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A hacker is a person who only wants to know the inner workings of computer systems, helping to improve them, in case that he detects failures in safety.

Hackers are passionate people to computer science, to fix errors in the computer systems. The hacker ethic is:
Share their skills, write without hiding their sources and facilitate access to information and computing resources The belief that breaking the system for fun and exploration is ethically right, without committing theft, vandalism or violate the confidentiality.

Cracker, user and computer programmer who has extensive knowledge and create malicious code that can break security systems to access other computers so they can collect or destroy data.

A particularly harmful activity is achieving the fall of network servers, such as Internet servers. Other typical activities of a cracker are:
Obtaining confidential data such as credit card numbers, The destruction of databases servers or interference with electronic messaging.

Crackers are malicious hackers, whose goal is illegally introduced into systems, create viruses, steal secret information, but not for learning or fun.