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Interviewer: Tell me what you did as
Governor of New Mexico.

Governor: Well, I used tax cuts to help 9 Created the “High-Wage” tax
create … credit for companies that pay over
Job Interviewer: Over 80,000 jobs … a certain wage and made the
yeah, saw that. “Rural Job Tax Credit”
permanent to create high wage
jobs in rural New Mexico. (See
attachment 1 for details.)

Governor: A lot of those jobs … 9 New Mexico Business Weekly. New
Job Interviewer: Are in high tech, helps Mexico Taxes Down, Employment
the middle class. Up” April 5, 2007. (See attachment
2 for details.)

Governor: Up to sixth in the nation for 9 New Mexico was ranked 6th in the
job growth … nation for job growth in October
2006. NMEDD Press Release
“Governor's Pro Business Policies
Given Top Ranking by Inc.
Magazine, October 2, 2006”. (See
attachment 3 for details.)

Job Interviewer: Balanced five budgets, 9 As Governor, Bill Richardson
balanced the budget every year he
was in office, from 2003-2007.
Office of the Governor Press
Release, March 17, 2007. (See
attachment 4 for details.)
put over $600 million dollars into 9 Associated Press “Sweeping
classrooms and funding proposal slips into 'yes'
column” September 26, 2003. (See
attachment 5 for details.)

cut school bureaucracy. 9 Santa Fe New Mexican “Governor
Proud of Education Reform as
Session Ends” March 22, 2003.
Governor Richardson proposed
shifting dollars from public school
administration to classroom
spending. The State Legislature
implemented an $18 million shift,
at the Governor’s urging. They
also capped school district slush
funds—forcing them to spend an
additional $16 million directly on
educational programs. (See
attachment 6 for details)

9 Office of the Governor Press
Governor: New Mexico was 46 in Release, March 17, 2007. (See
teacher pay. Now we’re 29th. attachment 4 for details.)

Interviewer: But for what we’re looking
for … you might be a little over-qualified.

“I’m Bill Richardson and I approved this