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OBAGI. MTR-90 MASTER TAPE RECORDER OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL (083-039 Se eeeeees Sotaddnne SECTION Iv Se eeeeone be labbonh OTART MTR-90 MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS TOPIC INTRODUCTION OTARI MTPR-90 Master Tape Machine Using this Manual INSTALLATION Preliminary Inspection Assembly of Remote Control Box to its Stand Assembly of Remote Control Box and Auto Locator to Common Stand Connections BASIC OPERATION AND FUNCTIONAL CHECKOUT Transport Functional Checkout Remote Control Box (Remote Box) and Audio Electronics Functional Checkout AUDIO ALIGNMENT General Description Demagnetizing the Heads and Tape Guidance Path Cleaning the Tape Path Repro Amp Alignment Sync Amp Alignment Bias Alignment Record Alignment Phase Compensation Gain Structure TRANSPORT ALIGNMENT General Description Head Geometry Transport Cover Plate Removal and Replacement Swing Arm Travel Tape Arming Solenoids Fast Forward/Rewind Damping Solenoids swing Arm Tension Tape Lifter Mechanism Brakes Reel Turntable Height Reel Tension Servo Capstan Servo Adjustment of Transport PCB Assembly Adjustment of Master CPU PCB Assembly Adjustment of I/O PCB Assembly Adjustment of Bias Control PCB Assembly OPERATION General Recording Initial Tracks Playback of Initial Tracks Toteirrrririiial was wovwewovvs weUaLELAL OTARI MTR-90 MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS (continued) TOPIC Sel-Rep Recording (Overdubbing! Sel-Rep Recording (Punch~Ins Rehearsal of Overdubs and Punch-Ins Mixdown’ Use of the Cue Button and knob Stop Erase Use of the Variable Speed Mode Use of an External Speed Reference Voltage Conversion Frequency Conversion Bed Out Serial 1/0 AUTO LOCATOR General Tape Time Locate Time Stop Watch Keyboard Numerals Shift Left and Shift Right Load Memory Store Memory Recall +/- Key Direct Store, Direct Search and All Clear Zero Set Search Zero Search Shuttle Auto Rewind Transport Controls Examples of Auto Locator Operation 16/24 TRACK CONVERSIONS General 16 to 24 Track, or 24 to 16 Track Converston Procedure CIRCUIT DESCRIPTIONS Playback Head and Preamp Speed Selection and High Frequency Playback EQ Low Frequency Playback Equalization Syne Playback Output Stage Input Circuitry Audio/Bias Mixing Circuitry Erase Head Driver Reel Control Board vi