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A workshop for parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing Presented by Sarah Liddell

Inthisworkshopyouwilllearnabout: 1. Ideasforstrengtheningyourrelationshipwithyourchild 2. Theroleofattachmentinhelpingchildrentoselfregulate. 3. Waystosupporttheemotionaldevelopmentofyoungchildren 4. Thebalancingactbetweenwhatchildrenneedandwhattheywant.

TheManorattheBobRumballCentrefortheDeaf 2395BayviewAvenue Freeparking

Thursday,January16,2014 Presentationwillbebeginpromptlyat6:00pm andwillendat8:30pm Interpreters available upon request Refreshments will be served

Free Workshop Please RSVP by January 13th, 2013

(416) 338-8255 or
SarahLiddell,aChildandFamilyTherapistwithAisling DiscoveriesChildandFamilyCenter,hasbeenworkingwith youngchildrenandtheirfamiliesforover25years.Inworking withfamilies,shestrivestostrengthenandbuildrelationships inordertofosterhealthy,childdevelopment.

Family Resource Centre located in the Manor of the Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf (BRCD) 2395 Bayview Ave.

Bob Rumball Centefor TheDeaf

Driving Directions Lawrence & Bayview 2 lights North of Lawrence on the East side Go in the driveway and turn left Pass the main building to go to Manor house Park in parking lot in front of Manor house TTC Directions TTC information line is (416) 393-4636 From the Davisville subway station, take the Bayview 11 or 11A bus North. There is a bus stop at BRCD (on the same side of the street) From the North, take the Bayview 11 bus South to BRCD and cross the street to the East side. You can also connect with the Bayview bus from the Bayview subway station on the Sheppard line.