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First name: aldair sierra peates Male Country: Colombia City: Sincelejo Lenguage: espaol Month: 08 day: 24 year:

2013 Birh date: 19 abril 1994 username:aldair sierra peates

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About you We want to know a Little bit about you.give us a short descriptionof you are: I am sportsman,tranquilo,serious and to plase ,read,nechanidiesel Work Do you work if so tell us where: Not work Education Tell us where you go study: In the you go to study In the sena regional Sucre Living Tellus where you live: My living is stay for to have a future far my family Relationship Let us know about your marital status: My status is from level 1


Tell us about your family, you My mom:amadecasa Dad:agriculturist Sister:stdent Brother:student Contact info In case we need to contact you, let us kwon how you want us to reach you: Cel:3215309735