
boom forces are constant through the en-
tire dig cycle. The versatile boom delivers
a maximum reach of 30 feet, 3 inches (9.22
m) at grade; a dig depth of 20 feet, 3 inches
(6.17 m); and a lift height of 22 feet, 6 inches
(6.83 m).
The excavator is suitable for grading
and nishing work, pavement removal and
Gradall Industries
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Versatile backhoe loader
The John Deere 410J backhoe loader has
the versatility to dig deep, load trucks,
Fuel-saving wheel loader
The Liebherr driveline on the L 528 and
L 550 wheel loaders, combined with
low operating weight, result in savings
of up to 25 percent in fuel consumption
compared to conventional-drive wheel
An ultra-modern cab design allows the
operator to achieve better performance
and productivity. The displays, controls
and drivers seat are carefully coordin-
ated to form a perfect ergonomic unit.
The combination of the Liebherr
hydrostatic driveline and the unique
position of the diesel engine allows for
higher tipping loads at low operating
weight. This leads to signicantly higher
productivity with no need for unnecessary
The large Liebherr wheel loaders are
equipped with the 2plus2 gearbox, so
tractive force and speed are automatic-
ally adjusted to the demands of the job
without the driver having to shift.
Liebherr Canada
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Greater lift and stability
The 34.8-ton, 107-hp (143-kW) Volvo
ECR305CL short-swing excavator can
work in conned areas and still perform
well, and sets a new standard in the indus-
try for not only lifting capacity but also
stability. With better weight distribution
and increased swing torque, it also offers
superb swing performance when working
on slopes.
Even when not working close to obstruc-
tions, the short front/rear radius has other
uses highway work being a prime ex-
ample where the machine can safely swing
within a typical single road lane width,
minimizing disruption to trafc ow.
The new rounded cab on Volvos short
swing models is also designed to stay
within the rear swing radius.
The bucket range on t he Vol vo
ECR305CL is from 1.0 to 2.1 cubic metres
and a wide range of Volvo attachments is
available, as are quick attach options.
Volvo Construction Equipment
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break surfaces, crane pipe and more.
Powerful and quick high-pressure hydraul-
ics deliver generous breakout and lift cap-
acity at both ends, along with impressive
backhoe crowd power and swing torque.
With the tool carrier version, operators
get true parallel lift throughout the lift arc,
making this 15-foot machine a master of
material-handling tasks.
Standard limited-slip, mechanical front-
wheel drive delivers 80 percent of available
power to the wheel with the best traction.
A tool-carrier version with quick coupler
boasts increased lift capability, plus set-
and-forget parallel lift, return-to-carry, and
boom height kick-out. A ride-control option
smoothes roading over rough terrain.
There are three hydraulic speeds: fast,
for up to 20-percent quicker cycle times;
medium, for normal digging; or slow, for
craning objects, working in conned spaces
or excavating around existing utilities.
John Deere
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Expanded excavator line
The 64,595-pound
JS290 Auto and
the 77,162-pound
JS360 Auto boosts
JCBs offeri ng
in the important
62,000-pound to
85, 000- pound
cat egory. Bot h
machines feature
a new undercar-
riage design, re-
ned boom and dipper arm layout, ground
level service access, and increased cooling
The JS290 Auto is powered by a 216-hp
engine and can be supplied with long or
narrow tracks, a choice of three dipper arm
lengths and an XD heavy duty version for
more arduous operating conditions.
The JS290 Auto offers six percent more
engine power, four percent more hydraulic
power and 11 percent higher dipper tearout
force than the class average. The slew
torque and bucket tearout forces are also 14
percent and 19 percent ahead of the class
average respectively.
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Unique ADT suspension
Terexs TA30 articulated dump truck (ADT)
has a unique independent front suspension
system with integral wet disc brakes. It was
developed in conjunction with Timoney
Mobility Systems of Navan (Ireland) and
is a purpose-designed, parallel-linkage,
coil-spring system. This system addresses
the increasing emphasis on driver comfort.
It also signicantly adds to the potential
for increased productivity by providing a
smooth ride and improved handling, which
can result in faster cycle times.
All Terex TA articulated haulers are
tted with the latest Tier 3 engines for opti-
mum performance and fuel efciency. The
TA30 has the 350-hp Cummins QSM11
engine. Maximum payload for this models
is 30.9 tons.
All-round, fully-enclosed wet-disc
brakes on all wheels provide long-life and
fade-free braking. This not only improves
overall braking performance and operating
efciency, but it also greatly increases ser-
vice life and reduces operating costs.
Terex Construction Americas
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More control for TLB
Rated at 59-hp, the new M59TLB is
Kubotas most powerful tractor-loader
backhoe ever. The operators work area is
improved substantially with more room,
comfort and visibility. Kubotas Intellipanel
provides the operator with more control.
The new three-range HST PLUS trans-
mission includes Hydro Dual Speed (Hi/
Lo) and Load Sensing features which
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Expect results
Metso Minerals Canada Inc. Tel. 519 821 7070
Lokotrack LT96 feeding LT200HP
Powerful Partnership
Lokotrack Multi-Stage Crushing
Metso Minerals is far and away the industry leader in tracked crushing technology.
Our Lokotrack mobile crushers can handle anything from hard rock to minerals-based
demolition material. These powerful plants are built to work together seamlessly to
meet your demands for:
high production
quality end products
advanced crushing control
And only Lokotrack oers such fast set up that you can be up and crushing in less than
an hour. Call today or visit Metso Minerals online to nd a distributor near you.
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 5 12/8/2008 3:10:12 PM
Youre paid by the foot, so profitability boils down to getting efficient production
out of your trencher on every job. Vermeer understands this better than anyone.
We have the tools and equipment to help boost production and your bottom
line. When it comes to demanding trenching conditions, look to an industry
leader Vermeer. Call 1-888-VERMEER or visit
VERMEER and the VERMEER LOGO are trademarks of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in the United States and / or other countries.
2008 Vermeer Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
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6 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
Four work and power modes
The Case 621E wheel loader features
an electronically controlled engine that
delivers 168 net hp and offers multiple
idle settings to reduce fuel consumption.
Limited-slip axles are standard.
Operators can match power and fuel
economy to their application by choosing
from among three power curves max,
standard and economy power, and four
work modes max, standard, economy
and auto.
In auto mode, the electronically con-
trolled engine adjusts between power
curves to move the maximum amount of
material per gallon of fuel.
The Case 621E is also available in XT
(tool carrier) and XR (extended reach)
Case Construction Equipment
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Optimum use of power
The rst model in the new Dash-9 ser-
ies of Hyundai Robex excavators is the
46,000-pound (21-metric-ton) Robex
R210LC-9. This particular model is pow-
ered by the latest Cummins QSB 6.7 143-hp
Easier joystick control
Operating the 240-net-horsepower (179-
kW) TD20M Extra crawler dozer is easy
with the new left-hand, single-lever joy-
stick control. The joystick replaces two left-
hand steering levers and one gear shift lever
used on the previous model. The operator
can pre-select travel speed and down shift
functions from the joystick.
Several blade options are available, in-
cluding a new 11.1-cubic-yard (8.45-cubic-
metre) full-U blade, and an increased
capacity 9.2-cubic-yard (7.04-cubic-metre)
semi-U blade.
The standard version of the TD20M
Extra has an operating weight of 52,139
pounds (23,650 kg), while the LT version
weighs 53,373 pounds (24,210 kg) and
the LGP version is 54,410 pounds (24,680
Dressta North America
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More versatile excavators
New Holland is increasing the versatility
and productivity of their compact excavator
line with the introduction of an optional
deliver a smoother transfer of power. The
unique Auto Throttle Advance links the
HST pedal and the engine throttle, syn-
chronizing tractor speed and engine revolu-
tion. The innovative Repositioning System
allows you to move at creep speed while
at the controls of the backhoe.
The sleek loader has a hydraulic self
levelling valve (with on/off switch) for spill
prevention and safe operation. Removing
the quick-attach 12-foot backhoe is quick
and easy, and the optional three-point
hitch can operate a host of rear-mounted
attachments efciently with the hydraulic
independent PTO.
Kubota Canada
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angle blade for the E30B, E35B and E50B
These compact yet powerful machines
already come with fuel efcient, state-of-
the-art Tier IV diesel engines, and provide
maneuverability and precision to operate in
tight spaces. Now the optional angle blade
further increases the speed and accuracy of
backlling and grading applications.
The angle blade adjusts 23 degrees
and allows the operator to push dirt to
either side of the machine. In addition, the
new four-way blade design offers up to 22
inches of lift height, and dig depth capabil-
ity up to 17 inches.
New Holland Construction
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Not every mix and application is the same, so your asphalt compactor should be versatile
and easy to set up to match performance to ever-changing conditions. If it isnt easy to use,
how can it be productive?

Asphalt Compactors get the work done on the breakdown pass, when the mat
temperatures are higher and conditions are optimal for compaction. They are comfortable
and simple to operate: high amplitude for aggressive compaction, low amplitude for gentle
massaging. They match high paving speeds with high frequency, and low paving speeds with
low frequency. Simple and reliable, with predictable density every time in minimal passes.
No complexity and constant tweaking, as there is using non-aggressive compaction
technologies; no hoping your density numbers will catch up on the intermediate or final pass.
Caterpillar is the market leader because we offer proven technology that makes turning a
profit easier. Isnt that what technology is supposed to do? To get the real story on asphalt
compaction, visit your Cat Dealer today.

Versatile Cat

Asphalt Compactors use proven technology

that is easy to set up for any mix or application.
CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, Caterpillar Yellow and the POWER EDGE trade
dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar
and may not be used without permission. 2008 Caterpillar All Rights Reserved
Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008 / 7
Utility-class excavator
The new Hitachi ZX120-3 utility-class ex-
cavator can easily be towed behind a dump
truck and is available with rubber crawler
pads and a backll blade.
Heavy-duty undercarriage
Mustangs MTL312 is the most compact
of their track loader lineup, which also
includes the MTL16, MTL20 and MTL25.
It has a dedicated track design, meaning the
unit is built as a track loader with a heavy-
duty undercarriage system versus being
built as a skid-steer loader with a bolt-on
undercarriage. The result of this exclusive
engineering is a stronger track loader.
With an operating weight of 5,952
pounds and a width of just under 58 inches,
the MTL312 gives operators the small
size they need outside the operators com-
partment, yet offers operators a spacious
and comfortable cab. A nger tip-control
joystick system promises a fatigue-free,
high-productivity day on the job.
Mustang Manufacturing Company
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Super-slant nose
The standard D39EX-22 and low ground
pressure D39PX-22 crawler dozers are
equipped with Komatsus proven Hydro-
static Transmission (HST). The D39EX-22
features a super-slant nose coupled with
a new cab forward design that moves the
operator closer to the blade while improv-
ing machine balance, ride and stability.
Joystick-controlled grader
The 117-hp, LeeBoy 705 motor grader
provides smooth grading at high and slow
speeds with its six-speed forward and three-
speed reverse power shift hydrostatic trans-
mission. Right- and left-hand joysticks,
integral to the adjustable suspension oper-
ators chair, control all grader functions.
The 10-foot sliding and tilting mold-
board with 18-inch, right- or left-side
shift, and shoulder reach of 36 inches al-
lows the operator to shift the blade in or out
of hard to reach areas.
Maneuverability of the 705 motor grader
is enhanced with 18-degree, right or left
articulation behind the cab. This gives the
705 an outside turning radius of 17.5 feet.
Grading functions are assisted with front-
axle oscillation of 20 degrees, front-wheel
lean of 15 degrees and front-wheel steering
angle of 50 degrees.
Enter 9522 on Reader Reply Card
(107-kW), Tier 3 rated engine, which is
exceptionally quiet.
Optimum use of the available power
is the core feature of the new Dash-9 ser-
ies. The smart hydraulic systems feature
new, tough, variable-volume high-pressure
pumps coupled with an advanced control
valve system. The synergy between the
pumps and main control valve offers
enormous operational benets to the oper-
ator. Additionally, working with auxiliary
attachments is made easier now that ow
and pressure settings can be programmed
through the CAPO system from within
the cab.
Enter 9520 on Reader Reply Card
The 28,498-pound, 93-hp excavator fea-
tures a patented HIOS III hydraulic system.
It can generate 24,720 pounds of drawbar
pull and 25,077 foot pounds of swing
torque, wield an impressive 12,823-pound
breakout force, and lift a maximum of
11,443 pounds over the front at a distance
of 15 feet (with the blade on ground). In
addition, it has three power modes, two
travel modes, and one work mode.
The ZX120-3 features a large, comfort-
able cab. Auxiliary attachment ow can be
programmed in the cab, using the wide-
screen multilingual colour LCD monitor.
The monitor also provides easy access to
maintenance and operational information.
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 7 12/8/2008 3:10:15 PM
8 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
The dozers range in operating weight
from 20,834 to 21,804 pounds. Komatsus
4.5-litre SAA4D107E-1 engine has 105 net
horsepower at 2,400 rpm.
The steering system provides smooth
agile movement when dozing, even in
gradual turns, permitting the operator to
approach objects accurately in corner grad-
ing and sidewall operations. The D39-22
dozers employ a large, power angle-tilt
blade with a capacity of 2.89 to 3.01 cubic
yards, which results in more material stay-
ing on the blade.
Komatsu America Corp.
Enter 9530 on Reader Reply Card
Next generation hydraulics
The new Cat 992K wheel loader efciently
matches with the Caterpillar 777 and 775
off-highway trucks. It delivers fast cycles
and high bucket-ll factors for productive
truck loading.
The 992K features the Cat C32 ACERT
engine which produces 801 net hp (597
kW). The same engine powers the 993K
loader, 777F truck and D11T tractor, which
effectively reduces inventory needs.
Also boosting productivity is Positive
Flow Control (PFC) hydraulics the next
generation of load-sensing hydraulics.
Additional sensors at the pumps provide
enhanced responsiveness that the operator
can feel and use.
The Cat-exclusive, sleeve bearing pins
eliminate the need for daily greasing of the
front linkage.
Caterpillar Inc.
Enter 9531 on Reader Reply Card
Digging and dozing
Kobelcos ED195 and ED150 ACERA
Blade Runner excavators have the features
and benets of both an excavator and a
With 42,566 lb-ft of drawbar pull force,
pulling and uphill grading are a breeze for
the 121-hp ED195. The six-way, power
angle-tilt dozer blade allows for precise
dozing and backlling, and power boost
and heavy lift circuits provide 10 percent
more power, on command and without time
limit. Overall weight with bucket is 44,800
pounds, and maximum digging depth is
21 feet, 5 inches. Bucket breakout force is
24,900 pounds and the arm crowding force
is 17,200 pounds when the Power Boost
is engaged.
Kobelcos ITCS (Intelligent Total
Control System) recognizes an operators
actions and assists with repeated functions
by providing progressive power. This is
especially important for ne levelling and
grading applications.
The totally redesigned Kobleco ED150
Completely revised chassis
JCB has totally revised its compact wheel
loader line with the introduction of an
all-new, 409 loader. It has the lowest cab
design on the market, a Tier III-compliant,
four-cylinder, 75-hp turbocharged engine,
and hydrostatic transmission to both axles,
providing all-wheel drive.
Sturdy, parallel loader arms offer im-
proved visibility to the front of the machine
and the tips of the bucket. With a standard
1.3-cubic-yard bucket, the 409 offers a
straight tipping load of 10,840 pounds and a
full-turn tipping load of 8,628 pounds. With
optional pallet forks tted, the machine can
easily handle a 5,500-pound load. Operat-
ing weight is 12,831 pounds.
A completely revised chassis design
uses an oscillating, central pivot to maintain
ground contact for all four wheels.
The 409 benets from grouped service
points and eye level gauges.
Enter 9538 on Reader Reply Card
Easy hydraulic connection
The A 900 C is the latest offering from the
worlds largest manufacturer of wheeled
excavators. Weighing in at 39,500 pounds,
the machine is powered by a purpose-built
Liebherr D-924 Tier III compliant diesel
engine producing 118 hp at 1800 rpm.
Liebherr-designed electronics precisely
control all engine functions to optimize per-
formance and efciency, and four operating
modes allow the operator to match engine
and hydraulic output to achieve maximum
production and efciency.
The optional Liebherr quick coupler
automatically makes the hydraulic con-
nections from the tool to the machine,
allowing the operator to change hydraulic
tools without ever leaving the cab.
Liebherr Canada
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Choice of controls
Volvos B-Series skid steer loaders have
an all-new operator cab available in open
canopy or enclosed cab configurations.
Isolation mounts reduce vibration and noise
to the operator.
There is also a choice of foot-and-hand
mechanical controls or hand-operated hy-
draulic pilot controls. The latter uses dual
joysticks to activate all loader functions
Offset tracks give stability
The Yanmar s
S V 1 0 0 e x -
c a va t or i s a
20, 730-pound,
73.5-hp blend of
big performance
and ultra-tight
Front and rear
turning radius
is so small that
the boom bracket
stays entirely within the width of the tracks.
The stability of a conventional style excav-
ator is achieved with Yanmars distinctive
offset tracks, that have a total width of
seven feet seven inches, and are designed
to create excellent grip and stability.
Maximum bucket digging force is
12,216 pounds and the total digging depth
is 15 feet 3 inches.
The SV100 uses the rst tailor-made
hydraulic Quick Coupler in the industry as
standard equipment. This makes attachment
changes a one-person job.
The ViO progressive 3-pump system
increases power and speed along with
improved fuel economy. It also allows
simultaneous multi-function operation to
increase job productivity.
Yanmar Construction Equipment Co.
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High-lift skid steer
The Thomas
185 Skid Steer
Loader replaces
t he popul a r
Thomas 175,
and features a
high-lift bucket
height over 11
feet, an operat-
ing weight of
7,200 pounds,
lift capacity of
1,850 pounds
and over two tons of breakout force.
It is powered by a 4-cyclinder 59-hp
Tier-3 engine, moves at nearly eight mph,
features an easy-to-service universal joint
rather than traditional bands, and has a
100-chain-drive to deliver tremendous
The Thomas 185 also includes standard
features such as a sound suppression sys-
tem around the engine and self-level valve
The Thomas 185 Skid Steer Loader also
features: two in-line hydrostatic pumps to
lift, pull, and hoist; dump height over nine
feet; sure grip 8-ply or 10-ply tires for
Increased boom force
The B95B and B95BTC (tool carrier)
backhoe loaders feature a sloped, ip-up
hood for easier engine access and increased
visibility, and a curved boom design for
additional clearance when transporting.
The curved boom also provides in-
creased breakout force. Continuing with
New Hollands tradition of narrow boom
design, the new boom allows excellent
visibility of the bucket, the trench and
near-by co-workers throughout its full
operating range.
New Holland Construction
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Elevated-drive dozer
The newest member in the HX lineup of
crawler dozers is the SD9, which features
a fully-electronic Tier III-certied QSX15
Cummins engine and an elevated Hi-Drive
System. Other features include a variety
of blade options, single shank ripper, for-
estry sweeps and guarding, ROPS, heated
and air conditioned cab, and various track
The six-sided cab is designed for all-
around visibility and operator comfort, and
excellent ergonomics. Blade congurations
include straight, angled, semi-U and U.
The HX dozers are available with Berco
undercarriage components.
Enter 9534 on Reader Reply Card
stability and pushing power; and a range
of attachments and options.
Thomas Equipment Inc.
Enter 9532 on Reader Reply Card
with the right hand, and to control all drive
functions with the left. Electro-proportional
auxiliary hydraulics and a foot throttle are
also standard on pilot control machines to
increase operational precision. All operator
controls are designed for low-effort, high
efciency and minimal fatigue.
Operating capacities range from 1,350
pounds (612 kg) to 2,250 pounds (1020
kg) and engine power from 45 net hp (36.9
kW) to 81 net hp (64 kW).
Volvo Construction Equipment
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Blade Runner excels in tight spaces that
require maneuverability and precision. The
94-hp engine delivers over 19 feet of dig-
ging depth and 19,000 pounds of breakout
force on a short radius platform.
The patented, exclusive INDR (Inte-
grated Noise and Dust Reduction) system
on the ED150 lowers operating noise levels
by up to seven percent (ve decibels).
Kobelco Construction Machinery
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 8 12/8/2008 3:08:50 PM
(productivity runs in this family)
Youre committed to getting things done on time and on budget, and you need dependable,
hard-working machines to meet your deadlines day after day. The Komatsu D31, D37
and D39 dozers all feature the reliability and versatility that have made Komatsu the
choice of owners and operators for years:
KomStat II Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) for superb accuracy and smooth control
Excellent blade visibility that minimizes operator guesswork and reduces cycle times
All the daily maintenance items centralized in one location for convenient access
Whether youre looking for a 75, 85 or 95 horsepower machine, you can be condent
youll get a full days workand then somefrom dozers that are
100% Komatsu. 847.437.5800
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Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008 / 9
Maximized cab space
The size of the operators compartment
on the 283Z is maximized by placing the
20.4-hp Yanmar diesel on the side of the
Fingertip control
Pilot-operated joystick controls provide
precise, ngertip control of the loader and
travel functions on the Takeuchi TL120
compact track loader. This is a turbo pow-
ered, 52-hp machine with an operating
weight of just under 6,000 pounds.
Power and precision
For the rst time in the Terex mid-sized
wheel loader range, the power transfer in
the hydrostatic drive unit of the TL210 is
carried out via a hydrotransmatic trans-
mission with two regulating motors and
a pump.
The loading system on the new 162-hp
TL210 wheel loader is equipped with Terex
modied toolcarrier linkage. This combines
the advantages of Z kinematics powerful
breakout force, bucket reaction force and
unloading time with the precise parallel
control of the parallel kinematics in the
bucket and forklift attachment, across the
entire movement range.
The discharge height is 9 feet 11 inches
(3,010 mm) at an angle of 45 degrees. The
TL210 moves a payload of 8,699 pounds
(3,945 kg), direct mounted with a 2.75
cubic yard bucket. Payload over the entire
lift and steering range for forks is 9,921
pounds (4,500 kg).
Terex Construction Americas
Enter 9540 on Reader Reply Card
Big breakout force
Kawasakis new 95ZV-2 has the highest
breakout force in its size class.
A Machine Operations Diagnostic Mod-
ule (MODM) provides essential operational
and diagnostic machine information, and
offers a new Efficient Loading System
(ELS) that increases rimpull power while
demanding less fuel.
The unit uses a heavy box-frame design
for additional strength, and a larger centre
pin than competitive models. It has the
tightest turning radius in its size class.
The 95ZV-2 also features limited slip
differentials, adjustable declutch, dual
boom kickout control, idle management
system, dual-mode engine switch, and Ef-
cient Loading System (ELS).
Enter 9541 on Reader Reply Card
With a width of 59.5 inches and a length
of 126.8 inches, the TL120 is easy to trans-
port. This model features a tipping load of
3,549 pounds, with a bucket breakout force
in the bucket cylinders of 4,821 pounds, and
5,042 pounds in the lift arm cylinders.
Rubber tracks combine the capabilities
of a track loader with the versatility of
operation on improved surfaces. A high
sprocket planetary drive system provides
the most efcient and durable method of
speed reduction and torque amplication,
and eliminates drive chains, chain cases,
axles and hubs which require periodic
maintenance and could cause failure.
Enter 9542 on Reader Reply Card
machine, and fuel tanks and hydraulics at
the rear of the machine. This provides the
operator with more space and legroom.
The excavator also has improved trac-
tion and increased service life for the tracks,
which have a narrow width of 11.8 inches
(300 mm) and provide a low ground pres-
sure of 3.8 psi. In addition, an optional
250-pound rear weight increases stability
with no tail projection.
The new Gehl 283Z compact excavator
features zero tail swing. It weighs 5,681
pounds (2,577 kg) with a canopy and 5,886
pounds (2,670 kg) with a cab.
Gehl Company
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 9 12/8/2008 3:08:56 PM
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Take, for example, the XP.
Unmatched power, four-way indexable
cutting blades, eld-proven regeneration
valve for more cuts per hour, and the
most durable piercing tips available.
Plus customer inspired engineering,
revolutionary design and a promise of
world-class customer service that began
over a decade ago and continues today.
Why do we put this much effort into
every product we build?
Its simple. To keep you productive
and successful.
You have our word on it.
10 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
Added stability and lift
Komatsus WB146-5 and the WB146PS-5
backhoe loaders have operating weights
from 16,090 to 18,740 pounds, and a large,
1.25-cubic-yard loader bucket.
The drivetrain includes a 4-speed
synchro-shuttle transmission with standard
Extra speed and power
The Case 750L dozer has a 4.5-litre, four-
cylinder electronic engine, which delivers
84 net hp (63kW). The 850L is powered by
a 6.7-litre, six-cylinder electronic engine,
which provides 96 net hp (72 kW).
Case-exclusive PowerStat hydrostatic
drive features one-lever control of speed
and direction.
The large pump and cylinders deliver
high-performance blade hydraulics, with
extra speed and power for optimum control
and breakout force. Rated blade capacity
ranges from 2.16 to 2.73 cubic yards (1.65
to 2.09 cubic metres).
The hydrostatic drive features electronic
straight tracking with counter rotation, and
selectable settings for shuttle and steering
for slow, normal and fast control reaction.
Case Construction Equipment
Enter 9552 on Reader Reply Card
Compact TLB
The Allmand TLB-325 heavy-duty com-
pact tractor loader backhoe features an
ESL (Extended Service Life) backhoe
design. Units are powered by a Kohler 25-
hp gasoline engine, weigh 4,045 pounds
and feature an industrial-class backhoe.
The backhoe offers a 4,611-pound digging
force as well as an 8-foot, 10-inch digging
depth. Dual cylinder, 180-degree, hydraulic
cushioned swing allows precise work in
tight areas, and units have a 2,100-pound
maximum lift capacity and 3,400-pound
breakout force, with a maximum loading
height of 90 inches for the 1/2-cubic-yard
loader bucket. Additionally, a load-sensing
hydraulic steering system ensures hydraulic
ow is used only when the operator is turn-
ing the steering wheel.
Allmand Bros. Inc.
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Solid state electronics
New Teammate IV front and rear axles on
the John Deere 544J, 624J, 644J and 724J
wheel loaders include inboard planetary
nal drives, a standard front differential
lock, and self-adjusting wet disk brakes.
Solid state electronics a Deere exclu-
sive give long-term electrical reliability
by greatly reducing the number of wires,
plug-in relays and unsealed connections,
as well as providing a sealed fuse box with
sealed wire connections.
The smooth shifting transmission adapts
to speed and load while providing smooth
gear and directional shifts. Efficient,
excavator-style hydraulics are load-sensing
and pressure-compensating for the right
amount of power efficiency, providing
quick hydraulic response and excellent
digging power.
John Deere
Enter 9553 on Reader Reply Card
Compact wheel loaders
Wacker Neusons new line of six compact
wheel loaders includes four articulated
units and two all-wheel-steer models.
According to Jay Baudhuin, compact
class product manager, The new Wacker
Neuson compact wheel loaders can perform
the same tasks as a higher powered skid
loader but deliver up to 30 percent in fuel
The three-metric-ton member of the
line is the WL 30 compact wheel loader
(shown here) with a straight load capacity
of 4,437 pounds and a fully articulated tip-
ping capacity of 3,647 pounds when using
a standard 0.59-cubic-yard bucket. It is
powered by a 4-cylinder, 48 horsepower
Perkins diesel. As with all four of their
compact, articulated wheel loaders, the
new WL30 features a side-tilting operators
platform that provides easy access to the
engine and other components.
Wacker Neuson
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 10 12/8/2008 3:08:59 PM
Enter 9559 on Reader Reply Card
A new standard of power, fuel efciency, and cost control. The new Volvo F-Series
Wheel Loader has everything you need to get your job done better than ever before.
New large Volvo Care Cab for all-day comfort and maximum visibility.
New low-emission, high-torque-at-low-rpms Volvo engine leads the industry in fuel
New electric-hydraulic transmission with Volvos Fully Automatic Powershift shifts
seamlessly through all gears.
Proven load-sensing hydraulics provides full ow at low rpms to minimize fuel
consumption power and precision when you need it.
Volvos patented Torque-Parallel Linkage gives you high breakout force and parallel
lift throughout the entire range.
More power. More productivity. More comfort. More efciency. More reliability.
More care. Built in. The new Volvo F-Series Wheel Loaders.
Volvo Construction Equipment
Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008 / 11
use and ngertip control reduces operator
The cab is ready for auxiliary hydraul-
ics. Regenerative hydraulics make arm
Largest model in line-up
The new 181,880-pound R800LC-7A is
the largest member of Hyundais family
of excavators. The new Cummins 460 net
horsepower engine is built to last and uses
an advanced, high-pressure, common-rail
fuel delivery system, designed to improve
combustion efciency, reduce emissions
and maximize fuel economy.
Hyundais CAPO computer system ties
the hydraulic system and engine technology
together for maximum synergy. The CAPO
system offers two operator power mode
Maximum bucket power
The Dressta 560E features a Z-bar linkage
that transfers maximum breakout force to
the bucket to pry out hard packed material.
The wheel loader is easy to operate ,with
directional transmission and speed shifts
controlled by two levers at the operators
ngertips. It features an articulated frame
with a tight turning radius of only 26 feet 4
inches (8.03 m). Hydrostatic steering pro-
vides smooth control at any engine speed.
Dresstas 560E Extra features joystick
boom and bucket controls, hydrostatic
steering, and a high visibility cab. It has
a payload capacity of 7 to 15 cubic yards
(5.35 to 11.5 cubic metres) to go along
with a 92,549-pound (41,980-kg) operat-
ing weight. The turbocharged six-cylinder
Cummins engine provides 427 net hp (319
kW). A 6,390-pound (2,900-kg) counter-
weight, previously optional equipment, is
now standard.
Dressta North America
Enter 9556 on Reader Reply Card
four-wheel drive for greater traction in
adverse soil conditions. The WB146PS-5
incorporates a full PowerShift transmission
with twist grip, gear control.
The new S shaped backhoe boom is
narrower and stronger for better visibility,
increased lifting capacity, greater truck
loading and excellent breakout force. Com-
bine these features with a telescopic arm
and the backhoe can achieve digging depths
up to 18 feet 4 inches. The slim loader arms
also enhance operator visibility and allow
for easier truck loading.
Komatsu America Corp.
Enter 9555 on Reader Reply Card
selections, three work mode selections and
two user mode selections to optimize ma-
chine performance for the job at hand.
When equipped with a mass excavator
23-foot 7-inch boom and 9-foot 8-inch
arm, the new R800LC-7A can handle a
5.9-cubic-yard bucket.
Enter 9557 on Reader Reply Card
Correction: In the October issue, the Blade
Runner excavator was listed under the New
Holland brand. This model is only sold
under the Kobelco name in Canada and the
U.S. (see page 8 for product information).
More horsepower
Hitachis new ZX135US-3 incorporates
Tier-3 engine standards and the new CRES
II cab, which is larger and has a wider
seatback, more legroom, and more glass on
the right-hand side for improved visibility.
Low-effort, short-throw levers are easy to
roll-in and the boom lower/arm movement
faster. Travel speed has been increased
and multifunction operations are smoother
than ever.
The new ZX135US-3 has greater horse-
power and excellent fuel economy. One of
the retained features which helps reduce
operating costs is WC (tungsten carbide)
thermal spraying at the arm-bucket joint for
greater wear resistance at its contact surface
with the bucket and HN bushings.
Hitachi Construction
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 11 12/8/2008 3:09:03 PM
12 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
Multi-gang slab-rider drills
E-Z Drill offers a line of multi-gang slab-
rider drills for accurate concrete drilling
from an easily maneuverable machine.
The series consists of three self-propelled
models: the three-gang Model 210-3 SRA,
four-gang Model 210-4 SRA and ve-gang
Model 210-5 SRA.
The compact frame design allows each
drill to operate in a four-foot patch while
drilling to within six inches of a corner.
The bits drill to a standard 18-inch depth,
and each unit can be adjusted easily to
drill into the centre of a 24-inch slab.
Adjustable spacing can be set between 12
and 36 inches, with greater width settings
available through custom orders. The pneu-
matic drills feature an internal regulator to
prevent breakage caused by high-pressure
E-Z Drill
Enter 9571 on Reader Reply Card
Placer and screen combined
GOMACOs roller-compacted concrete
(RCC) paver combines the power, capacity
and mobility of the RTP-500 rubber-tracked
placer with an RCC screed. The combina-
tion of the RTP-500 and RCC screed pro-
vides a durable paver capable of handling
the harsh, zero-slump RCC mix designs.
The GOMACO-designed auger-style
receiving hopper on the RTP-500 features a
working capacity of 4.75 cubic yards (3.63
cubic metres). It was built for strength and
durability to handle high-volume, end-
dump paving operations. A 14-inch (356
mm) diameter auger, with speeds up to
80 rpm, quickly moves the material to the
high-speed transfer conveyor. Shaft-mount-
ed, eccentric vibrators provide vibration,
for emptying the hopper after each load,
and increase material owability.
GOMACO Corporation
Enter 9565 on Reader Reply Card
Unique placing boom
Schwings new concrete pump with pla-
cing boom, the S 36 SX with RZ4 Boom,
combines the best features of two boom
types Roll and Fold, and Z tip section
in a unique four-section boom. It can place
concrete at distances of more than 118 feet
vertically and 104 feet horizontally.
Standard features of the S 36 SX include
740-degree slewing range, a pipeline diam-
eter of ve inches, unfolding height of 28
feet 10 inches, and a unique boom design.
In the travel position, the RZ4s second sec-
tion is angled minimizing travel length.
As the boom unfolds, the boom straightens
itself, keeping the pipeline close to the
boom, shortening pipe arm holders and re-
sulting in the smoothest 36 metre available.
An added benet is the ability to position
the boom in tighter areas.
Schwing America, Inc.
Enter 9572 on Reader Reply Card
Concrete pump trucks
Sermacs two newest concrete pump mod-
els, the Extreme 4ZR21 and the Scorpio
6RZ65, represent the extremes of the Ser-
mac product line as the shortest and longest
pumps offered, respectively.
The four-section 4ZR21 combines the
function and versatility of a Z-fold boom
with the exibility of a roll-and-fold, with
a nearly 67-foot vertical reach, a nearly
Composite mixer drum
McNeilus has made several performance
enhancements to its Revolution composite
mixer drum. Areas of improvement include
the interior surface of the drum, new water
channels, and a tougher exterior surface.
These changes all increase productivity and
drum longevity.
The drum has more durable interior
wear surfaces for better protection against
concrete buildup. The new interior also
provides superior wear resistance, ex-
tending the life of the ns and interior
surface. Surface imperfections that promote
concrete buildup have been removed from
the interior of the drum to ensure concrete
ows better. There are new two-inch chan-
nels that allow water to get behind the n,
Ready-mix reclaimer
The Liebherr LRS 708 concrete reclaimer
has been updated with features that let
ready-mix producers design a concrete
reclamation system that will easily adapt to
existing settling ponds, can evolve as en-
vironmental rules change, and still benet
from the ability to re-use the aggregate.
Featuring a 29-cubic-yard hourly cap-
acity and dual mixer truck discharge, the
LRS 708 can be used on mid-sized ready
mix plants. For larger operations, the LDP
Buffer can be added to the LRS 708 for up
to six mixer trucks to discharge. On the
LRS 708, Liebherr has addressed the prob-
lems associated with bres, light weight
aggregate, bearing lubrication and better
nes separation. An audible and visual
alert system informs the plant operator and
mixer truck driver about the operational
status of the system.
Liebherr Concrete Technology Co.
Enter 9570 on Reader Reply Card
Screed for challenging jobs
Multiquips WRS-Series SuperScreed is
ideal for challenging paving applications
such as suspended slabs, highway rehabili-
tation, white-topping, airport runways,
slab-on-grade, tilt-up panels, roads, post-
tension slabs, bridges, elevated decks, and
Redesigned riding trowel
The Allen MSP 425 is a totally re-designed
rider that replaces the Allen SP425 Riding
Trowel. The new torque-converter clutch,
and improved weight-to-horsepower ratio,
make the MSP 425 a torque-monster
among four-foot-diameter Mechanical
Drive Riders. Designed to pan through the
toughest pours, the MSP 425 is a concrete
nishers dream.
This trowels standard features include:
manual steering and pitch controls; 34-hp
liquid-cooled Vanguard gasoline engine;
torque converter clutch system; two 46-
inch diameter, 5-blade, non-overlapping
rotors; rotor speeds up to 170 rpm; electric-
powered spray system for application of
retardant; and a ip-up seat and removable
screens for superior accessibility to engine,
clutch and drive-line.
Allen Concrete Equipment
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runways. The self-propelled SuperScreed
features a bi-directional strike-tube design
that precisely cuts the surface to grade
and has a rotation speed of 450 rpm. The
SuperScreed is available in widths ranging
from 14 to 52 feet and is capable of strik-
ing off concrete with slumps as low as one
inch while covering up to 10,000 square
feet per hour.
The SuperScreed is hydraulically driven
and powered by a 28-hp liquid-cooled Van-
guard diesel engine that provides the high
torque necessary for the most demanding
applications. A wrap-around steel frame
with convenient lifting points provides
protection for the power unit, while four
transport wheels simplify storage when the
unit is not in use. The screeds standard 50-
Watt halogen lights offer improved visibil-
ity during night time applications.
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One-pass nishing
The new Somero Mini Screed small
enough to t easily into the bed of a pickup
truck is a portable and versatile Laser
Screed. Weighing only 352 pounds with a
six-foot head, the Mini Screed uses Som-
eros patented laser-levelling technology to
cut the concrete to a nished grade, screed it
at and vibrate it smooth in one pass. Resi-
dential atwork contractors working with
slab-on-grade and basement slabs using the
Mini Screed can consistently achieve laser
accuracy on various slump and mix designs.
The Mini Screed delivers better concrete
consolidation than hand-held vibratory
screeds, also making it an excellent choice
for small commercial contractors.
Somero Enterprises, Inc.
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ensuring that concrete does not build up.
A more durable drum surface McNeilus
new Revolution R-MOR drum finish
provides a tough, UV-resistant layer on the
Revolution drum.
McNeilus Companies, Inc.
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New Telebelt model
The new Telebelt TB 600 truck-mounted
telescopic belt conveyor features a rated
output of 600 cubic yards per hour (459
cubic metres per hour) and has been en-
gineered to meet high volume material
placement demands.
Designed with civil contractors in
mind, the TB 600 is perfect for those seek-
ing a 50 percent production increase, says
Putzmeister America Vice President of
Sales and Marketing, Bill Dwyer.
With a 24-inch-wide, high capacity main
conveyor and feeder belt, the TB 600 offers
versatility in material type and volume. The
machine will place all owable materials,
such as pervious concrete, roller-compacted
concrete (RCC), soil, cement, owable ll
and large aggregates up to 6 inches (152
mm) in diameter. The feed conveyor also
offers fully hydraulic variable speed ca-
pabilities. Both belts feature 360-degree,
continuous rotation.
Putzmeister America
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They perform on the job, they perform at resale. Thats why buying a Cat

Wheel Loader
is such a solid business decision. See for yourself. Visit the Web site below where youll
nd resale values provided by Top Bid, an independent third-party source. Then compare
a Cat Wheel Loader to your current brand or any other. Youll see why it makes sense
to own a Cat machine, and how it can help you Move More. Make More.


Wheel Loaders hold their
value better than any other brand.
Well prove it.
2008 Caterpillar Inc. All rights reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, Caterpillar Yellow and the POWER EDGE trade
dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.
Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008 / 13
Compact curb machine
The LeeBoy LBC-24W concrete curber
is designed as a highly maneuverable,
compact curb and gutter machine in an
economical package. It has the ability to
smoothly and effectively pour a radius as
tight as 24 inches. It is built for slipform
curb and gutter, alley ribbons and sidewalks
up to four feet wide, along with the capabil-
ity for below-grade pours.
The unit is powered by a 44-hp diesel
engine and offers operators ngertip control
of all curbing functions from its front and
rear control panels. A responsive auto-
restart function gives clean starts and stops.
The 7,500-pound weight, low prole and
all-wheel hydrostatic drive give it stability,
traction and maneuverability in conned
spaces. The LBC-24W is guided by a Top-
Con System V Plus 1 electronic grade and
steering control system.
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Horizontal reversing mixer
The CON-E-CO Horizontal Reversing
Mixer (HRM) delivers low maintenance
costs, quiet operation, and aggressive mix-
ing action. The reversing operation utilizes
state-of-the-art components to further mini-
mize maintenance costs.
Among its notable features are: a sealed
mixing drum with variable speed drive to
optimize mixing discharge rate and mini-
mize dust; climate controlled service panel
for longer life and a dust-free environment;
unique dual-element paddles supported
from the drum paddles, which eliminates
Improved ride-on trowels
Wackers expanded CRT 48 ride-on trowel
series offers improved steering and addi-
tional engine options. Three new models
54-foot horizontal reach, and an unfold-
ing height just under 14 feet. The 6ZR65
offers more than 211 feet of vertical reach
and more than 198 feet of horizontal reach
in a six-section, RZ-combination. Both
models include a cable and a radio remote,
hopper gate vibrator, high volume and high-
pressure water pumps, standard automatic
lubrication systems on the pump kit, 12-
foot end hose and a toolkit.
Sermac America, Inc.
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the need for a centre support and reduces
concrete build-up; drive motors wired to
individual disconnects for easier mainten-
ance and a reduced need for expensive eld
wiring; precise factory drive alignment
with built-in precision eld re-alignment
feature; and mixing and discharge paddles
with open slots between paddles and drum
for less daily clean up.
Enter 9576 on Reader Reply Card
offer a patent-pending torsion assist steer-
ing system that makes Wackers 48-inch
ride-on trowels easy to control. By reducing
the amount of force needed to control the
unit, Wackers CRT 48 series models of-
fer easy steering and operation as well as
reduced operator fatigue.
Three engine options are now avail-
able on the 48-inch CRT series. The CRT
48-34V comes with a premium 34-hp
liquid-cooled Vanguard engine. The CRT
48-35V is offered with a 35-hp air-cooled
Vanguard engine, and the CRT 48-35L is
equipped with a 4-cylinder, 35-hp liquid-
cooled diesel engine.
Wacker Neuson
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Concrete Vibrators
Visit our website today for complete product specifications and features.

Hydraulic Paving Vibrator

Square Head

Eliminates concrete build-up on
isolator components
Reduces downtime and
maintenance costs
Efficiently directs vibration into the
concrete instead of the paving machine
Larger eccentric weight is standard
Rugged new design hits
harder, at lower speeds
: 2000 FILE N
. A
14 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
heavy construction applications.
The heart and soul of the Titan model is
the new Mack MP10 engine, an inline six-
cylinder diesel, with single overhead cam
and high-pressure fuel injection. It is avail-
able in three ratings, with peak horsepower
of 515 hp, 565 hp and 605 hp all with the
MaxiCruise torque rise. Maximum torque
ranges from 1,860 lb-ft to 2,060 lb-ft at
1,200 rpm. The Titan has a commanding
stance, with high ground clearance for
powering through conditions found in log-
ging, mining and construction sites. Its long
hood gives the 16-litre Mack MP10 engine
plenty of room to breathe, while the cab is
moved back and up on the chassis for the
classic heavy haul position and excellent
driver visibility.
Mack Trucks
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Safety updates for 2009
Sierra heavy-duty trucks are available in
Work Truck, SLE and SLT trims. Sierra
2500HD and 3500HD are offered in regu-
lar, extended and crew cab congurations,
which are complemented with standard
(1.98 metre / 6-foot 6-inch) and long (2.4
metre / 8-foot) cargo box lengths. Sierra
Rugged utility, performance
The 2009 Titan is offered in four mod-
els XE, SE, PRO-4X and LE; two cab
styles King Cab and Crew Cab; four bed
lengths ve feet six inches, and seven feet
for Crew Cab, six feet six inches, and eight
Tilt trailer adds safety
Transporting equipment such as tractors,
backhoes and front loaders is safer and
easier with Pequeas T100 and T200 tilt
trailers. The decks on these trailers tilt to the
ground, eliminating the need for navigating
ramps when loading equipment.
The T100 offers an 18-foot tilt deck
with a 10-degree load angle, and the T200
provides a 16-foot deck with a 13-degree
load angle. Pequea tilt trailers deck widths
are 81 inches between the fenders.
Each tilt trailer has a gross vehicle
weight rating of 10,000 pounds and six
standard weld-on D-rings that reliably
secure the trailers heavy load.
The T100 operates on a hydraulic pump
that powers the trailer bed up and down
for loading multiple pieces. The pump is
contained in the trailers toolbox and in-
cludes 20 feet of cord. The T200s closed
hydraulic system is designed to handle
loading and unloading equipment weighing
up to seven tons.
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Powerful heavy-duty truck
Mack Trucks most powerful truck ever, the
Titan is designed for heavy transport and
Extreme-duty truck
The Western Star 6900 XD, 40-ton dump
truck is designed to minimize cost per ton
of material hauled and maximize shift pro-
ductivity through efcient fuel consump-
tion, fast cycle times and operator comfort.
Key specications include 110,000-pound
planetary drive axles, a Detroit Diesel
Series 60 engine with Tier 3 off-highway
emission rating, a fully automatic Allison
4500 RDS transmission, and a purpose
built dump box.
The 6900 XD is up to 35 percent more
fuel efcient than traditional off-road haul-
ers when haul distances exceed one mile.
Optional configurations include higher
capacity dump bodies.
Western Star Trucks Sales, Inc.
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On- or off-highway vehicle
The Paystar 5900i SBA is a class 8 vo-
cational on/off-highway vehicle that
features a new axle conguration to meet
the needs of customers in severe service
applications such as construction, oileld,
logging, heavy-hauling, mining, recovery
and more. The wide-track, set-back axle
design addresses customers needs for
front axle load distribution and improved
Powered by Caterpillar or Cummins
diesel engines up to 15 litres and up to 625
horsepower, the PayStar 5900i SBA is built
on the strength of a standard 12.25-inch
Side-dump trailers
The High Side Revolution Series side
dump is available for all trailers from the
company, and can increase hauling capacity
by up to 60 cubic yards.
The 45-cubic-yard High Side can also
be ordered with weight saving parts, with
trailer weights in the 11,000-pound range
and up, depending upon product hauling
After the initial installation, the High
Side can easily be removed or put back
on in minutes. The High Side features few
grease points for easy maintenance.
Side Dump Industries
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frame rail PayStar chassis. It provides the
highest standard strength-to-weight ratio
with RBM ratings at 2.3 million RBM. An
optional double frame rail provides an in-
crease to 4.7 million RBM. The 5900i SBA
offers a wide aluminum cab and comes with
standard Whisper Cab sound insulation
package for a comfortable environment.
The sloped hood was designed for better
visability on the jobsite.
Navistar International Corp.
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3500HD models also are available with
the Dually dual rear wheel conguration
on a long (2.4 metre / 8-foot) box. Fea-
tures such as 170-degree-opening (164
degrees with dual rear wheels) rear ac-
cess doors with fully retractable power
windows on extended cab models offer
increased versatility. The trucks have a
8,392-kg (18,500-pound) gross combined
vehicle weight rating for vehicles with a
gas V-8 and a 5,897 kg (13,000-pound)
conventional trailer weight rating enabled
by a larger-capacity trailer hitch platform.
Maximum towing capacity is 7,484 kg
(16,500 pounds) when equipped with a
fth-wheel hitch. For 2009, changes to the
Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD lineup include
a number of safety-related and convenience
features that bolster an already comfortable
and rened driving experience.
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 14 12/8/2008 3:15:58 PM
Komatsu compact excavators are right at home working in tight spaces. With advanced Proportional
Pressure Control (PPC) joysticks, these machines give you precise handling without sacricing
speed, reach or capacity. Plus, they have all the features that make Komatsu excavators the choice
of owners and operators across the country.
Low-effort Proportional Pressure Control (PPC) joysticks
Spacious, ergonomically designed operator platform
Industry-leading 360-degree visibility
Tilt-forward operator cab structure for ease of service access
Switchable excavator control pattern without tools (ISO/SAE)
When theres no room for error, the choice is 100% clear. Put our compact excavators to work
today and enjoy the condence that comes from machines that are
100% Komatsu. 847.437.5800
KA1 KA100
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Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008 / 15
Extended day cab option
Kenworth Truck Company is now offer-
ing its Extended Day Cab option for the
Kenworth C500 model. The Kenworth
Extended Day Cab further enhances driver
comfort with an additional six inches of
length and ve inches of cab height com-
pared to Kenworths traditional day cab.
The Extended Day Cab also offers two
more inches behind the wheel, additional
leg room, up to 21 degrees of recline in the
drivers seat, and two extra cubic feet of
storage behind the drivers seat.
Improved fuel economy
With a range of engine choices and options,
the 2009 Dodge Ram line will have greater
fuel economy, more horsepower and higher
torque. In addition, the aerodynamics of
the 2009 Rams has been improved, and
performance has increased.
Engines available in all-new 2009
Dodge Ram 1500 models include the
all-new, 390-horsepower 5.7-litre HEMI,
ex-fuel 4.7-litre and 3.7-litre gasoline
engines. The 2009 Dodge Ram Heavy
Duty models (with current 2008 design) are
available with either the 5.7-litre HEMI or
the 6.7-litre Cummins turbodiesel engine,
which already achieves 2010 NOx emission
standards. Dodge offers a new generation of
the famous 5.7-litre HEMI V-8, with high
horsepower and torque. The new HEMI
powers the all-new 2009 Dodge Ram to
improved performance the R/T regular-
cab 4x2 model equipped with a short bed
and 4:10 gears can accelerate from 0-60
mph in less than six seconds.
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Lightweight boxed frame
The 2009 Ford F-150 has a fully boxed
frame constructed with hydro-formed and
high-strength, steel side rails. The light-
weight frame delivers 10 percent more
feet for King Cab; and 4x2 and 4x4 drive
The Titan LWB models feature a seven-
foot bed with the Crew Cab body congura-
tion and an eight-foot bed with the King
Cab body. Titan LWB models also include
a new 140-litre fuel tank for increased
driving range. The Titan PRO-4X model
offers a special off-road equipment pack-
age, including Rancho shock absorbers, a
lower nal gear ratio, two additional skid
plates, electronic locking rear differential,
white-faced interior gauges, body-colour
exterior trim and special interior styling
and trim.
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The Kenworth Extended Day Cab is
available for new C500s with a 2007 or
later engine and with either a one-piece
or two-piece curved glass windshield.
The Extended Day Cab is also available
on the Kenworth T660, T800, and W900
Kenworth Truck Company
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torsional rigidity, which provides increased
durability and safety. This helps improve
towing and hauling capacity as well.
There is a choice of three modern V-8
engines, mated to either a four-speed or
a new fuel-efcient six-speed automatic
transmission. The engines include a 5.4-litre,
three-valve Triton V-8 (which has been opti-
mized for better performance with improved
horsepower and torque, and is capable of
running on E85, regular unleaded gasoline
or any blend in between), and a 4.6-litre,
three-valve V-8, which is new for F-150.
Both the 5.4-litre and 4.6-litre 3-valve V-8s
utilize open valve injection. Also available
is a 4.6-litre, two-valve V-8.
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Visit us on the web at
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16 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
Roller offers long run time
Stone Construction Equipments 84-inch,
ride-on, vibratory dirt roller the Rhino
84X is a 12-ton roller. It delivers sub-
stantial performance with a choice of high
or low compaction forces 42,743 pounds
and 62,989 pounds, respectively. Its pow-
ered by a 130-hp Cummins water-cooled
diesel engine.
Features include: a fully equipped cab
with maximum visibility in all directions,
heat, air conditioning and satellite radio;
the convenience of a 4-in-1 vibratory and
16 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
New tandem asphalt rollers
The new CC224HF seven- to eight-ton class
tandem asphalt roller and the CC234HF
split-drum version, include new features
Hydrostatic 4WD compactor
Bomag has taken innovations from their
single-drum rollers and meshed them with
proven design features from their refuse
compactors to produce a machine that is
well-suited to push, spread, and compact
soil for medium to large-scale dirt projects.
Providing power, gradeability and traction,
the BC462EB features four-wheel hydro-
static drive and a 255-hp, water-cooled,
Deutz diesel engine.
Unlike Bomags full line of single-drum
vibratory rollers, the BC462EB achieves
superior compaction through sheer weight
(51,000 pounds), the wheel design, and the
impact force of the teeth. The BC462EB is
ideal for highways, bridges, dams and other
projects where spreading and compacting
large amounts of soil is required.
It features a sealed frame design to keep
job site materials from entering the frame
or engine compartment while providing
complete protection to the drive train com-
ponents. A scraper bar system keeps the
wheels free of dirt, maintaining the highest
level of compaction performance.
BOMAG Canada
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Pneumatic-tired roller
LeeBoys Rosco brand Tru-Pac 915 pneu-
matic-tired roller features an articulated
design that provides true tracking on turns
and full-width compaction, which is espe-
cially useful in tight areas. The traditional
nine-wheel Tru-Pac 915 has a 68-inch
compaction width. All-wheel oscillation
increases kneading action during compac-
tion and eliminates oating over low spots
for consistent compaction.
Frame articulation is rated at +/- 40
degrees, while the tire oscillation is rated
at +/- 10 degrees. Powered by an 80-hp Cat
diesel engine, the Tru-Pac 915 has hydro-
static wheel-motor drive to provide inn-
itely variable control of the roller at speeds
from 0 to 15 mph. Ballastable up to 30,500
pounds, each of the nine wheels delivers
approximately 3,500 pounds of compactive
force directly to the work surface.
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Smooth or padfoot drums
The Case 200 Series vibratory compaction
rollers includes four single-drum vibratory
units with operating weights from 15,741
to 31,553 pounds (7,140 to 14,325 kg) and
engines from 100 to 148 hp (75 to 110 kW).
They come in a smooth-drum conguration
for compaction of loose and semi-cohesive
material and rock ll. The padfoot model
is designed for semi-cohesive and cohesive
materials. An optional shell kit is available
for the smooth-drum model to convert it
to a padfoot. Drum widths range from 66
inches on the SV208 to 87 inches on the
Case SV200 Series rollers offer dual
vibration modes, adjustable amplitude
and frequency, and centrifugal forces from
29,225 to 73,125 pounds (130 to 325 kN).
The heavy-duty articulation and oscilla-
tion joint provides maneuverability with
36-degree articulation and the ability to
compact over uneven surfaces with 12-de-
gree oscillation.
Case Construction Equipment
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Oscillation and vibration
The Hamm 3412 VIO combines Hamm
Oscillation Technology with conventional
vibration technology in a single drum. The
unique technology of the 3412 VIO allows
the operator to choose vibration or oscilla-
tion compaction, whichever is better suited
for the soil or surrounding conditions. The
3000 Series of single-drum soil compactors
gives contractors a new way to compact
earth and satisfy customers. The 3000
Series has been designed from the ground
up with input from dealers and customers
the world over.
The drum achieves an oscillation and
conventional vibration frequency of 1,980
vpm, with an oscillation and centrifugal
force of 64,575 pounds. The 3412 VIO
has a drum width of 84 inches, travel
speed of 7.4 mph and 131 horsepower.
With ROPS it has an operating weight of
26,433 pounds.
Hamm America Inc.
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High torque and traction
Volvos SD116DX and SD116F soil com-
pactors feature high-torque, drum and axle
drive motors, the Ultra-Grade traction sys-
tem, and a six-cylinder 155-hp (115.6-kW)
engine. Both SD116 compactors feature
Vibratory utility compactors
Caterpillars CB22, CB24, CC24 and CB32
are vibratory utility compactors. The CB22
is equipped with 1000-mm (39-inch) wide
drums, generates high static forces and has
a good ratio of weight to power, leading to
high performance in tough applications.
The CB24 is equipped with a 1200-mm
(47-inch) drum and is the most versatile
model in the utility compactor range.
The CB32 machine is fitted with a
1300-mm (51-inch) drum, offering more
drum coverage than a CB24. Apart from
the wider drum, the CB32 is similar in size
making it easier to transport and maneuver
than the larger CB34 utility compactor.
The CC24 offers the combination of a
1200-mm (47-inch) vibrating front drum
and four pneumatic tires at the rear. This
combination provides a smooth, tight mat
Caterpillar Inc.
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Faster compaction
The Sakai SW652ND double-drum os-
cillating roller oscillates or vibrates on
both drums simultaneously. Each drum is
independently controlled for optimum ex-
ibility. This advanced technology machine
achieves the required compaction faster
on both thin and thick lift asphalt applica-
tions. The vibration mode is a typical Sakai
dual-amplitude, high-frequency 4,020 vpm.
Sakai high frequency permits high ground
speeds that enable the roller to reach density
The more gentle oscillation mode offers
a new drum motion that will neither over-
compact the mat nor fracture the aggregate.
By developing a horizontal, rather than
vertical motion in the oscillatory mode,
the SW652ND can successfully vibrate
two drum configuration options. The
SD116DX smooth drum model, with an
operating weight of 23,930 pounds (10,852
kg), is ideal for compacting granular soils.
The SD116F padfoot model, designed
for compacting cohesive-type materials,
weighs 25,050 pounds (11,360 kg). Both
machines have an 84-inch (2,134 mm)
rolling width.
The SD116DX compactor can be con-
verted from a smooth drum to a padfoot
drum machine by using the patented Volvo
two-piece, clamp-on, padfoot shell kit. The
machines are engineered to increase com-
paction production with a high centrifugal
force 61,000 pounds (271 kN).
Volvo Road Machinery
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that simplify and speed servicing. Use of a
double pump vibration system eliminates
the need for a vibration valve, making the
system more efcient, aiding servicing and
reducing fuel consumption. Both pumps
one for the front drum and one for the rear
can simply be shut off.
The new models are powered by a
Cummins QSB 3.3 T3 water-cooled turbo
engine with after cooler and rated at 60-kW
(80-hp) at 2,200 rpm. Also available is a
74-kW (99-hp) engine. Dynapacs auto-
matic engine idling system cuts the idling
speed after 10 seconds at full rpm in neu-
tral. The new CC24HF split-drum version
ensures easier steering around corners in
congested areas without shearing the
Enter 9604 on Reader Reply Card
directional control lever; added reliability
from heavy-duty Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic
components; a ZF no-spin differential
axle which delivers maneuverability and
climbability; and extra-large 58-gallon
hydraulic and fuel tanks for extra long run
times. An optional padfoot drum conver-
sion kit is available.
Stone Construction Equipment, Inc.
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Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008 / 17
No rear overhang
Wacker Neu-
sons newest
r i de- on as-
phalt rollers
the RD 12-90,
RD 12A-90
and RD 16-
90 offer a
variety of en-
RD 12 rollers eliminate overhang on the
back of the machine through a redesigned
frame and operators platform and use of
a pressurized water system. The RD 12-90
features Wacker Neusons 20.5-hp WM 650
engine and the RD 12-90A comes with an
Ten models in series
Mul t i qui ps
t andem and
combination vi-
bratory rollers
are available in
the 1.5- to 4-ton
weight class.
There are 10
models in the
AR Series with
drum wi dt hs
from 32 to 51
inches. Centrifugal forces range from 2,922
pounds on the AR-16 to 8,093 pounds on
the AR-40.
Standard features include folding ROPS,
dual frequency and amplitude, back-up
alarms, pressurized water systems with
dual ltration, noise attenuation, sliding
seats, 100 percent side clearance through
full ush drums, drum offset, and lockable
instrument panels.
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Steering made easier
The Ammann AV85-2 and AV95-2 tandem
vibratory rollers are tted with the Finger
Wheel steering integrated into the armrest,
eliminating bothersome changing of hands
from one steering wheel to another when
changing sides in the cabin.
Driver comfort is improved by the
ergonomic sitting position. These machines
are equipped as standard with divided
(segmented) drums. They are individually
driven and each has its own vibration.
Both the AV85-2 and 95-2 machines can
be tted with the Ammann Compaction
Expert ACE as an option. The measurement
and control system automatically adapts
the amplitude and frequency to the soil
conditions, indicating the optimal driving
speed in the cabin.
Enter 9609 on Reader Reply Card
and move the materials particles without
damaging the mat surface.
Enter 9608 on Reader Reply Card
Real-time material density
Trimbles new CM310 Compaction Sensor
enables the display of real-time material
density to the earthworks compactor oper-
ator. This can increase machine productiv-
ity while providing complete, consistent
material compaction over the entire con-
struction project. Material surfaces can
be compacted faster with better in-place
densities improving the efficiency of
other earthworks operations, such as opti-
mization of haul truck times and improved
water drainage and management.
Now, the contractor can compact
sub-surface material to a target density
and number of machine passes, analyze
sub-surface grade post-compaction for
deciencies in the surface (whether certain
locations are high, low or on grade), and
catch grade control mistakes in real-time,
prior to the start of the nal road building
Early detection of sub-surface material
anomalies means that soft spots and hid-
den obstructions can be excavated and
re-graded or compacted prior to the more
costly phases of the construction process.
Enter 9611 on Reader Reply Card
18-hp Honda engine. Both models weigh
2,490 pounds and have a 35.4-inch-wide
drum. These rollers offer 3,400 pounds of
centrifugal force in the front vibrating drum
and the rear drum can be ballasted.
Also new is the larger RD 16-90. This
new 1.5-ton diesel-powered unit offers the
same new features as the RD 12 series. It is
powered by a reliable 26.8-hp Lombardini
diesel engine. The unit has an operating
weight of 3,274 pounds, and with both the
front and rear drums in the vibration mode,
it can produce up to 6,800 pounds of total
centrifugal force. The centrifugal force of
the RD 16 has been increased 30 percent
over previous models.
Wacker Neuson
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 17 12/8/2008 3:19:40 PM
Buy now and get rolling with the most powerful on-site repair tools on Earth!
Worldwide call 1-800-333-8311
wiIh Ihe purchase o! a Climax machihe. Call for details.
The BB5000 Boring Machine
1he mosI compacI ahd power!ul
Iool ih iIs class. Combihe iI wiIh
Ihe Climax AuIo8ore Welder Io
save eveh more Iime by borihg
ahd weldihg simulIaheously, righI
The LM6000 Linear Mill
LxIreme rigidiIy o!!ers excepIiohally
close Iolerahces. 8ig 25 HP
hydraulic power uhiI removes up
Io 7.0 cubic ihches (114.8 cubic cm)
o! meIal per mihuIe.
Nothing else compares to the power and precision of Climax on-site machine
tools when youve got a big job to do in a hurry. 8uy or rehI. 1heh do Ihe
repair righI oh siIe wiIh power!ul per!ormahce ahd wiIh ho compromise
Io precisioh. WahI experI advice oh Ihe per!ecI Iool !or your kihd o! a
maihIehahce ahd repair? Cive us a call!
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18 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
Track-mounted crusher
Fintecs 1440 is a track-mounted mobile
unit equipped with a eld proven Sandvik
impact crusher.
Powered by a 330-kW diesel engine, the
Fintec 1440 is carried on a maneuverable
tracked undercarriage and incorporates a
Sandvik PR301D impactor with a uid
clutch drive. Fed via a two-deck pre-screen,
the crusher is a four-hammer, open-style
rotor with a diameter of 1,150 mm and a
width of 1,330 mm and discharges onto a
secondary pan feeder.
Operating weight is 49.8 tonnes and the
unit is transportable in a single load.
The machine is designed to deliver
throughputs from 300 to 350 tonnes/hour
in materials including granite, slate, lime-
stone, brick and asphalt, and is suitable
for a wide variety of applications such as
secondary or ne crushing of softer rocks,
and in various demolition and recycling
Fintec Crushers and Screens Ltd
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Crusher accepts larger feed
The SBX Cone
Crusher Series
is available in
three models: the
300-hp 44SBX,
400-hp 52SBX,
and the 500-hp
57SBX. New in-
ternal compon-
ents and crushing
chamber proles
allow the crusher
to accept larger feed. It is ideal for second-
ary crushing circuits that once required
larger crushers.
It can be combined with TRAC 10, a
stand-alone crusher control system that de-
livers the benets of automation without the
big budget hassles of completely reworking
plant controls. A remote SBX automation
control system improves performance at
lower costs per ton. It also allows operators
to efciently monitor crusher operations
(while protecting the crusher from over-
load), easily make adjustments to crusher
settings, and conveniently collect oper-
ational and maintenance data all without
having to rework existing plant controls.
Telsmith Inc.
Enter 9624 on Reader Reply Card
Crushing and screening
The Lokotrack LT200HPS cone plant is
designed for efcient secondary and ne
crushing and screening applications where
high throughput, a high-quality end-prod-
uct shape, accurate screening, and compact
transport dimensions are needed. It can
be equipped with either one- or two-deck
detachable screens.
Weighing only 39 tonnes (87,740
pounds), the Lokotrack LT200HPS can be
easily transported between sites.
This new cone plant is built around the
Nordberg HP200 which can process up to
275 tph of feed, thanks to its large 210-mm
(8-inch) feed opening.
The IC600 interactive, intelligent con-
trol system monitors and controls the crush-
ing process, ensuring a continuous and
stable material ow to the cone. Crushing
process parameters, such as crusher speed,
can be optimized and adjusted through the
interactive display.
Metso Minerals
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1,000-hp whole tree chipper
Bandits 1,000-hp Model 3590 whole tree
chipper transforms logging slash, land
clearing waste, whole trees and brush into
a uniform, saleable chip product faster and
more efciently than ever before. The se-
cret to its power lies in the newly designed
Screen improves production
Flex-Thane is a at-deck, Flex-Mat screen
solution that combines the performance of
Major Wires Flex-Mat technology with
the easy replacement of polyurethane and
rubber panels. This virtually eliminates
blinding and pegging problems on at-
surface screen decks. Its independently
vibrating wires, bonded in place with the
distinctive lime-green polyurethane strips,
also provide more open area for far greater
throughput, higher production and better
efciency than polyurethane and rubber
screens in hard-to-screen applications.
Flex-Thanes modular panels install eas-
ily on most common at-surface screen
decks, similar to traditional polyurethane
and rubber panels.
Major Wire Industries Limited
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Four streams of material
Design updates to the S130 and S190 at-
deck units include triple-deck models that
produce four streams of graded material.
The addition of a fourth product conveyor
comes with a hydraulic folding feature that
allows for multiple height and angle options
and requires no disassembly for transpor-
tation the conveyor simply folds into its
transport position hydraulically.
High Energy screenboxes maximize the
total screen area on each screening deck
and operate with a longer, more powerful
vibratory stroke than any other machine in
the size class.
McCloskeys cross-conveyor system
eliminates spillage and blockages as the
four product streams are conveyed to their
McCloskey International Limited
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Self-propelled grinder
The Vermeer HG4000TX self-propelled
horizontal grinder allows the operator to
maneuver around land-clearing or forest-
thinning jobsites without the need for
additional support equipment. The 440-hp
(330-kW) Tier 3 diesel engine powers the
exclusive duplex drum, which features 8
hammers and 16 cutters. The reversible
hammers and cutter blocks last nearly twice
as long as single-sided designs.
The exclusive SmartGrind feature stops
and reverses material from feeding into the
discharge system and one-of-a-kind feed
The feed system features a wide 38-inch
by 40-inch opening that can accept ma-
terial up to 30 inches in diameter. The four
powerful feed wheels two vertical wheels
on each side and two top feed wheels set on
a diagonal work to effectively crush and
compress limby material, guiding it to the
oversized drum. Once at the drum, eight
12-inch long knives reduce the material
into uniform, saleable chips, which are
then ejected from the chipper through the
high-velocity chip discharge system. This
allows the Model 3590 to quickly pack a
48-foot trailer.
Bandit Industries, Inc.
Enter 9620 on Reader Reply Card
hammermill when engine rpm drops below
an efficient operating range. A 48-inch
(122-cm) wide, single-discharge, V-cleat
belt provides a smooth, efcient transfer
of processed material from the belly of the
machine to the load out. The HG4000TX
can be controlled by a multi-function, wire-
less remote control that allows the operator
to control most operating functions from a
maximum operating distance of 300 feet
(91 m).
Vermeer Corporation
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 18 12/8/2008 3:19:47 PM
See your Doosan dealer for complete details. Offer good through December 31, 2008. Offer subject to change without notice. Some restrictions apply. 2008 Doosan Infracore America Corp.
All rights reserved.
Other manufacturers talk about how fuel-efcient they might be. Doosan actually delivers. Were so sure well save you
money on fuel, well pay you to prove it to yourself. Buy any Doosan loader or excavator, compare its fuel efciency to
any similar machine you own, send us your data, and well send you $2,000. No questions asked. After all, cash trumps
talk every time. Doosan. The closer you look, the better we get.
Doosan gives you
superior fuel economy
plus a $2,000
rebate to back it up.
BUILT FOR Easy Maintenance Durability Fuel Efciency Comfort
For complete details, see your dealer or visit
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Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008 / 19
Mobile jaw crusher
The 345-hp BR580JG-1 mobile jaw crusher
has an operating weight of 108,000 to
112,440 pounds and is suitable for high-
way construction, quarry, demolition and
excavation applications. It is equipped with
the latest Komtrax technology (Level 2),
which sends machine operating informa-
tion to a secure website utilizing wireless
The newly designed, vibrating grizzly
feeder moves the material elliptically to
effectively separate and feed it evenly into
the new KCJ4430 jaw. The jaw has a load-
presetting semiautomatic feeder system.
These features have substantially increased
the crushers output for an unsurpassed
production capacity.
The jaw protects itself by allowing the
locking cylinders to fully open the dis-
charge port (unlike crushers that typically
bend toggle plates when clogged). This
makes it easy to remove clogged material
from the crusher.
Komatsu America Corp.
Enter 9628 on Reader Reply Card
Track-mounted screen
The TS3600 track-mounted, double-deck
screen is ready for action within 10 min-
utes. The crawler gear is radio-controlled
and can be operated by one person. The
large-area, screen box with two equally
sized decks ensures maximum efciency.
The angle can be adjusted hydraulically,
which is extremely useful in critical appli-
cations and with very ne material.
The screen separates earth, sand and
Two new mobile grinders
Morbarks two new mobile grinders are
the 1300B Track Tub Grinder and the 3800
Track Wood Hog.
The 1300B Track Tub Grinder combines
heavy-duty construction and new technol-
ogy. The 330L Cat undercarriage, hydraulic
augers, laser-cut hammermill and IQAN
system are distinguishing features. A slew
of optional features allow this machine to
be customized to individual needs.
If a horizontal grinder is preferred, the
aggressive Model 3800 Track Wood Hog is
a solid choice. This low-maintenance ma-
chine offers a factory-balanced hammermill
with forged hammers, an interplanetary
drive, 320L Cat tracks and IQAN system.
Morbark, Inc.
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Cone crusher
Available in the XL300, XL400, XL600,
XL900 and XL1100 models, the Raptor
High-Performance Cone Crusher delivers
high-performance crushing in a rugged,
automated machine.
The XL300 offers maximum size reduc-
tion versatility not only for stationary
applications, but also for wheel-mounted
portable and track-mounted mobile crush-
ing plants.
As a secondary crusher following a jaw
crusher, the XL400 produces more usable
and salable aggregate per ton processed. A
versatile and highly portable machine, this
model also accepts primary-crushed ore
with greater exibility, thanks to its large
feed opening, high-pivot-point crushing
action and wide crushing stroke. With a
large head diameter of 52 inches (1.3 m),
the XL400 can accept feed that is up to 25
percent larger than can be accepted by a
crusher with less throw or head diameter.
FLSmidth Excel
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gravel to deliver high-quality dened grain
sizes out of round grain. It separates con-
struction debris with high amounts of soil
and ne grain, and also renes screenable
waste building materials, and broken brick
and concrete. The maximum feed size is
around 200 mm. Throughput capacity is
up to 200 tonnes per hour, depending on
the material.
As a stand-alone screen, the TS3600
produces 0/8 mm value grain to be used as
cable sand or bedding material for piping.
The 8/32 mm medium grain can be used
as a side embankment for road building.
The 32+ oversize grain can be used as ller
material or as backll for cellars.
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 19 12/8/2008 3:19:53 PM
Re're llere lcr aler lle sale lc ra|e stre ct el lle rcsl rcr ctr ireslrerl.
See lcW ar ctr ccrrilrerl Will la|e ct al WWW.lcr.ccr.
||?!I |r 8it|rt I|?|! ti!I.
desterr 0ara4a: !&J-9&Z-9995 cr !J5-!CJ-C51&
Easterr 0ara4a: 5l1-91J-9!1C
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20 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
Perfect AC and water ratio
Gencor has devised a simple, robust and
reliable method to inject steam into the
foaming process, using only the energy
of the pump or head supplying the AC
Two layers in one pass
Compactasphalt, developed by Dynapac,
allows the simultaneous laying of two
different layers in a single pass. Both the
upper asphalt layers the wearing and
binder courses are laid and compacted
Independent auger system
Volvos PF6160 and PF6170 wheeled
highway-class pavers have been designed
with independent auger and conveyor sys-
tems, automatic conveyor tensioning, and
a patented front-wheel suspension.
The auger system is now independent of
the conveyor system. Each of the two auger
and conveyor drives uses sonic sensors
for more precise handling of material. The
conveyor system has chains that are auto-
matically tensioned for proper performance
and less downtime. The conveyor chain
cover cleans itself, providing easier main-
tenance. Reversible augers and conveyors
are optional equipment. A hopper capacity
of 14.38 t (13.04 mt) gives each paver a
practical production rate of 820 t (744 mt)
per hour.
Each paver is powered by a 205-hp (153-
kW) Cummins Tier 3 engine. The PF6160
and PF6170 pavers have a paving speed
of 297 feet per minute (90.5 metres per
minute) and a traveling speed of 12 miles
Clean-sheet design
Vgeles next-generation asphalt pavers are
quieter, cooler and more productive. The
Vision Series is a completely new clean-
sheet design. There is a 10-foot tracked
Vision 5200-2 and wheeled Vision 5203-2,
and an 8-foot tracked Vision 5100-2 and
wheeled Vision 5103-2. Three drive ver-
sions are available on the Vision 5203-2:
rear-wheel drive, optional two-wheel
front-wheel assist, and a new optional six-
wheel drive.
The slope of the machine and hood have
been designed so the operator can see the
sides, the hopper, and the conveyors in the
back, without having to move around.
The Vision Series has eliminated ow
gates and implemented independent con-
veyor and auger drives. Each conveyor is
driven separately and independently from
the auger.
Wirtgen America
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Automatic depth control
The BM 2000/50 and BM 2000/60 cold
planer milling machines from BOMAG are
designed to remove damaged or deterior-
ated asphalt surfaces from highways, streets
and parking lots. Both units offer a 79-inch
cutting width to remove a half lane of road
surface in one pass.
The BM 2000/50 features a 469-horse-
power engine that delivers a horsepower-
per-cutting-tooth ratio of 2.8 and maximum
working speed of 112 feet per minute
(fpm). The 590-horsepower engine on the
BM 2000/60 provides a horsepower-per-
and water. The Ultrafoam GX can achieve
consistent foaming at varying production
rates without the use of a powered mixing
device. As a result, the AC and water can
be introduced at widely different ow rates,
temperatures, and pressures.
The Ultrafoam GXs patent pending
design provides variable orices for both
AC and water and a means to keep the
two ows in intimate contact so that the
available mixing energy is used efciently.
As a result, the Ultrafoam GX maintains
the perfect ratio of AC and water at all
production rates and creates smaller, more
stable bubbles for even consistent asphalt
Gencor Industries
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Advisor Monitoring System
Caterpillars AP655D asphalt paver can
be used to pave highways, streets, county
roads, lane additions, industrial sites, over-
lays, airport runways and other medium- to
high-production-size paving jobs. An Ad-
visor Monitoring System includes project
planning calculators, start-up checklists,
engine operating parameters and many
other features to assist the operator. The
system also lists fault codes for machine
functions, making troubleshooting quick
and easy.
The Mobil-trac undercarriage offers
increased traction for use on unstable bases
or on grades, less ground pressure, and
better otation compared to wheel-type
pavers. High travel speeds allow quick
repositioning at job sites or for travel to the
next site. Mobil-trac can be purchased with
either raised tread-bar belt or smooth belt.
Caterpillar Inc.
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simultaneously hot-on-hot. As a result, the
new concept provides a better interlocking
of the two courses, ensuring increased life
expectancy, higher deformation resistance,
and lower maintenance costs.
Compactasphalt features a paver with
two separate material hoppers for both as-
phalt mixes, and a special unit to convey the
wear course material to a second screed.
The hopper for the lower layer gener-
ally the binder has a capacity of 45 t. The
hopper for the wearing course holds 27 t.
The use of mobile feeders allows a continu-
ous movement of the paver, improving the
surface evenness.
Enter 9637 on Reader Reply Card
cutting-tooth ratio of 3.5 with a maximum
working speed of 98 fpm. Both models
are capable of milling depths up to 12.6
inches. Each machine comes standard with
four-track steering. Two working speeds
with automatic power regulator optimize
travel speed. For optimal consistency while
working over changing grades and slopes,
the milling depth can be controlled using
the INTEL-PLANER automatic depth
control system.
BOMAG Canada
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 20 12/8/2008 3:23:46 PM
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Grade Control System

The Caterpillar


grade control system is an integrated

job site solution that will reduce your labor requirements,
dramatically reduce your survey costs, and increase your productivity
by up to 40 percent. AccuGrade is the industrys rst factory-
integrated, sensor-independent, dealer-supported system raising
the bar for customer support. The AccuGrade suite of products
includes cross slope, sonic, laser, GPS, and ATS. This system not only
ensures proper placement of material the rst time, but also allows
the operator to grade faster and more safely. As always, Caterpillar
is committed to providing you with world-class technology solutions
backed by the renowned support of the Caterpillar dealer network.
For more information on world-class technology solutions and
support, visit us online at
2008 Caterpillar. All rights reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, AccuGrade,
Caterpillar Yellow and the POWER EDGE trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity
used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.
Were focused on one thing:
Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008 / 21
Quieter work environment
Roadtecs new eight-foot (2.4 m) pavers are
the RP-170, a rubber-tired machine, and the
RP-175 with rubber tracks. They replace
the RP-150 and RP-155 models.
The Cat C6-6 ACERT Tier 3, 174-hp
engine provide a 12 percent increase in
power over previous models. Fuel capacity
has also increased by over 40 percent to 95
gallons (360 litres) on the RP-175 and 90
gallons (340 litres) on the RP-170, allowing
more hours of uninterrupted work.
New, hydraulically driven cooling fans
provide a substantial drop in paver noise
for a quieter work environment. The new
slide-out seat design and new operator
control layouts that were previously intro-
duced on Roadtecs 10-foot (3 m) models
are also standard on these new eight-foot
(2.4m) machines.
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Exceptionally maneuverable
The Terex PR330 utility mill features a wide
18-foot 4-inch (5.6 m) wheel stance and a
low centre of gravity for sure-footed oper-
ation in the eld. The 16-inch (406-mm)
wide tracks of the PR330T deliver sturdier
operation and better traction than units with
9-inch (229-mm) wide tracks. An exclu-
sive double parallelogram rear suspension
design keeps the tracks level to the grade,
and evenly distributes the weight when
operating on uneven terrain.
With four steering modes, the PR330
offers a tight turning radius for exceptional
maneuverability when cutting around ob-
structions. The operator can choose between
front only, rear only, front and rear crab or
coordinated front and rear (cramp) steering,
enabling the machine to deliver an inside
radius as small as nine feet eight inches
(2.9 m).
Terex Roadbuilding
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Production-class paver
The 25,000-pound LeeBoy 8816 asphalt
paver is powered by a 130-hp Cummins
turbo diesel engine and features a heavy-
duty undercarriage with two-speed hydro-
static drive. The fully equipped consoles
incorporate a CAN Bus system and digital
gauges for monitoring paver functions and
diagnostics. The 8816 features the heavy-
duty, heated and vibrating Legend Screed
Dryer and asphalt mixer
The Double
Barrel dryer/
mixer is a
a ggr e ga t e
dryer and hot
mix asphalt
mixer with
the ability to
run up to 50 percent reclaimed asphalt
pavement (RAP) with no added fuel cost.
While the virgin material is dried in the
per hour (19.3 kilometres per hour).
Volvo Road Machinery
Enter 9641 on Reader Reply Card
System. The adjustable 8- to 15.5-foot
screed can pave up to a six-inch depth of
asphalt or base material. It is available
with either electric or propane heating
systems. The electric screed, powered by
an on-board generator, offers consistent
temperature control.
The screed extends hydraulically and is
fed by 14-inch, variable speed augers with
independent sonic auger and conveyor con-
trols. Patented, under-auger, cut-off doors
make for clean starts and stops.
Enter 9644 on Reader Reply Card
main drum, RAP is injected into the outer
mixing chamber, never coming into direct
contact with the hot gas stream of the dryer,
reducing potential for increased blue smoke
Virtually all heat produced by the burner
is utilized in the drying and mixing process.
Heat used in the superheating process is
captured in the outer mixing chamber and
utilized in the blending of mix materials.
When injected into the outer mixing
chamber, RAP is heated by virgin aggregate
that has been superheated in the inner dry-
ing chamber. This method has two benets:
excess moisture is removed from the RAP,
and the reclaimed liquid asphalt partially
coats the virgin aggregate.
Astec, Inc.
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 21 12/8/2008 3:23:57 PM
Enter 9656 on Reader Reply Card
Enter 9655 on Reader Reply Card
Weight (lbs.)
22-30K 1 48 1,575 $2073
30-40K 1.2 48 1,695 $2221
40-50K 1.5 48 2,165 $2656
Rockland Heavy Duty
Excavator Bucket
Other sizes available. Add-ons extra.
Customize your HD Bucket with our anti-
clatter feature, bolt on side cutters and
your choice of teeth and well send it
right to your job site within 48 hours!
First Come, First Served.
Quantities Limited. Limit 2 per customer.
Visit your local Rockland dealer or
Call 1-800-458-3773 Today.
22 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
Works in hard to reach spots
Bui l t wi t h a
l ow pr of i l e,
low-boom de-
sign for greater
vi si bi l i t y at
boom hei ght
and pick-and-
carry l evel s,
New Holland's telehandlers are ideal for
working in tight, hard-to-reach spaces.
The turning radii for these machines are
153 inches (3.89 m). All three models
feature three steering modes for improved
maneuverability. They feature a spacious,
comfortable, mid-mounted cab with a
single joystick to operate all boom func-
tions. The M427 has an operating weight
of 21,781 pounds (9,880 kg), a maximum
lift height of 42 feet (12.7 m) and a lift
capacity of 3,500 pounds (1,588 kg). The
M428 has an operating weight of 24,118
pounds (10,940 kg), a maximum lift height
of 42 feet (12.7 m), and a lift capacity of
5,000 pounds (2,268 kg). The M459 has
an operating weight of 25,353 pounds
(11,500 kg), a maximum lift height of 45
feet (13.6 m), and a lift capacity of 5,000
pounds (2,268 kg).
New Holland Construction
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Compact telescopic crane
The three-axle, LTC (Liebherr Telescopic
Compact) 1055-3.1 crane has been de-
Fast cycle times
The JCB Loadall range of high-boom, lift
and place telescopic handlers offers fast
cycle times. They feature: a larger cab;
side-mounted Tier III-compliant engines;
an easy-to-use, plus pattern servo hydraulic
control lever; and rear-axle stabilization, on
all but the smallest models.
The Loadall 506-36, which replaces
the popular 506C, provides a lift capacity
of 6,000 pounds and a working height of
36 feet. A second machine, the 507-42,
replaces the 506CHL and provides a
7,000-pound maximum lift capacity and
a working height of 42 feet. The third
machine, the 509-42, also has a 42 foot
lift height, but can handle loads up to
9,000 pounds. It replaces the previous
508C model in the JCB line-up. Topping
the range is a brand new machine with a
10,000-pound lift capacity. With a max-
imum lift height of 56 feet, the 510-56
Rotating telescopic handler
Manitous MRT 2150P
features a new, more
powerful engine and
improvements to the
operators compart-
ment. The larger cab
has improved visi-
bility, resulting from
a curved windshield
and new instrument
panel. All fluids are
now housed outside the cab making for a
cleaner operator environment. The MRT
2150 has a 10,000-pound capacity with
67 feet 7 inches of lift height and 59 feet
8 inches of forward reach, as well as con-
tinuous rotation and frame levelling for
easy placement of loads. It is powered by
a 150-hp Tier III Mercedes Intercooled
Turbo Diesel.
Enter 9651 on Reader Reply Card
Innovative crawler design
The new HC
230 is an in-
novative ma-
chine in the
medium lift-
ing capacity
range. This
new crawler
crane offers 230 tonnes of lifting capacity
at a reach of 14 feet, when equipped with
a 77 SI boom/Hammerhead tip. At 16 feet
reach with a 92 HI boom/offset tip, the cap-
acity is 230 tonnes as well. The maximum
length of the main boom is 290 feet or an
impressive 390 feet with a boom extension.
The crane is equipped with a load-sensing
hydraulic system to ensure smooth and
precise work.
Driven by a 6-cylinder Cummins-engine
with 325 hp at 2,000 rpm, the HC 230 navi-
gates heavy terrain and climbs slopes of up
to 30 percent (17 degrees). The operator can
adjust traction force and speed to match
given operating requirements.
Terex Corporation
Enter 9654 on Reader Reply Card
is a heavyweight telescopic machine that
can handle virtually any lifting task on the
construction job site.
Enter 9650 on Reader Reply Card
Updated crawler crane
Link-Belts 138 HSL is an 80-ton (72.6-mt)
crawler crane with a 40- to 200-foot (12.2-
to 61-m) tube boom. The optional angle
boom is 40 to 150 feet (12.2 to 45.7 m).
Both tube and angle attachments use the
same respective extensions as the 138H,
HII, and HYLAB 5. A live mast is standard
for either attachment. Maximum tip height
is 242 feet (62.2 m) with tube boom and jib,
and 204 feet (62.2 m) with angle boom and
jib. The jib is offsettable to 5, 15, and 25
degrees. The top sections come standard
with mounting lugs for the jib. A 5-foot
(1.5-m) auxiliary tip, and universal pin-
on pile-driving lead adaptor are optional.
These features help make this the most
exible crane in its class.
High line-pull, front and rear drums,
and the optional rear-mounted fourth drum,
incorporate the latest Link-Belt wet brake
technology used in other HSL models. The
wet brake is on the output side of the winch
planetary after the reduction.
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 22 12/8/2008 3:24:03 PM
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Show Hotline: 1-888-570-0499
Vancouver Landscapers & Contractors Expo January 20 & 21, 2009
Edmonton Landscapers & Contractors Expo January 27 & 28, 2009
Calgary Landscapers & Contractors Expo February 3 & 4, 2009
Compact to Heavy Equipment & Hands-on Seminars
Co o
Produced by
No. 124, 2323 Boundary Road
Vancouver BC V5M 4V8
Toll free phone: 1-888-570-0499
Fax: 604-570-0409
Prairieland Park Saskatoon, SK
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 11111111111111111117777777777777777777 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 111111111111111111188888888888888888,,, 2222222222222222222200000000000000000000000000000000000000009999999999999999999 77 88
Tuesday & Wednesday 9:00am 5:00pm
Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008 / 23
transmission on
the units features
four forward and
t hr ee r ever se
gears, provid-
i n g s mo o t h ,
on-the-go, for-
war d- r ever s e
shifting at any
engine speed for
more productive
operation. The
low-boom design on the Case TX models
enhances both stability and visibility. The
600-ton crawler crane
Th e 6 0 0 - t o n ,
SL6000 crawler
crane is at the top
end of Kobelcos
range of crawl-
er cr anes. The
SL6000 features
three different con-
figurations. The
Standard Crane
has a 276-foot-maximum standard main
boom, 354-foot-maximum long boom, and
a luffer option of 197-foot main boom and
236-foot lufng jib. The Heavy Lift Crane
(which includes an additional Mast) has a
276-foot-maximum standard main boom,
Exceptional sight lines
The TH255 super
compact t el e-
handler offers
compact dimen-
sions and easy
ity. Despite its
size, the TH255
has a rated load
capacity of 5,500
pounds (2,500
kg), lift height
of 18 feet, 4 inches (5.6 m) and capacity
at maximum reach of 1,850 pounds (839
kg). Equipped with a universal skid steer
coupler, the TH255 can handle a variety of
work tools, including forks, hooks, buckets,
augers and brooms. The TH255 also has a
spacious cab and exceptional sight lines
from the comfortable suspension seat.
Ergonomic control placement and single
joystick control of hydraulics ease the
burden on the operator.
The TH255 weighs in at 10,800 pounds
(4,898 kg) and is powered by a Cat C4.4
diesel engine producing 84 gross hp (63
kiloWatts). The engine meets U.S. EPA
Tier 3 emissions requirements. The low
cab height and machine width of only 71.5
inches (1.82 m) make the TH255 ideal for
working in tight spaces. The turning radius
is 126 inches (3.2 m).
Caterpillar Inc.
Enter 9658 on Reader Reply Card
signed specically for tight working condi-
tions. While Liebherr does not label it as
a rough-terrain crane, the LTC 1055-3.1
has features that make it suitable for rough
conditions. Overall length is just 27.5 feet
(8.38 m), and the width is 8.3 feet (2.54 m).
The two rear axles provide active rear-axle
steering that gives the LTC 1055-3.1 a tight
turning radius over the carrier of 6.15 m,
and 6.45 m over the telescopic boom.
Five programmed steering modes are
available: on-road steering, all-wheel steer-
ing, crab steering, steering without swerv-
ing out, and independent rear-axle steering.
Total weight of the LTC 1055-3.1 is 39.7
tons (36 mt), with equal axle-load distribu-
tion of 13.3 tons (12 mt) achieved through
the use of hydropneumatic suspension.
It features hydrostatic drive which
provides precise maneuvering, shunting
mode, and a seven-section, 36-m compact
Liebherr Canada
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354-foot-maximum long boom and a luffer
option of 217-foot main boom and 236-foot
lufng jib. The Super Heavy Lift Crane
(which includes HL Mast and an additional
551,400 pounds of palette counterweight)
has a 276-foot-maximum standard boom,
413-foot-maximum long boom and a luffer
option of 276-foot main boom and 276-foot
lufng jib.
The 1,082-foot square footprint of the
SL6000 gives it sure and rm stability
throughout the full 360-degree rotation.
The SL6000 is powered by a Tier 3 compli-
ant, 429-hp Hino diesel engine, and has six
variable-displacement hydraulic pumps.
Kobelco Construction Machinery
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Low boom, better stability
Case Construction has introduced three tele-
scopic handlers to its full line of equipment.
Equipped with a high performance Case
Family IV, 4.5-litre turbocharged engine,
the TX742 is rated at 95 net hp (70 kW),
while the TX842 and TX945 are both rated
at 108 net hp (81 kW). The full powershift
10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 23 12/8/2008 3:24:11 PM T. FREE 888-870-9797
Advanced Technological Aperture Design
Industry Specic Tires
Superior Ride
Low Maintenance Cost
Tire Sizes for
Scrap & Waste Applications
Tire Sizes for
Scrap & Waste Applications
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Put our expertise to work for you, call 905 897 2311
3585 Mavis Road, Mississauga, ON Canada L5C 1T7 Fax 905 897 2312
Nye Manufacturing Ltd.
A Nye Custom Fitted Quenched and Tempered Thumb Kit is the perfect
addition to your machine. Engineered from day one to suit your specic
application. Ready for the toughest jobs, Nye thumbs will help to increase
jobsite productivity by extending the capabilities of your existing machines.
Our thumbs are made from the highest quality materials and are built to
stand up to the constant abuse of todays jobsites. Nye Thumbs are available
in 3 main styles: Weld-On, Pin-On and Integral and are also available with
either: Mechanical Brace or Hydraulic Cylinder for added versatility. Nye
thumb kits are easy to install and will provide years of dependable service.
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24 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
or eliminate hy-
draulic leaks. To
improve oper-
ator interface,
JLG has short-
ened the func-
tion-ready delay
time to permit
fast er st art up
and eliminate
havi ng t o re-
boot the system
if a function is
engaged before
t he syst em i s
ready. The U-shaped channel on each side
of the deck extension has been redesigned
to reduce the chance for debris to cause
deck extension rollers to get hung up or
jammed. In addition, the platform cable
now features a coiled stinger to reduce
the length of slack cable in the platform,
and a curved cable hanger has been in-
stalled on the platforms mid-rail to provide
a means of securing the cable completely
out of the operators workspace.
JLG Industries
Enter 9666 on Reader Reply Card
Outstanding mobility
The new HB86
TJ+ pl at form
provides a sig-
nicant increase
in productivity
in a wide range
of working en-
vironments. It
has a 16-foot
5-i nch (5 m)
telescopic jib,
an outreach of
75 feet 6 inches
(23 m), the cap-
acity to lift rapidly up to 772 pounds (350
kg), greater operator comfort (proportional
movements, generational control panel),
and outstanding mobility (oscillating axle,
differential wheel lock).
The HTL 90-55 (shown) was developed
completely in-house, combining innova-
tions such as compactness, noise and pol-
lution reduction, operator security and
Haulotte Group
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high-mounted cab offers all-around visi-
bility forward to the forks for quicker,
more precise placement of loads and to
the rear of the machine for a safer worksite
environment. The 153-inch (3.8 m) turning
radius provides maneuverability in the most
conned spaces.
Case Construction Equipment
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Electric scissor lifts
With their electric drive motors, the ES
Series scissor lifts provide longer duty
cycles and higher capacities than previous
versions, and feature a unique hydraulic
system design that combines the hydraulic
pump, reservoir and motor with the lift
cylinder into a single assembly to reduce
Virtual pivot boom design
Genie Industries has recently introduced
redesigned versions of its S-80 and S-85
telescopic booms. The signicant changes
include: xed width axles; an exclusive
virtual pivot boom assembly; faster eleva-
tion time; improved software design for
smoother, more comfortable operation;
and intuitive operator and serviceability
features. The fixed width axles on the
redesigned booms give the machines an
eight-foot two-inch total width, both on the
trailer and on the jobsite.
New to the S-80 and S-85 telescopic
booms is the virtual pivot boom design
which Genie Industries introduced in 2003
on the S-60 and S-65 booms. The primary
benet of a virtual pivot boom is its abil-
ity to keep the weight of the boom over
the chassis centre of gravity as it elevates.
To enhance operator efciency, the eleva-
tion time on the S-80 and S85, from fully
stowed to fully elevated, is decreased to
68 seconds.
Genie Industries
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Rough terrain crane
Gr oves new
RT540E rough-
t errai n crane
features dual-
axis, electronic
joysticks and a
modern cab.
According to
Neil Hollings-
head, gl obal
product manager
for Manitowocs
rough-terrain crane product line, the new
cab and controls improve operator comfort
and productivity. The 40-ton (36.3-mt)
crane has a 102-foot (31-m), four-section,
full-power main boom. An offsettable,
telescopic, swingaway jib is available that
extends tip height to 154 feet (46.9 m).
Other features include a 4.7-ton (4.3-mt)
counterweight pinned to the superstructure,
a load moment indicator and anti-two block
Power for the crane comes from a 160-hp
QSB 6.7-litre Tier 3 Cummins engine, and
a new load sensing hydraulic system uses
piston pumps for crane functions. There is
standard, full length, steel decking on the
crane with anti-skid treatment. An 8.5-foot
(2.6-m) wide chassis allows for easy trans-
port to the jobsite.
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 24 12/8/2008 3:30:20 PM
Enter 9676 on Reader Reply Card
International Exhibition of Equipment,
Machi ner y and Techni ques f or t he
Construction and Building Materials Industry
c/o IMEX Management, Inc.
T: 704.365.0041 - F: 704.365.8426
A trade show organized by
From 20 to 25 April
the future
2,000,000 sq.ft.
Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008 / 25
New digging system
The EZ Di g
System for mini-
excavators is an
i deal di ggi ng
tool for trench-
ing jobs where
soil conditions
are sticky, hard
or filled with
rocks or roots.
The unique EZ
Dig is designed
with multiple
spades, one be-
hind the other, to chisel multiple cuts with
every curl cycle. The number of spades is
determined by the machine size.
The EZ Dig guarantees operators will
dig faster in sticky soil conditions because
the spades always dump cleanly. The EZ
Dig System doubles the amount of material
moved per pass when compared to a trad-
itional bucket, allowing operators to work
quickly and efciently.
The EZ Dig cuts clean trenches as
narrow as four inches, removing only the
necessary material. With this system, an
operator can change the spade width to
match the trench width.
Rockland Manufacturing Company
Enter 9672 on Reader Reply Card
Powerful hydraulic breaker
At l as Copcos
new HB 10000
offers advanced
technological fea-
tures and is the
most powerful
unit in its line of
heavy hydraulic
breaker attach-
Weighing in at
an impressive 10
metric tons, the
HB 10000 delivers 50-percent more impact
energy than the HB 7000. In combina-
tion with PowerAdapt, AutoControl and
other Atlas Copco breaker technology, the
power provided by the HB 10000 makes
it an excellent option as a cost-effective
production machine for primary rock
breaking, and a viable alternative to certain
drilling and blasting applications. The new
breaker is also an ideal solution for heavy
excavation and trenching projects, as well
as for efcient demolition of large, strong
concrete structures. The breaker is suitable
for carriers in the 85- to 140-metric-ton
weight class.
Atlas Copco Construction Tools
Enter 9673 on Reader Reply Card
Biometric crushing jaws
T h e n e w
XCP3 High
Five series of
heavy- dut y
concrete pul-
ver i zer s i s
the latest in a
long evolving line of mechanical pulver-
izers from Nye.
These units are designed to outperform
conventional hydraulic units in both pri-
mary and secondary crushing operations.
Nye pulverizers are built entirely from
extra-thick quenched and tempered alloy
plate, ready for years of work on the most
demanding jobsites. The XCP3 series fea-
Trommel screening buckets
The TMB excav-
ator mount and
hydr aul i cal l y
driven portable
screening plant
ar e compact ,
lightweight and
easy to operate.
They are offered
in four sizes for
carriers ranging from six to 40 tons. A
double-acting single pump ow kit, like that
used to operate a thumb, crusher, or shear,
is all that is needed to achieve the two-way
drum rotation this attachment offers. Or,
units can operate in a single direction with
normal hydraulic breaker plumbing. An
in-body control valve allows drum rotation
speed to be ne-tuned for smooth operation
in a variety of applications, and an assort-
ment of screen sizes from 3/8-inch (9 mm)
to four inches (100 mm) are available. A
typical application for the TMB trommel
screening bucket includes screening C&D
debris out of soil and sand to make recyc-
ling efcient and keep dumping require-
ments to a minimum.
Okada America
Enter 9674 on Reader Reply Card
tures biomimetic crushing jaws modeled
after bone-crushing wolfs teeth. They
have canine-type fangs that are perfect for
grasping and puncturing material and, at the
same time, protecting the noseplate.
Jaws are welded in place, not pinned, so
they cannot fall out and jam your crusher.
A new pinch plate grabs and pulls re-bar.
The massively thick side plates around the
torque tubes resist twisting.
An optional, patented ripper shank
excellent for picking, prying, lifting and
ipping heavy slabs is available. Nye
pulverizers are easy to install, require no
extra hydraulics and offer simple, safe,
almost silent operation.
Nye Manufacturing Ltd.
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 25 12/8/2008 2:52:52 PM
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26 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
Compacting plate series
ALLUs new VP series of accessories for
excavators consists of ve different types
of ground compacting plates. Applications
include pipeline trenches, embankments,
and parking places. Optimum vibration
force and maximum depth of compaction,
even up to three feet in one single phase,
ensure that the compaction work is carried
out in the most effective way.
ALLU VP ts excavators sized from
17,000 to 99,000 pounds. For very narrow
trenches, the ALLU UV 8-2 compacting
Family of attachments
JLG is setting an industry standard by
providing a single family of attachments
that utilize a common, quick attach coupler
across all three telehandler product lines,
says Brian Boeckman, JLGs product par-
ent for telehandlers. This change will
simplify attachment ordering.
The new family of attachments includes
a grapple bucket, an eight-foot tower and a
fork-mounted work platform. In addition, a
variety of material buckets, truss booms and
carriages of varying sizes and fork options
are also offered.
JLG Industries
Enter 9683 on Reader Reply Card
Hydraulic pulverizers
The MCP Ser-
ies of hydraulic
p u l v e r i z e r s
are rugged yet
l i ght wei ght ,
and are ideal
for secondary
demolition and
for the recyc-
ling of concrete. These units can be used
to demolish concrete oors or low-wall,
and provide the benets of low noise and
vibration, good fragmentation and good
separation of steel wire from concrete ma-
terial. Replaceable teeth are easy to change
in the eld.
These units also feature a ripper shape
design which allows operators to easily
grab material on the ground or in a pile.
Also, an open xed jaw allows material
to pass through and increase production,
and a xed mounting allows for handling
of loads that are not centred.
Models are available for carriers from
39,700 pounds to 99,200 pounds. Units
feature jaw depths from 27 inches to 35.4
inches (685 mm to 900 mm), and produc-
tion capacities are from 80 tons to 200
tons per hour in non-reinforced concrete,
and up to 35 tons per hour in reinforced
concrete post (up to four-foot diameter).
Breaker Technology (BTI)
Enter 9687 on Reader Reply Card
Bucket linkage shears
BLS 2000 and BLS 3000 bucket linkage
shears are ideal for cutting lighter structural
steel such as I beams, H beams, pipe and
rebar, where a larger shear is not required.
They feature the patented Saber Series
blade system with a 180-degree reversible
Saber Tip and lower cross-blade. Tapped
cutting blades allow the shear blades to
be easily removed. Plus with more bolt-
on components, maintenance time is
signicantly reduced. Units also have an
increased amount of high-strength steel
in critical areas and increased pin sizes
to withstand the high forces generated by
excavators. By fully wrapping the pivot
group, vital components are protected from
The BLS 2000 is designed for use with
machines in the 40,000- to 65,000-pound
(18- to 29-metric-ton) class and the BLS
3000 is for machines in the 65,000- to
85,000-pound (29- to 38-metric-ton)
Stanley LaBounty
Enter 9681 on Reader Reply Card
Performance bucket
Caterpillars Pin
Gr abber Per-
formance Buck-
et is built for
maximum dig-
ging perform-
ance when using
a Pin Grabber
Coupler on Cat 315 to the 345 hydraulic
excavators. The system delivers powerful
bucket curl forces in combination with the
versatility and convenience that a hydraul-
ically powered quick coupler offers.
The patented, recessed-pin design re-
duces tip radius and gives as much as 10
percent improvement in breakout force
when compared to conventional pin-on
bucket and coupler systems. The bucket is
reversible on the coupler for easier work
under pipes and sidewalks and for trench
The new bucket is available in a range
of sizes from 0.43 to 3.34 cubic yards (0.33
to 2.56 cubic metres) in general purpose,
heavy duty, and heavy-duty rock designs.
The bucket has removable plates on the
sides of the bucket for access to the bucket
pins when maintenance is needed.
Caterpillar Inc.
Enter 9682 on Reader Reply Card
High reach processors
LXP 200 and LXP
400 Logix Pro-
cessors are spe-
cically designed
for hi gh-reach
applications, and
to bring third-
member versatil-
ity to excavators
in the 50,000- and
100,000-pound range, respectively.
Logix Processors allow quick and safe
changeovers between shear, pulverizer
and concrete cracker jaw sets, while also
affording a dramatic boost in power. The
shear jaws feature the same piercing tip
and blades as Genesis GXP mobile shear,
making them ideal for heavy structural
steel, including I-beams. Bolt-on wear parts
tooth beds for the pulverizer jaw and teeth
for the cracker jaw are also designed into
these new models.
Enter 9684 on Reader Reply Card
Compactor and driver
The all-new ex-
treme Ho-Pacs
del i ver more
impact energy,
an er r or l es s
valve, a variety
of mount i ng
and mainten-
ance-free, oil-splash bearing lubrication.
Because its both a compactor and a driver,
the Allied Ho-Pac permits even the small-
est contractor or municipality to have this
dual capability available. All models are
available with Allieds patented VMS
mounting system for quick changing be-
tween carriers.
The vibration produced by the Ho-Pac
is an ideal force for compacting granular
materials since vibration generates stress
waves which bring the soils air to the
surface. As a result, the particles of soil
are rearranged and moved closer to each
other, which reduces voids in the soil. Ho-
Pacs compact in densities in excess of 95
percent Proctor.
As a driver, Ho-Pacs offer a faster, less-
expensive technique for driving wood, steel
and aluminum sheeting, H and I beams,
piling, posts and sea walls. Ho-Pacs send
vibration along the length of the item be-
ing driven, breaking the skin friction that
slows driving.
Allied Construction Products
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plate has a long arm to reach even the tight-
est spots. All models are available with a
360-degree hydraulic rotator.
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 26 12/8/2008 2:48:45 PM
MARCH 9-12, 2009

Co-located with

Co-located with
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 27 12/8/2008 2:48:53 PM
Canadas largest Heavy Equipment Show returns to Torontos International
Centre to showcase the biggest and best displays of heavy equipment on
the market today.
This show draws well over 10,000 qualified attendees each and every year,
making it the perfect venue to introduce new products, personally meet
important industry decision-makers, increase brand recognition and most
importantly, make sales. Be prepared to do business at the largest
show in the nation, where the qualified buyers come to you.
MARK CUSACK, Show Manager Toll Free 1-888-454-7469
SHOW HOURS Thursday, March 5 9am - 8:00pm
Friday, March 6 9am - 5:00pm
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Just Doesnt Cut It.
of all
Looking for
Qualied Heavy
Equipment Technicians?
Call us, we are the Heavy
Equipment Technician Specialists
We are Credible, Fast and
Provide Highly Qualied
Candidates Guaranteed
Lumberjacks need not apply
North Americas Largest Resource for Heavy
Truck and Heavy Equipment Technicians
Call for a free brochure, current specials or a free estimate with drawings!
or fax toll free: 1-866-279-9797 or visit:
Norsteel Buildings are ideal for:
Riding Arena
Retail Plaza
Truck Garage
30' x 40'
40' x 60'
50' x 80'
60' x 120'
80' x 150'
100' x 200'
200' x 300'
The possibilities
are endless! Quite
simply the fastest,
easiest, building
solution available
at the right price!
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Enter 9705 on Reader Reply Card
28 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
New trenchers
The new Zahn series of trench-
ers from Ditch Witch consists
of three power units and set of
compatible front ends. The Zahn
R150 trencher is in the 15-hp
class and includes a Honda gas engine,
operators console, and an articulation
joint that provides maneuverability. The
power unit drives a front-end trencher that
is designed to penetrate the ground easier
and enhance overall stability. The Zahn
R230 is in the 23-hp class and Zahn R300
is in the 30-hp class. They both feature
Kohler gas engines, operators consoles,
and articulation joints that enable the front
end to perform like a dedicated unit.
The two-wheel-drive R230 and R300
power two types of front-end trenchers,
while its four-wheel-drive InterChange
counterpart accepts up to seven types of
front ends: trencher, plow, dumper, tiller,
backhoe, stump grinder, and a tool carrier
that can drive more than 40 quick-change
Ditch Witch
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HDD features AutoDrill
The new Vermeer D16x20 Series II Naviga-
tor horizontal directional drill is powered
by a 63 hp (47 kW) Kubota diesel engine,
and provides 16,000 pounds (7258 kg) of
thrust pullback force and 2000 ft-lb (2711
Nm) of torque.
For added control in varying soil con-
ditions, the standard AutoDrill function
allows the operator to set rotation, thrust
and pullback pressure. Similar to a cars
cruise control, the drill then adjusts bore
and pullback speeds as it works through
the bore.
The D16x20 Series II features sliding
tracks that adjust outward for improved
stability in uneven terrain. When returned
to the inward position, the drill has a com-
pact footprint. Precise ngertip controls are
mounted on two joysticks within the ergo-
nomically designed operators station.
Enter 9702 on Reader Reply Card
Flexible core drill
The compact Sand-
vik DE710 diamond
core drill is available
in a range of con-
figurations to suit
global operational
and environmental
demands. The Sand-
vik DE710 can be
truck mounted for
greater manoeuvrability and ease of relocat-
ing the drill between sites. The Sandvik
DE710 can also be tted to crawler tracks,
powered from the rig hydraulic system,
making the drill a small self propelled
unit for areas with difcult site access.
The Sandvik DE710 is also available in
a shack mounted conguration for cold
weather applications ensuring a protected
working environment for the drill crew. The
Sandvik DE710 is powered by a 6.7 litre
engine producing 190 hp at 2200 rpm (141
kW at 2200 rpm) to power the rig hydraulic
system. The engine complies with the Tier
3 emissions standards that are being intro-
duced in many countries.
Enter 9703 on Reader Reply Card
45 kW generator
Using a Kubota engine with a Stamford
alternator, the QAS 45 generator replaces
the QAS 38 model. The engine has an
Interim Tier 4 system. Standard features
that make Atlas Copco a preferred gen-
erator include: high capacity fuel tank, a
rugged Zincor steel enclosure that is made
to withstand extreme weather conditions,
large doors and service plates for easy
access, 500 hours between service inter-
vals for lower cost of ownership, and a
110% containment area for uid spills. All
components are produced and tested to
exacting standards for optimum perform-
ance in the most demanding conditions. A
comprehensive instrument panel enables
all key operating functions to be supervised
without opening the canopy.
Atlas Copco
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Compact air compressor
The Ingersoll Rand AirSource Plus IR is
compact in size yet delivers 185 cubic feet
of compressed air per minute (cfm) at 100
pounds per square inch (psi). It comes with
the choice of a 62-hp Ingersoll Rand diesel
Affordable portable laser scanner
The GLS-1000 laser scanner offers surveyors and civil engineers an afford-
able, user-friendly instrument that operates as a stand-alone unit without
external computers, cables or heavy batteries. With its internal memory
and batteries and bright display screen, the GLS-1000 can operate in harsh
weather condi-
tions or direct
sunlight. It is a
lightweight in-
strument easy
to transport from one job site to
Topcon developed Precise
Scan Technology for the GLS-
1000. The new technology not
only uses time of ight meas-
urement but also combines the
innovative phase-based analysis
technology, which results in
unparalleled stable and preci-
sion accuracy measurement. The
technological innovation also
allows measurement over a wide
area (up to 150 metres).
Enter 9700 on Reader Reply Card
10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 28 12/8/2008 3:31:46 PM
construction equipment specs
is as easy as...
Basic specifications are
free of charge, and detailed
specifications are available
for reasonable fees.
Short-term and Long-term
access plans are available.
and find detailed specifications for almost 10,000 individual
equipment models in more than 60 separate categories.
Specs include both NEW machines (those in current
production) and older NON-CURRENT machines. On top
of that, we update our database every month. NO OTHER
Come visit to see for yourself,
or call (630) 288-8108 for more information.
Why wait? Do it today!
Rotobec patented RT rotators (# 7.066.076)
Sturdy and powerful structure.
New patent pending cylinder protector.
Available with 4 or 5 tines or with an
integrated magnet.
The best combination of component
protection and accessibility.
Head office
T. 418.383.3002
Eastern & Central Sales
T. 603.444.2103
Western USA & Canada
T. 250.548.0041
at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec, April 3-4, 2009. This show
is quickly becoming the must attend event for the heavy equipment
industry in the province of Quebec and beyond! If you are in the
Heavy Equipment Business, Expo Grands Travaux is the venue to
kick-start your sales for 2009!
Big media Partners, including Infrastructures, On-Site Magazine,
Aggregates & Roadbuilding, Equipment Journal and the Heavy
Equipment Guide, will ensure our extensive media campaigns suc-
cess and will bring the right buyers directly to you! Over 9,000 peo-
ple attended the 2006 show, and 2009 promises to be even bigger!
For more information or to book your location, please contact:
Mark Cusack, Show Manager
Shawn Murphy, Show Associate
or call Toll Free: 1-888-454-7469
Friday, April 3rd 10:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday, April 4th 9:00am - 5:00pm
Olympic Stadium Montreal, QC
Expo Grands Travaux is back and
than ever
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Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008 / 29
Self propelled utility plow
Bron crawlers are available with static or
vibratory plows for the direct burial of
underground utilities including telephone,
electrical, conduit, gas and water lines.
The Bron 150 crawler with offsetting
vibratory plows is designed for the instal-
lation of bre optics, copper cable, conduit
and pipe at working depths up to 60 inches.
Vibratory plows are ideal for installations
in all conditions or where tractive power
is limited, and can be used as a static plow
when ground conditions permit. Standard
features include front and rear swing, main
lift, attitude, and blade lift adjustment
cylinders to maintain plowing integrity in
the toughest conditions. The crawler fea-
tures a Cat 210 hp engine with hydrostatic
2-speed automatic, variable speed track
drive with a D4 undercarriage and comes
with an 8,000-pound standard lift capacity
reel carrier.
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Productive track carrier
The FTX100L track carrier from Fecon
features a 97 hp Kubota engine, steel tracks
and the ability to run multiple skid steer
attachments including Bull Hog mulchers,
stump hog, dozer blade, grapples and tree
shears. Equipped with standard loader
arm arrangement the FTX100L offers
big tractor reach and load over height in
a compact size. When equipped with the
Bull Hog BH74 mulcher, the carrier weighs
approximately 13,700 pounds and offers a
cutting width of 60 inches. Travel speed of
the FTX100 ranges from 3.3 to 5.8 mph.
Options for the FTX100 include standard
and skidder winches, rippers, front and rear
grapples, buckets and stump grinders.
With the compact size and versatility
the FTX100L is ideal for R.O.W. clearing,
site prep, rebreaks, forestry applications,
orchard clean-up and removal, prairie and
wetland restoration, agricultural prepara-
tion, land development, mulching brush,
engine or a 65-hp John Deere diesel engine.
Other portable air compressors available
include Ingersoll Rands 100 to 500 psi
compressors from 65 to 1600 cfm.
Doosan Infracore Portable Power
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branches, slash, standing and fallen trees,
root balls, and stumps.
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High-performance tracks
McLaren Industries PROTRAC Series
High Performance Skid Steer Tracks are
offered in three styles. Constructed with
manganese-enriched steel alloy for dur-
ability, the Protrac Series tracks are self-
cleaning, stabilize skid steer bouncing,
eliminate tire slippage and offer a variety of
interchangeable shoes. The Protrac Series
skid steer tracks use pins and links made
of heat-treated forged chromium. This ma-
terial features exceptional wear resistance,
extending track life.
McLaren Industries
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 29 12/8/2008 3:31:55 PM
Introducing SMS Equipment Inc. Three heavy equipment companies
have come together to create one of the largest Komatsu dealerships
in the world.

Formerly Coneco Equipment, Federal Equipment and Transwest
Mining Systems, these companies have been brought together to
provide dedicated focus on the needs of the Construction, Forestry
and Mining industries and Utility product users. SMS Equipment was
created to provide customers with integrated solutions and to
expand our service capabilities as a nationwide organization.

SMS offers the most extensive range of products, parts and services
in the industry all available through a network of branches and
satellite locations across Canada.
SMS Equipment One Name, One Company,
One Commitment to Service
Eastero 8egioo . 800 881-9828
Westero 8egioo . 800 252-1999
MININ II8IN . 8 458-0101
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30 / Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008
Bridgestone Firestone .................................... 20
Caterpillar AccuGrade .................................... 21
Caterpillar Paving .............................................. 7
Caterpillar Wheel Loaders .............................. 13
Climax Portable Machine Tools ...................... 18
Doosan ............................................................. 19
Expo Grands Travaux ...................................... 29
Genesis ............................................................ 10
GOMACO ......................................................... 32
Intermat ............................................................ 25
International Truck ............................................ 2
Komatsu America ........................................ 9, 15
Maizis & Miller ................................................. 28
Metso Minerals .................................................. 5
Minnich ............................................................ 22
National Heavy Equipment Show ................... 28
Norsteel Buildings ........................................... 28
Nye Manufacturing .......................................... 24
Rockland Mfg. ................................................. 22
Rotobec............................................................ 29
Saskatchewan Equipment Expo ..................... 23
SMS Equipment ............................................... 30
Spec Check ..................................................... 29
Trail King Industries ........................................ 26
Ty Cushion Tire ................................................ 24
Vermeer .............................................................. 6
Volvo Construction Equipment ....................... 11
Western Star .................................................... 17
World of Asphalt .............................................. 27
World of Concrete ........................................... 31
Wyco ................................................................ 14
On-going to June 2009 Volvo Construc-
tion Equipment Road Institute
Chambersburg, PA and Phoenix, AZ. 16 courses
on service, maintenance, operation and application
basics of asphalt paving. For more information or
to register, visit
January 15-17, 2009 AED Annual Meet-
ing & CONDEX
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA.
Contact: (630) 574-0650; 1-800-388-0650; e-
February 3-6, 2009 World of Concrete
(Seminars Feb 2-6.) Las Vegas Convention Center,
Las Vegas, NV. Contact: 1-866-860-198; (972)
March 2-5, 2009: The Rental Show
Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA. Con-
tact 1-800-334-2177;
March 4-6, 2009 The Work Truck Show
held in conjunction with The 45th Annual
National Truck Equipment Association
(NTEA) Convention, March 3-6
McCormick Place West Building, Chicago, IL. Con-
tact: 1-800-441-NTEA (6832);
March 4-6, 2009 Utility Construction
Expo 09
Phoenix Convention Center and Sheraton Down-
AEM names ve new Hall of Fame
The Association of Equipment Manufactur-
ers (AEM) announced ve new inductees
for the AEM Hall of Fame, which recog-
nizes, celebrates and preserves the history
of outstanding leaders in the off-road equip-
ment industry. The induction took place
during the AEM Annual Conference Nov-
ember 11, 2008 in Scottsdale, Arizona.
The ve inductees for 2008 are: Sir An-
thony Bamford, Chairman of JCB; Jerome
Increase Case, Founder of the J.I. Case
Machinery Company; Ronald M. DeFeo,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
of Terex Corporation; Donald V. Fites,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
(former) of Caterpillar Inc.; and LeRoy G.
Hagenbuch, P.E, Co-Founder and President
of Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.
For more information go online to www.
Kawasaki, Hitachi, TCM reach alliance
focused on wheel loaders
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and
Hitachi Construction Machinery Cp., Ltd
(Hitachi) and TCM Corporation (TCM)
announced that the three companies have
reached an agreement to form an alliance
focused on their wheel loader business. The
new corporation will consist of Kawasakis
wheel loader operation, of which Hitachi
will obtain a 34 percent stake through
purchasing newly issued shares.The main
purpose of the alliance is to join forces in
the development and production of wheel
loaders throughout the world.
Liebherr and John Deere update
crawler relationship
Under an original agreement signed in De-
cember 2000, Liebherr has supplied large
crawler dozers and crawler loaders to John
Deere for distribution in the United States
and Canada.
The companies have agreed that effect-
ive January 2010, John Deeres Construc-
tion & Forestry Division will design and
manufacture the 605, 655 and 755 crawler
loader models in their Dubuque, Iowa fac-
tory and will continue to distribute its own
line of crawler loader models into the U.S.
and Canadian market.
JLG expands telehandler line and
rebrands Gradall machines
By the end of 2008, Gradall branded tele-
handlers will become part of an expanded
JLG branded telehandler family.
Were maintaining all the nest qual-
ities of the Gradall name and product,
including the famous blue colour, but will
begin branding these models under the JLG
name, said Kirsten Skyba, VP Global
Marketing, JLG Industries.
This rebranding initiative marks the
completion of a plan that began in 2006,
when JLG sold the Gradall excavator
Ammann announces support team for
Canadian compaction customers
Ammann has announced the formation of its
rst Canadian-based customer service team.
Alexander Greschner, Director Marketing
and Sales, Ammann Machines announced
the appointment of Peter Price as Area
Sales Manager, Canada and Heinz Stan-
town Hotel, Phoenix, AZ. Contact: (703) 212-7745;;
March 5- 6, 2009 National Heavy
Equipment Show
International Centre, Toronto, ON. Contact: 1-888-
March 10-12, 2009 World of Asphalt
Conference March 9-12. Co-l ocated wi th
AGG1 2009 Aggregates Forum & Expo. Orange
County Convention Center, Orlando, FL. Con-
tact:1-800-355-6635; email Amy at alaskowski@
April 3-4, 2009 Expo Grands Travaux
Olympic Stadium, Montreal, QC. Contact: 1-888-
April 5-8, 2009 National Demolition
Association Annual Conference
Wal t Di sney Worl d Dol phi n Resor t, Lake
Buena Vista, FL. Contact: (215) 348-4949;
www. demol i t i onassoci at i on. com/annual _
April 20-25, 2009 Intermat
Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Paris, France.
Contact (for exhibitor information; visitors check
Web site): 416-490-7860 ext. 221; tquagliata@;
Do you have a show, conference, training ses-
sion or other event you would like to announce?
Send your listings to
isz as Technical Support Representative.
Founded in 1869, Ammann is recognized
as a leading equipment brand internation-
ally. In Canada, Ammann specializes in a
full line of compaction machines including
plate compactors, vibrating rollers featur-
ing the ACE compaction control system,
double drum asphalt machines and 30 ton
pneumatic tyred rollers and is represented
by a growing network of dealers committed
to customer service and support.
Major Wire opens new facility
Montreal-based Major Wire Industries Ltd.
held a dedication ceremony for its new
division, Major Wire Screen Media Ltd., on
October 30, 2008, at the facilitys location
in Puyallup, WA.
A new 28,400-square-foot facility of-
cially opened in July 2008, and allows Ma-
jor Wire to expand its OptimumWire woven
wire offering in the western United States
and Canada by reducing shipping costs and
providing faster lead times. Major Wire
Screen Media Ltd. is a complete woven
wire weaving and nishing facility outtted
with the latest in screen media equipment
in order to manufacture OptimumWire
and distribute Flex-Mat 3 and Flex-Thane.
The new division sells direct to western
Washington and distributes screen media to
Major Wire Authorized Dealers in western
North America and internationally.
10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 30 12/8/2008 2:37:01 PM
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Heavy Equipment Guide November/December 2008 / 31
10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 31 12/8/2008 3:36:32 PM
A Passion for Innovation
and Dedication to Your Paving Needs
The Commander III now goes to the next level in concrete paving.
Well be introducing innovations to the four-track Commander III set up for half-width paving (and more). Come to World of Concrete
and talk to us about the options available for roller-compacted concrete and pervious concrete. Well show you why more contractors are
choosing the GOMACO bridge deck finisher for the latest technology and customer support.
We understand that you are looking for opportunities in todays construction market that may be new to you, and we are here to help
you find solutions to accomplish your paving challenges at a profit. Come see us in the Central Hall to discuss the worlds choice in concrete
paving technology.
Booth #C5168
in the Central Hall
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10 HEG NovDec 08 FINAL.indd 32 12/8/2008 3:36:37 PM