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Bernadette Ondevilla Terry Wilson| Dance 253 Choreography December 11th 2013 Wednesday

Choreography Journal
Research Thesis

Creative Project Baby

Reference Book

Table of Contents
Introduction .. 3 Dance Styles.. 4 Choreography Worksheet. 5 List of Choreography Ideas... 6 List of Choreography Processes .. 7 Tips for Choreographing 8 16 Motifs for Manipulation . 8 Young Choreographers Application ... 9 Conclusion 12

Hi my name is Bernadette Ondevilla and this is my Choreography Journal/ Research Thesis/ Creative Project Baby/ Reference Book. Its a culmination of random writings, notes, and thoughts through this semester. I didnt want to turn in my notebook because I carry it around all the time so I thought a research format would suffice which fulfills the collage aspect, observations and notes. The picture collage is a mixture of pictures that represents why I dance, the people I have danced with and quotes that I literally use all the time when faced with failure, disappoint or rejection. I think that this project is a way for me to convey all the random things I have come up with in the past semester in an effective way. I would like this to stay in City College because I have the copy on my hard drive. I would really like to share my research and learning with anyone who is interested and of course I would like to talk to anyone who is obsessed with this art as well. I learned a lot from this class and I feel like after learning from Terry, everything just clicked. I took a choreography class UCSD once from Alicia Rincon but the main thing I took from that is Dont rush it, allow the art to flow, take your everyday experiences and use that. Also, its never too late for anyone and sometimes you just have to let things sit. I really want to continue this skill that Ive learned and to keep in mind that since it is a skill, choreographing that it, it requires learning, patience and practice, like any other art. I use to think that only those who are really good dancers, really gifted or really privileged can create choreography, but that was really wrong for me to think. In this process I learned that dancing, choreographing, performance and learning are all skills that require practice and repetition. So anything I hear are just basically excuses. I think at this point Im just trying to get to the end of the page, so Ill just end here and add pictures. Enjoy! Bernadette Ondevilla

Dance Styles

I just realized I turned 7 in dance years ^_____^ I forget to remember that I'm very lucky, blessed and privileged to be able to dance and to be exposed to so many styles and opportunities. I've been getting reminded lately that people move to SD to dance. It's nice to be surrounded by mentors and friends who remind you of such. #trolleythinking #lists #sayaw#dancing #imtired #sleep #hdkwocbaldogalzmgakf I put this in here because it was one of my reflections in my journal (and Instagram) that made me think about how far Ive come and how to continue going. As much as I try to stay positive and forward, dancing is full of disappointments and after a while I just end up crying on the trolley and quotes help. Reflectively, I use this list as a way of deriving choreography from different styles. Ill take dancing for granted sometimes and I have to remind myself that Im one of the luckiest people I know. My body is healthy and I dance almost every day. Dancing really is a privilege and people tend to forget that. 4

Choreography Worksheet

My choreo wkst! Let me know what you think #dance #choreography #ucsddancedept #cultureshock #learning #learningtoteach #thisisreallyhard #missinganything? #magkasamatoday! I made this actually a year ago and Ive actually only used it once, I think about how in my dreams when I teach choreography class I would give this to my students who get stuck and tell them, Ill come back in a hour and I expect a show. Basically, I noticed when I use to choreograph I would spend an hour just pacing with my hand on my chin just pondering. That was no use so I decided to make a worksheet. I tried filling it out but after a while I just got stuck at counting and just making up movement. Now I can see the use in my worksheet and I hope it can help others if they want. 5

List of Choreography Ideas

My observations are spread out between my IPhone notes, journal, my Instagram, Facebook and holes in my mind, it is unrealistic to write down everything you observe but its a very good practice. Terry said that inspiration comes from everywhere and you never know when itll be useful. So having a journal to write down is a good idea because youll forget it if you dont write it down. In this day and age, phones are really helpful so I have screenshots from my notes section. This is a list of my choreography ideas however weird or random. They are ideas Ive had for a long time and writing them down is the first step to making the idea come true. The next is telling a friend then plan it out then the rest is almost history.

List of Choreography Processes

Creating movement with Home Depot Color Palettes Creating movement from pictures (magazine, Instagram, books etc) Creating movement with friends and putting it together Creating movement first then putting it with music Creating movement by creating a list of words Creating movement using a poem Creating movement using the lyrics of the song Creating movement by first writing down the counts Creating movement by making a list of reference steps Creating movement taking inspiration from a museum Creating movement by play stacks (one friend makes a movement then you do) Creating movement by consuming alcohol or some substance *havent tried it Creating movement by sitting down and being limited Creating movement by manipulating a set of movements Creating movement by using a list of pedestrian movement Creating movement by using Myriams Movement

Creating movement by shifting from one style to another

Tips for Choreographing

Sleeping on it Choreographing with a friend Reading The Intimate Act of Choreography Reading A Choreographic Mind Doing something else (reading, writing, drawing) Taking a break Procrastinating Put the song on repeat and know it

16 Motifs of Manipulation
1. Repetition 2. Retrograde 3. Inversion 4. Size 5. Tempo 6. Rhythm 7. Quality 8. Instrumentation 9. Force 10. Background 11. Staging 12. Embellishment 13. Change of Planes/ Levels 14. Additive/ Incorporative 15. Fragmentation 16. Combination (The Intimate Act of Choreography -Lynne Anne Blom)

Young Choreographers Application

Letter of Intention November 30, 2013 To Whom It May Concern: My name is Bernadette Ondevilla and I am 22 years old. I graduated from UCSD with a degree in Psychology and a minor in dance. I have been training for seven years with focuses in jazz, tap and ballet since high school; contemporary, dance theatre, and hip hop in college; and lastly, modern and fusion work exploration in my current post grad state. Throughout my endeavors I make it a point to study teaching techniques and choreographic processes. My ultimate goal given my current dance endeavors is to attend CSU Long Beach MA Dance and to be a dance professor within San Diego. My recent influence and inspirations come from my new hunger and fascination for movement after years of trying to get through college. I feel that counseling is not my path at the moment so I will adventure in on the road of callouses and creation. Training in rich resources such as Culture Shock Dance Studio, UCSD and San Diego City College (SDCC) I have been very fortunate to be taken under the guidance of a few talented of mentors: Yolande Snaith, Darcy Naganuma, Grace Jun, Terry Wilson, Jaami and Angel Waali-Villalobos. In my hopes of attaining what they have accomplished I follow them around and ask them questions. Upon mentorship, I am influenced and inspired by the work of Kyle Abraham, Darcy Naganuma, and videos of Jacobs Pillow. Terry Wilson (adjunct professor at SDCC) told me to research Jacobs Pillow and several other works. She told me, Watch, research and something will speak to you, just listen to it. I feel that with my previous experience and intense curiosity, Young Choreographers is chance for me to really explore these possibilities and to open up opportunities that my mentors rant to me about. If given the chance I truly believe, I can create work worthy of the Young Choreographers stage showcasing my years of experience, performance and playtime In a nutshell my reasons for participation are just as simple as the rest of the contestants. I want a cause and means to develop ideas I have imagined and entertained for quite some time now. I want the opportunity to showcase my ideas in hopes of developing my artistry, choreography and leadership. Lastly, I want the chance to be recognized and develop a repertoire in the San Diego dance community and beyond. Thank you for your time and attention. Sincerely, Bernadette Ondevilla

I put in my application to remind myself that before I turn 35 Im going to make it to this stage. I may have gotten rejected this year, but it just means Im going to have a better application next year. As a dance or choreographer we have to be ready for rejection and know how to deal with it. My rejection to win ratio is getting better so really the only way to go is up.



I hope that you can gain something from my work or you are willing to add. If you would like to talk to me, my information is below. To conclude, I hope that I can take this art and develop it over the next couple of years or even if Im lucky enough till Im 50 and yelling at 20 year olds to point their feet. I think its important to note that these 10 pages are just a semester of learning and research. I had this crazy idea that if I ever get to grad school I can develop my own dance book or choreography book. Haha Wish me luck I dont know what Ill be doing for my life but for now Ill be doing the dance hustle: taking class, finding gigs, finding dance jobs and garnering mentorships. Thanks for reading!

Bernadette Ondevilla began dancing jazz, tap and ballet in Chula Vista High School at the age of 15. Attending UCSD thereafter she became versed in contemporary, dance theatre and contact improvisation, minoring in dance and receiving her BA in Psychology 09. Bernadette started to teach and create choreography which has been featured through numerous high school conference workshops and notably though UCSD Kaibigang Pilipinos Cultural Celebrations. Her biggest influence was being a part of Culture Shock San Diego 11 where Bernadette delved heavily into hip hop choreography and breakin. Noteworthy performances include Club Atlantis, Odysseus at the Old Globe, backup for Baby Bash, FUSION 11, Tiger Bomb Music Video, Fearless movie dance extra, and UCSD Winter Works. With a strong immersion and interest in fusion work and performance she continues to diligently study funk styles and contemporary with the hope of finding others who are also interested in this kind of work. At 22 Bernadette currently attends San Diego City College studying modern, choreography, education pedagogy and in addition to avidly taking classes and garnering gigs here and there. Bernadette Ondevilla Facebook, Instagram, Email, Text