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How to tranport role and AA together in BI

Transporting role and Analysis Auth Object together in BI

by Zaheer A Kazi Aug. 5, 2008 For those who are working in BI security must have come across a situation where they need to transport an updated role and an Analysis authorization together. If we make two separate transport tasks then it has to be properly sequenced. However, if we transport them together in single shot, there will be no sequencing needed. Lets walk through the steps Step 1 : Run transaction code RSECADMIN

Step 2 : Locate the AA to be transported

Step 3 :

Create a new request Select the request type as "transport of Copies"

Step 4 : Update all the required field

Step 5: Transport the role from PFCG

Step 6: Now, lets go to transport organizer SE10

Step 7: Release the transport request of role

Step 8: Select the transport of copies transport request.

Press Ctrl+F11

Step 9: Add the transport request which was created for role transport

Step 10: Release the transport of Copies.

And you are done !!!