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Sierra Trevino Mrs. Tyree English 3, Per. 1 4 December 2013 The Tragedy The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a play about Witch Craft that is going on in Salem. Also a man in this play by the name of John Proctor has some skeletons in his closet. This man that is supposed to be true ends up being not as true as we think. John Proctor is a good, well respected, and noble man. He keeps to himself with his wife away from most of the people. John is sort of a church going man he tries to make it to the services. It so happened that his wifes name was going around in court, because some of the girls and women were suspicious of her being a witch. John had the Sheriffs come to his house to arrest his wife till she went to trial. He was very against this because he knows his wife never lies about anything. Then things started to change up due to why his wife was arrested. John Proctors tragedy is that one of the girls that is put to trial he had an affair with named Abigail. She is the reason for why Mr. Proctors wife Elisabeth Proctor is arrested. This flaw is the reason why Proctor falls. In court Mrs. Proctor comes in to see the judge to confirm if Mr. Proctor is telling the truth about him having an affair, but the slip of a lie she tells changes his and her freedom. She is set to hang till they find out she is pregnant. They also throw John Proctor into prison and Abigail comes to him trying to have him leave with her so that he would not die and so they can be together. Lucky he does not leave.

Trevino 2

John Proctor is sent to the judge so he can sign a paper that he was part of witch craft. After he signs it he realizes that he does not want his name to be on that paper for that reason because he had nothing to do with witch craft in Salem. With pride he rips the paper and he is sent to be hung. His wife just wanted him to sign it so that he could live, but hed rather die.