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Anti Poverty Programmes:

S.No. 1 2 '

Anti Poverty Programmes Antodaya Yojana !arnajayanti "ram !aro#gar Yojana ( " Y)

Year of Beginning 1977 1999

Objective/Description To make the poorest families of the village economically independent (only in Rajasthan) Assistance is given to the poor families living $elo! the poverty line in r%ral areas for taking %p self employment& )roviding gainf%l employment for the r%ral poor& To provide gainf%l employment d%ring the lean agric%lt%ral season in man%al !ork to all a$le $odied ad%lts in r%ral areas !ho are in need and desiro%s of !ork- $%t can not find it&& /oc%s on village level development in 0 critical areasi&e& primary health- primary ed%cation- ho%sing- r%ral roads and drinking !ater and n%trition !ith the overall o$jective of improving the 1%ality of life of people in r%ral areas& To provide legal g%arantee for 1(( days of !age employment to every ho%sehold in the r%ral areas of the co%ntry each year- To com$ine the t!in goals of providing employment and asset creation in r%ral areas 5t seeks to provide employment to the %r$an %nemployed lying $elo! poverty line and ed%cate %pto 56 standard thro%gh enco%raging the setting %p of self employment vent%res or provision of !age employment& 5t aims at providing food sec%rities to poor families& To %tili#e $lack money for constr%cting lo! cost ho%sing for the poor& All Ro%nd development of the r%ral poor thro%gh a program of asset endo!ment for self employment& To provide s%ita$le opport%nities of self employment to the !omen $elonging to the r%ral families !ho are living $elo! the poverty line&

ampoorna "ramin 2((1 Ro#gar Yojana ( "RY) +mployment Ass%rance 199, cheme

)radhanmantri "ramodaya Yojana ()."Y)


3ational R%ral +mployment "%arantee 2((* cheme (3R+" )

!arnajayanti hahari Ro#gar Yojana ( 4RY)


1( 11

Antidaya Anna Yojana 2((( 3ational 7o%sing 8ank 9ol%ntary :eposit 1991 cheme 5ntegrated R%ral :evelopment )rogramme (5R:)) 192(



:evelopment of ;omen and <hidren in R%ral 1922 Areas (:;<RA)

1' 10 1* 17

3ational ocial Assistance )rogramme 4an hree 8ima Yojana

1990 2(((

To assist people living $elo! the poverty line& )roviding ins%rance sec%rity to people $elo! poverty line&

)roposed 4ai )rakash 3arayan in 2((2=(, +mployment "%arantee in most poor districts& Rojgar "%arantee Yojana $%dget hiksha ahyog Yojana 2((1 +d%cation of <hildren $elo! poverty line&