Very similar to the Tricholaema barbets is the beautiful Yellow-spotted Barbet, a monotypic species in the Buccanodon genus

. Its appearance would seem to warrant its placement with the previous group, but its call is completely different, a soft purring sound. It is the only African barbet that taxonomically has no relatives placed in the same genus. The Yellow-spotted arbet Buccanodon duchaillui is a rainforest species, named for !renchman "aul #u $haillu who was the first explorer to venture inland from %abon into Africa&s vast lowland forest bloc. 'e discovered numerous new species for science including this barbet and was the first person to confirm the existence of both %orillas and "ygmies. In ()*( he published this +ourney as ,Explorations in Equatorial Africa&, a fabulous recount of his adventures and discoveries, and with typical %allic flourish some rather imaginative encounters and fantastic species such as the Ivory-eater, a s-uirrel that hunts the forest in search of elephant carcasses to gnaw on ivory.

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