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Lesson Plan Subject: English Form: 8 th form Date: Octobre 18, 2013 Topic: Summing up Type of lesson: Lesson of consolidation

Methodist: Fuciji Mariana School coordinator: Popa Aliona School teacher: Maidan Natalia Time: 45 min Specific Competences: (C) Communicative competences: Producing oral messages and interactions (Spoken Interaction) Communicative competences: Receiving written message (Reading) Communicative competences: Receiving oral message (Listening) Communicative and Pragmatic competences: Producing written messages and interactions (Writing) Sub Competences: (SC) 1.1.Identifying the definitions of vocabularies words 1.2.Creating and delivering a conversation based on vocabularies words(spoken interaction) 3.3.Realization of grammar exercices using the introductory it, there are and there is. 3.1.Selecting the necessary do or make to solve the task 3.4.Getting a new way of comprehension to collective nouns 4.Checkig their work and assess their progress Operational objectives: 1.Knowledge: The students will able to decode unknown vocabulary, will learn new words, and will learn about types of houses. 2.Skills: Students will be able to hold a conversation on the topic types of houses, expressing opinions and arguments about, they will read a text and give titles, and they will be able to make up questions to answers and to fill with corresponding articles. 3.Attitudes: Students will form positive attitudes toward communication of types of houses. Stages of lesson (Learning activities Resources (Materials) Strategies (methods, techniques, forms of activities)




Evocation 1.Organization * The teacher greets the pupils and creates the atmosphere. The pupils

Turn talking

1 min

there is 3 min.  Guardian. there is there are it is 2.30. The teacher asks the pupils to remind and to give definitions of the following words:  Early bird. Textbook Class discussion Review Translation Turn taking Spotting mistakes 7 min SC 1. 2.  To bore.2 To remind and to answer the definitions of words Copybook Whole class Sheet of paper work Selection Pen Written work SC 3.  To embarrass.  Cast-off. The pupils are answering the definitions.3 11 min. II Reflection *The teacher proposes to pupils to choose there is. Ben. We must go. Error Correction To complete To write in copybooks the correct form .greet him back. We can wait for that.  A coin.  To embroider. there are or it is for each question: 1. ________ a bus at 7.Preparation *The teacher refers the pupils to the vocabularies words.  Archangel.  Owl.  Lark.Checking homework (…) 3.1 SC 1. ________ very late.  Drill.

there are it is 3.  -The children always their homework before watching tv  job  promise *The teacher gives another Textbook Copybook Communicative method SC 3. Model: To do a lesson.000 people living there. Wilcox is a big town and ________ more than 50. The hotel is expensive but ________ a wonderful restaurant inside. To make a mistake. there is there are it is 4.1 7 min. to give the correct a a good Whole class work Written work Gap filling SC 3.4 SC 4 8 min. Write the exercice in your copybooks. To write down To listen and to complete the sentences . there is there are it is Blackboard III Extension Chalk *The teacher writes down Copybook on the blackboard: Pen  DO  MAKE Put either do or make in each space.

(no decision required – the word members is plural) My family is small.Assessment The teacher evaluates the homework with marks B.  Repeat the collective nouns that are use of plural form. 1 min. Homework The teacher writes the homework on the blackboard:  Repeat the rules with the introductory it. To write in copybooks . IV Feed-back A.  Repeat the vocabularies words. My family are early risers. (A decision is required: Is jury singular or plural?)  The members of the jury are to convene at 4 o'clock. there are and there is. Pen Copybooks Individual work Written work 1 min.exercice getting a new way of comprehension to collective nouns. The party were expected to arrive on Monday. Pen Register Discussion Values clarification exercise Suggestion Generalization 2 min. Examples:  Pen Consolidation Values clarification exercise form To write in copybooks The jury is/are to convene at 4 o'clock. The teacher thanks pupils for their work and say goodbye. The pupils write in their copybooks the homework.