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LESSON PLAN N6 Subject : English Form: X Date: 16.10.

2013 Teacher: Coliceva Olga Methodologist: Colodeeva Liliana Student: Benea Anna Topic: Unit 1 Lesson type: oral evaluation Time: 45 min

Specific competences: Communicative competences: Receiving oral messages(Listening) Pragmatic competences: producing oral messages( Spoken interraction) Communicative competences:Receiving written messages(Reading) Communicative competences:Producing written messages(Writing) Methodological competences: Identifying similarities and differences by means of comparing things(Comparison Area) Sub-competences: S1.1. To explain proper ideas about something S2.1. Asking for and using information about the educational systems; S 2.2. Providing a short fluent description of an ideal student/teacher; S 3.1.Speak about steps of learning ; S 3.2.Speak about methods of teaching; S 4.1. Asking for and giving personal information; Operational objectives:

Stages of the lesson (Learning Activities) Resources Strategies(metho Subcom Time ds. techniques. 1 min Evaluation 1.students will be able to share opinions.1 3min 3min . petence forms of s activities) Notes I. EVOCATION 1. Announces the beginning of the lesson. Talk about goals and ambitions you have.Knowledge. Why did you choose these ones? 2.Warm up and preparation The teacher put the absences in the register. 2. The pupils greet him back. Talk about obstacles that may prevent you from achieving your goals? Why? 3min S1. Skill: students will be able to have a fluent speech Attitude: Students will form positive attitudes towards the educational system .Organization The teacher greets the pupils and creates the atmosphere.

6. Why do you think so? 3min 3min . Do we really need them? Why? 3min 7.1 3min 3min 3min 5. Which way do you learn best? Why ? What does your learning depend on? 4. Describe them. Talk about school rules . Talk about education in the past. Describe the best and the worst student’s qualities. Talk about your school subjects.3. S2. Describe them. Talk about steps of learning. Talk about the best methods of teaching . S2.1 8. rights and obligations.

12. 3min 3min 15.If you were minister of education what would you change ? Why? S3.1 3min 3min . Describe the best and the worst teacher’s qualities.9.Talk about education in Moldova. Why do you like it? 3min 3min 3min 11.Talk about education in the USA. 13.Describe your favorite classroom.Talk about education in the UK. Why do you think so? 10.What are the similarities / differences among these 3 educational systems? 16. S2.2 14.Talk about the importance of education.

2 3min S4. 20.1 3min 19.Are there equal opportunities to have high education for all the people in Moldova and the world ? Why? 18.Talk about advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad? Why? S3.3min 17.Talk about punishment at school. .What do you know about universities in the UK / USA and Moldova? Talk about them.