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1.The students created a very interesting essay about the nature. 2.

The secretary types different school documents in the morning. 3. Hiran Brigham discovered the Machu Picchu Ruins in 1911. 4. The child drink all the milk bottle in the morning. 5.Some sportmen jumped the London Bridge in the dawn. 6. Mario Vargas Llosa produced very controversial books in all his life. 7. A well known singer sign thousand of autographs in the Aventura Plaza Mall. 8. The teacher teaches the Passive Voice Lesson to the english students in the third floor of the school. 9. The artist draws a very colorful sigtseeing picture in the middle of the main square. 10. Gaston Acurio represents our peruvian gastronomy , and in the best way for all over the world. 11. The England Collonies conquested North America in the 18th. Century. 12.The Huascar Ship confronted to the Esmerald Ship in the Iquique Combat in 1879. 13. Two hundred thousand people died in the Indonesia Tsunami in 2004.

15. Nostradamus did many phofecies about the Judish Global Holocauste.

16. Salvador Dali painted the most famous impresionist pictures in the world.