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Bowl 2 Hours Including Use Of Shoes For Up To 6 People For $19.9 ! "#ndolph $usic Boos%ers &e%s H#lf!

Print and bring this with you bowling at Timber Lanes in Abington and the Randolph Music Boosters will receive 50% that!s "AL#$ o% what is already a great deal$ &t!s 'ust ()* *5 per lane %or up to + people$ ,o e-tra charges %or shoe rental$ .ou and your group can bowl all you want %or the entire / hour period no charges per game$ And hal% is donated to us$ &t!s really that simple$ "elp us promote this more by spreading the word through your email0 #aceboo10 Myspace0 Twitter and Lin1edin accounts
Our S'uire(s )of% )ounge Opens *#il+ #% P$!

Ti,-er )#nes . /60 Bedford S% 1"ou%e 123 . 4-ing%on5 $4. 026 1 721827280219 .,