Bueno 1 Guillermo Bueno John Kubler English 114A 4 December 2013 Portfolio Cover Letter I have learned so much

this past first college semester in my English class. The essays that I am including, “ With Great Power Come Great Responsibility” and “Greed in the Corruption” are the top two essays that I have written in the semester. I chose these papers because I believe that my argument and points were most clear and best presented. I was used to the standard essay format, but in these papers I stretched them out and thoroughly explained my points. My papers had very weak evidence. I could not find much evidence to back up my argument well at first, however I have learned to incorporate the necessary and best evidence for my points to increase my credibility. I learned to make sentences richer and give them more meaning, rather than just having unsecure sentences. I chose the essays because I believe that the social issues in our government are important and need to be addressed. The “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” essay was the first essay I chose to put in the portfolio and also the first essay I wrote in the class. This essay was the first essay where I got to see where I was as a writer, and to see what I had to work on. In the essay I wrote about the United States role in the world. I talked about how it is our duty and responsibility to be the world police. We had to use quotes from Moodle and insert them into the assignment. This essay helped show me where I stood as a writer. The “ Greed in the Corruption” was the second essay I chose to include in my portfolio. This essay was the last essay I wrote for the class, and included what I learned this past semester in it. This essay had more of personal evidence included along with factual evidence. In the essay I wrote more about my personal life and the struggle I have faced to be where I am today. The essay was about the greed the one percent of our country has and how it’s not necessarily there fault for poverty. This essay felt easier to write. I did not really struggle looking for evidence to put in the paper. Words came faster along with transitional phrases for the essay. The feedback that I received on my essay overall helped me write a better one. It truly helped me improve my paper by adding better evidence. The feedback suggested that I write more and explain all my point. I rushed important points and argument and I didn’t support them all. The feedback helped me go more into detail and expand my essay to go in depth. I learned many things this past semester that will overall help me in the future. I learned different ways to make my essay better, for example, the naysayer, using effective quotes, transitional phrases etc. I learned the importance of this different techniques and the importance of proper citation.