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BP Celebrity Chef

BP Celebrity Chef

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Published by: Paula_Forbes_1585 on Dec 16, 2013
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Would you pay this claim? The Gulf Settlement Program did.

Claim XXX96:   A celebrity chef, through his wholly-owned restaurant management company, filed a claim with the Gulf Settlement Program. The chef owns restaurants in cities all over the country – most of which are located outside of the Gulf. But in 2010, his management company began to pay licensing fees to use his own trademark in his own restaurants – due to a deal he signed over a year before the spill. Even though the chef’s management company earned more revenue in 2010 than in the two years prior to the spill, the licensing fees it paid for the first time in 2010 created a fictional loss, and it was awarded more than $8,000,000. A claim from a company that manages the restaurants of a celebrity chef with a national following. That earned more revenue the year of the spill than in the previous two. For alleged losses with no apparent connection to the spill. Paid in full.      How could this happen? Despite these obvious red flags, the Gulf Settlement Program pushed this claim through to payment. Without concern that the licensing fees paid to use the chef’s own trademark couldn’t possibly be related to the spill. The fact is that thousands of undeserving claims like this – totaling over half a billion dollars – have already been paid.  We’ll continue fighting to stop all abuses of the settlement and return the claims process to doing what it was intended to do: paying the legitimate claims of people and businesses who suffered real financial losses from the spill. For more, go to theStateoftheGulf.com or follow @StateoftheGulf.

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