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SAP GUI Scripting

I Technical requirements

For activation of the scripting the dynamic parameter
sapgui/user_scripting needs to be set to TRUE.
[more details OSS NOTE 480149]

The general enabling is to be adjusted via the menu
bar under Options.
The checkmarks as displayed below should be
activated, to also prevent the execution of hidden

After that the Script Recording and Playback is

II Record and Play

Select the corresponding entry in the menu bar.

For the recording of recurring tasks you simply have to
push the button .

The button is for Playback.

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Here you can adjust the file name and the
path for saving.


At the start of the recording you need to define the file
name and path:

Make sure that you do not forget to add the file
extension [*.vbs].

Then perform the tasks in SAP you want to record.

For stop activate the button .

For replay you can simply push , select the
corresponding script name.
With this all recorded steps should be repeated.