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MITT ROMNEY ‘The Honorable Eliot Spitzer State Capitol Albany, NY 12224 February 22, 2007 Governor Spitzer, “This week Iran has showed ~ yet again that it has rejected the calls of the international community and continues to pursue its dangerous nuclear program. I am writing to seck your help in confronting a regime that threatens the lives of Americans and our allies in the Middle East, especially Israel. I have recently written to the New York State Comptroller calling on him to immediately launch an aggressive policy of strategic disinvestment from companies linked to the Iranian regime. Screening pension investments and divesting from companies providing financial support to the Iranian regime ot linked to Iran’s weapons programs or terrorist activities could have ‘a powerful impact. New investments should be scrutinized as long as Iran’s regime continues its ‘current, dangerous course. ‘These actions would build on efforts in several states and by our federal government. Further, legislation passed by an overwhelming, bipattisan vote of the House of Representatives has called for state pension funds to divest from companies with investments in Iran’s energy sector. I ask that you join me in calling for these actions. Severe economic sanctions against Iran are essential. The press has reported the Iranian President’s statements that the United States and Israel will be destroyed. Iran provides critical support to terrorist groups such as Hezbollah. In addition, a recently released National Intelligence Estimate found that “Izanian lethal support for select groups of Iraqi Shia militants clearly intensifies the conflict” in Irag. ‘These militants fuel violence and conflict in Iraq that have already taken the lives of over 3,000 Americans and continue to threaten American soldiers ~ including citizens of New ‘York —every day. Iran's failure to limit its nuclear progeam has led the United Nations Security Council to adopt a resolution calling on the world’s nations to take necessary steps to address this threatening situation. There are few mote urgent priorities for our nation than standing up to the Iranian government's dangerous actions. By eliminating financial support that helps fuel programs targeting our nation and our allies, Ametica’s leaders can take action against this growing threat. I hope that you will make this, commitment. rely, Gomme fhe C6 7 Mitt Romney