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Napolitano 1 Nicole Napolitano Professor Susan Lago English 1100College Writing 5 December 2016 The Alterations In Education In regards

to young adults, we spend most of our adolescent years and beginning adulthood sitting in a desk taking endless notes on the information that is being taught. Then after spending a long day at school, we go home and complete homework that sometimes takes hours to do. One may ask, is all this time and effort worth it when half the information being taught does not pertain to my major? While some may answer that it is not worth it, others will agree that it is worth the long hours. The ones that disagree do not understand that the miscellaneous information being taught will only make them a well-rounded individual. Along with developing an advanced profile, a college degree will ensure a career rather than a job. In todays generation, a college degree level of education is necessary in order to keep up with the demands that companies now look for in future employees. In relation to young children, have you ever met someone that aims higher then they can shoot? I must admit that Im that girl. My dream of becoming a CEO in a big Accounting firm focuses a lot of attention towards the subjects of math and the business field and with a dream like mine; it also includes many years of education as well as experience. Operating a fulldeveloped business would not be possible without a college education and experience in internships. I dont like to think of it as a goal that is going to take forever. I like to think of it as a possibility for new material to learn along the way. The journey may be long but a well-developed college education will ensure a career as apposed to a high school graduate. With experience in the field being pursued, the chances of

Napolitano 2 finding a career increases. As Carnevale states in his short essay, Not All College Degrees Are Created Equal, that A Bachelors degree is one of the best weapons a job seeker can wield in the fight for employment and earnings (Carnevale 297). An employer searches for an experienced, educated, candidate that will make their company thrive and worth their time and money. College gives opportunities and guides their students through internships as well as firsthand experiences regarding the job the student wishes to pursue. The hours spent in class may be long but those hours will determine how successful a young adult could become when entering into the work force. In order to better understand the importance of education I interviewed an individual who went through the stages that many young adults are now going through today. I interviewed my mother, Pandie Napolitano, who works as a team manager at the State Farm Insurance Company. When she was hired for her position, she only needed a high school degree, which she had previously acquired. In order to move up in position, the employee needed to attain a college degree. State Farm has an education policy for their employees that will ensure success and a positive impact towards the company. State Farm would have professors come to the company building and teach the employees. Depending on the grade received, the company will reimburse the student for the tuition they had originally paid. If the college student only maintained a C average grade, then State Farm will only reimburse for 50% and it accumulated from there. State Farm is a prime example regarding the importance of education. In order to stay with the company and move up in position, they had no choice but to receive a college degree. In the long run, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and with cum laude. Its derived from the French dictionary, which means with honors. She has been with the company for twenty-nine years now and is currently in the process of losing her job. State Farm is moving to a different state and caused the unemployment of over eight hundred individuals. The building she resided in held about a thousand people with five floors, now theyre down to two hundred,

Napolitano 3 covering one floor. In Sennetts essay, No Long Term, he expresses a good point about Pandies work situation. He states, Instability is meant to be normal (Sennett 315). The idea of losing a job is relatively normal. Nothing is permanent anymore. Pandie had spent decades at State Farm, working countless hours, putting 150% effort towards her job, and now none of that matters anymore. Theres no other choice but start again with a clean slate. Fortunately for Pandie, she received her degree through State Farm but if she did not, then she would have had to go back to college to receive the degree. Changes like Pandie experienced do not come easy but the world is constantly changing and adapting to new problems that are arising. With new dilemmas come new ideals for people to follow. There is one particular problem that has grown over the past few decades and caused change to not only the work fields but also education. This problem is money. This obstacle is the reason why instability is meant to be normal (Sennett 315). It has knowingly caused the increased raise in unemployment and education almost impossible to complete with a Bachelors degree. Many sources state that education is needed but without money how is it possible? For middle to lower class citizens there are solutions such as scholarships or financial aid that will eventually need to be paid off. Money is the one of the root causes as to why lower class citizens cannot receive a proper job position. These are the young adults that feel as if education is not necessary because they would not be able to pay for college. Without money, there is no education and without a proper college education, there is place for a successful future. Another problem with obtaining a career is that job seekers now expect more out of young adults. These expectations cause the demand for an expansion on education. Now students are going beyond a college degree and now spending more time in school to obtain a bachelors degree. This degree will ensure a stable outcome where as a high school graduate is unsure about his or her future. For example, I interviewed my father, Vincent Napolitano, whose

Napolitano 4 profession is a plumber/carpenter. Vincent and his brother own their own small business and have worked in the field for thirty-five years. His highest educational degree is a high school diploma. With this said, he makes a relatively smaller income than my mother due to the difference in the levels of their education as well as experience. I asked, if you could go back in time, would you go to college? He responded, yes, 100% (Vincent). My father is sick but cannot retire. If he had received a college degree in the past, and worked in a company, he would have been able to retire by now. If it were not for my mother, my family would not be where we are today. We live comfortably due to the 7 years of night classes my mother spent in order to receive the degree that she knew would better the family. Sennett and Carnevale failed to mention if the employees were happy with their job. College students spend years on educating themselves for a job that will pay well, but may not be a job that will make them happy in the long run. My mother, who has a bachelors degree, is not happy with her job at State Farm. Meanwhile, my father who has a high school diploma is satisfied and content with his job because it is something that he wants to do. It is possible that Sennett and Carnevale failed to mention happiness because they dont want the reader to know that not all high-paying jobs make you happy. This missing piece of evidence shows how important education is. It seems as though they purposely failed to acknowledge happiness because happiness seems to be irrelevant when talking about education. Some of the wealthier older adults today unknowingly sacrificed happiness for a successful outcome, not only for themselves but also their children and family members. The absence of happiness, in most cases, will not stop an educator from pursing a career that will benefit them in some way, shape, or form. Education is priority; happiness is a bonus. Education does not come easy and there are many obstacles that will get in the way. Aim that extra mile; shoot for the basket that was once unreachable. Young individuals and pre-

Napolitano 5 adulthood must keep their focus in order to conquer the instability and demands of todays work field. Keeping up with the education will only help in the long run. College may not have an immediate impact but it will eventually catch up and have a positive control in the near future.

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