Positioning to Capture The Indian Woman’s Heart

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Key Elements of Brand Positioning      Be unique Instantly Communicate Be appealing Be brief Be honest .

Competitive Branding Strategies     Low cost strategy Differentiation Strategy Best Cost provider strategy A focussed strategy based on lower cost and differentiation . .

Target Marketing .Brand Positioning Vs.


Step 1 Brand identity: Main goal is to create awareness Step 2 Brand Meaning: Performance.reliability.meeting customers needs on a social and psychological level Eg. style design and price Imagery. Body Shop . durability & serviceability.

Step 3: Brand Response: quality credibility judgment consideration superiority .

Feelings: Warmth Social approval fun Self respect excitement Security .

Brand Resonance: Deep psychological bond with brand 1) Behavioral loyalty 2) Attitudinal attachment 3) Sense of community 4) Active engagement .

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