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Do Now: Tasnique often comes to class and sprawls out across the desks though Mr.

Gupton tells her daily not to. sing the sentence a!o"e and conte#t clues$ what does the word sprawl mean%

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(ow ha"e housing de"elopments typically !een named in )merica% +n your own words descri!e what a su!ur! is. The rapid and often poorly planned spread of cities and su!ur!s is known as/hat are the num!ers of people li"ing in metropolitan regions% /hy were cities !uilt so much smaller during colonial times% /hat changes allowed for the growth of cities in the &233s% +n your own words descri!e the ur!an fringe. /here 5ity Meets 5ountry: The 6ural 7ringe 8#plain what this means using e"idence from the reading. 9' +n your opinion$ can ur!an sprawl create issues% (ow so%

5ity :ptions: ;ortland$ :regon <os )ngeles$ 5alifornia =ancou"er$ 5anada Toronto$ 5anada )tlanta$ Georgia 6esearch: /hat is the name of your city% /hat is its population% /hat is ur!an sprawl% Does your city ha"e a little or a lot of ur!an sprawl% (ow so% /hat are some of the issues with its ur!an sprawl% >5ommute times$ traffic$ pollution$ etc.' /hat is the city trying to do a!out it% /hat has the city done in the past a!out it% :ptions: PowerPoint Slideshow

Exit Ticket:
/hat is ur!an sprawl% Name a city in which you might find ur!an sprawl. Descri!e what it is like. Take 6oanoke 6apids as an e#ample and create your own "ersion of ur!an sprawl in the area.