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Timur Cevik, 10.4 26.9.13 Mr.

Suits Developing Ideas

I chose this picture because it is a play button and the actual word play. This represents the final project that I am going to create and that is going to be a video and so that is why I chose a play button of a video.

Timur Cevik, 10.4 26.9.13 Mr. Suits 1. Develop a design specification which clearly states the success criteria for the design of a solution. In order to be successful, an advertisement will need to have many different factors, which are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Professional edit. Well-fitting sound effects. Organized script. Convincing actors. Interesting length. Entertainment for the audience.

1. The professional edit of the advertisement is a major factor, so that its a successful video because every actual advertisement looks like there had been a lot of time invested in the production and therefore of course the audience, who watches the advertisements will enjoy watching the quality, with which the video was made based on location or sound. 2. The well-fitting sound effects are what impact the professionality of the edit because otherwise it would ruin the way, in which image and sound harmonize and would destroy the quality and seriousness of the entire video. Therefore, none of the audiences will be willing to enjoyingly watch the advertisement loosing their interest.loose interest. 3. The organized script is what controls the quality, with which the video is represented with the actors since theyre the ones, who have to understand the script and do what it tells them to do. The script basically tells the entire story and if the actors cant follow that, the whole video isnt going to work. Therefore, the script has to include all necessary information and professional text, so that the advertisement comes across as serious and entertaining. 4. The convincing actors are really important because as they have to bring across the script to the audience, their quality of work depends on whether the audiences can actually take the script and the whole advertisement seriously. The actors have to follow exactly what theyre told to follow with their script and therefore have to be professional enough to convey what theyre asked to convey, too. 5. The interesting length of the advertisement is also important because thats what mostly decides

Timur Cevik, 10.4 26.9.13 Mr. Suits whether the audience has a right to be entertained or rather bored. It has to be made sure that the video isnt too long because that would bore the audience, but also that its not too short to actually convey the message and to bring the product successfully to the audience, as well. 6. The entertainment for the audience is what the advertisement is therefore because the audience is at the end the people, who the advertisement company benefits from as a certain product is being sold. Once the audience likes the concept of the advertisement and actually enjoys watching it, it might also be much more interested in the product thats being sold through the advertisement.

2. Develop a range of feasible design ideas using appropriate media and detailed annotation which can be correctly interpreted by others. Storyboard 1:

Timur Cevik, 10.4 26.9.13 Mr. Suits

Storyboard 2:

Timur Cevik, 10.4 26.9.13 Mr. Suits

Storyboard 3:

Timur Cevik, 10.4 26.9.13 Mr. Suits

Storyboard 4:

Timur Cevik, 10.4 26.9.13 Mr. Suits

Reflections on the Storyboards: Storyboard 1: The first storyboard is really helpful because its one scene that Rhys is helping a different student and shows how caring hes about other students. Also, it mentions the whole

Timur Cevik, 10.4 26.9.13 Mr. Suits theme of bullying and that Rhys is completely against bullying, so that hes shown to be standing up for anybody, who gets bullied. Thats why I chose a really big bully and a small Rhys to show that he would even stand up for somebody, who is much taller and stronger. The negative aspects of this storyboard are that its really short and only shows one good side of Rhys although he has many good characteristics, which are important. Therefore, when the audience is actually interested and thinks that Rhys is helpful, the people will only seek help if theres a bully around and won't go ask for more than that. Also, the project is on a person, who is part of the ISD community, which is why it would be better if the advertisement for Rhys was showed more of his engagement in school and within after-school activities. Storyboard 2: The second storyboard is quite convincing because it points out an actual situation, which many people can identify themselves with whenever its their first day in a new school. Therefore, the new students, who probably have difficulties orientating themselves within ISD would be the main target of the video, so that they could ask Rhys for help whenever they have problems. The video would specifically turn towards a part of the ISD community, which probably faces the most problems. The negative aspects of this storyboard are that firstly its a really short video and therefore will be over quite fastly. That might cause the problem that the audiences attention wouldnt be caught and especially the new students wouldnt be convinced enough to ask Rhys for help. The last issue, however, would be that the video really mainly focuses on new students within ISD and not really the entire community. Although its important to consider the new students, it would be more successful if the advertisement would also point out other situations in school instead of only the first day because then also the video would get longer. Storyboard 3: The third storyboard is really good, as well because it has a lot of content, so that it wont be too short to give the whole message behind it. Also, it gives a range of Rhys strengths and grabs the attention with the big use of letters. The audiences attention would be caught and they would probably think about the advertisement due to the use of rhetorical questions, as well. The people would hopefully not be bored as always new aspects would be risen and unexpected questions would keep the audience on focus with whats represented within the video. The negative aspects of this storyboard are that the video might get a little too long and the audience might get bored watching it. Also, people, who would actually need help, such as provided by Rhys, wouldnt catch the message and would never be convinced enough to ask for help. Another issue would be the fact that no actual images are used and the audience might not only get bored, but also wouldnt directly know, who Rhys actually is, so what product its adverted for. Also, copyright laws in Germany would raise another problem since music from artists can only be used for 15 seconds legally, so that if the scenes are too long, the music would have to stop at some point. 3. Present and justify the final chosen design with detailed reference to the design specification. Design Specifications: 1. Professional edit.

Timur Cevik, 10.4 26.9.13 Mr. Suits 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Well-fitting sound effects. Organized script. Convincing actors. Interesting length. Entertainment for the audience.

Storyboard 4: The fourth storyboard is the one, which Ill use for the final advertisement because it has the most specifications that fit to it when comparing it to the other three storyboards. Firstly, this storyboard would allow me to create a professional edit since I would use different elements, such as pictures, cartoons and texts that provide a variety and would challenge me a little bit, as well. However, with the knowledge that I gained this wouldnt be too challenging and the edit would appear professional, as well. Also, a really good quality for the pictures are needed in order to take the video professional, so that Ill have to use my I-phone 5, which has a quite good camera to take pictures or even film videos and also a Macbook in order to edit those. Also, I would be able to include well-fitting sounds effects since I would represent different kinds of images on the slides, to which different sounds would fit. With the skills that I gained that would also be no problem since I already learned how to include sound to the video editing program. However, Im also the least sure of with this specification because Im not able to use sounds longer than 15 seconds and the scenes might be longer, so that I would have to be creative with the well-fitting. I would be able to control the organization of the script because the creation of the storyboard is exactly what will be used as a script. The storyboard includes enough detail for me and the actors, so that the instructions are clear and everything knows whats expected. Also, on top of the storyboard the actors will be provided with much more instructions on set, so that they know what they have to do, as well. However, the overall situation and the instructions will be provided on the storyboard. The actors Rhys, but also Christopher hopefully would do a good job in acting out their role professionally as especially Rhys is the centre of attention and Christopher, the person, who gets Rhys support, has to be just as convincing. Its just really important that they dont easily get distracted by fooling around, as well, which Ill really make sure to tell them right from the beginning. The storyboard already shows that is is not going to be too short since it has a lot of context in it, but I also that its not not going to end up too long since that would be the other extreme creating an issue. However, Im certain that thats a point, which I could really well control as I could easily shorten aspects or leave out certain scenes in order to arrange the time as fitting as it would be. The entertainment for the audience would hopefully be achieved with this storyboard because there will be a range of scenarios and images that provide a variety and situations that the audience wouldnt expect. More and more new aspects would keep the audience on focus, so that they would want to follow whats going on. With the specifications which I mentioned enough, I would be able to entertain the audience if everything is as well as I specificated. Thats why another important factor would be that the use of sound-effects is another major aspect, which would entertain the audience.