Danielle Arnold

Jeffersontown High School IUS W520 – Fall 2013

NAME: Mark McKinney JOB TITLE: School Technology Coordinator Years in current position: 10 years Description of experience with technology in education: A+ Certification

Questions to Answer:
1. How are teachers in our building using the school technology facilities and resources to implement classroom instruction? a. The teachers all have wireless laptops that connect to the Internet and network to enhance learning in the classroom. 2. What types of productivity tools are used within our building? (Examples: Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox, Class Dojo, Class Maker, Remind 101, Cel.ly, Weebly) a. All staff and students have access to MS Office 2007, 2010, or 2013. Many use and share Google Docs, Skydrive, and also use LinkSys. 3. What software is the most widely used to deliver instruction in the classrooms? a. MS Power Point 4. What resources are available to your teachers for incorporating multimedia into their lessons? a. All teachers have Tablet PCs with projectors. 5. What technology is available to the school to use as a management tool? (Video surveillance with software, Id scanners for guests, Grading software, Class Dojo, Lanschool or Synchroneyze, Edmodo, Moodle, Blackboard, etc.) a. Most computer labs use Lanschool or AB Tutor. There are over 20 video surveillance cameras at school. Many teachers use Angel for shared classroom instruction and Infinite Campus for shared viewing grading software online . 6. What tools are currently being used in your school for evaluation or portfolio purposes? (Any technology tool that teachers use to assess a student’s understanding of a concept or a tool used to display student work electronically.) Voicethread, Edmodo, Moodle, Prezi, etc a. Some teachers use Prezi software to show student work. 7. Does your school offer any computer based instruction courses? If so, explain how the courses work and who takes them. If not, explain what educational resources your school does offer in an online format.(Online courses) a. We use 30 seats of Plato online course which offers many high school curricula for course recovery. Students can earn credits to catch up to grade level. 8. What strategies are applied for troubleshooting and maintaining various hardware/software configurations? a. The IT department has a base image and policies which are dispersed to ALL computers. Any computer having a software or hardware issue is first investigated by the School Technology Coordinator and then pushed to a district level if he cannot fix the issue through an online HEAT ticket system. 9. Explain how our school computer network works.







a. Network is district wide and then state wide. The computers in each of the schools are connected through a secure Ethernet server. Districts are then connected to the state server. What strategies do we have in place to ensure that our staff has support personnel to maximize the use of technology resources by administrators and teachers? a. Any personnel can sign up for many software training online and in person training. Explain the procedures and guidelines that are used in planning and purchasing technology resources for the school. a. All technology purchases are handed down from the IT department. We can only buy what is on the bid list determined by them. Based off of your knowledge of current research in technology, what recommendations can you make for the purchasing of instructional software that supports and enhances school curriculum? a. Unfortunately, the choices for technology are limited by the bid list that the IT department develops. If I could pick one piece of technology that I believe is useful, it would be BrainPop. I think both teachers and students enjoy using it. Discuss the guidelines used for budget planning and management procedures related to educational computing and technology facilities and resources? a. The guidelines for technology are also determined by the IT department including budgeting and purchases. Discuss the procedures used for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance on the school technology infrastructure. a. I have a long exposure to troubleshooting the over 600 computers in our school. I use this knowledge to determine problems. I do some maintenance on computer by upgrading them. What does the school or corporation do to ensure that you continue learning about issues related to management of school facilities, technology resources, and purchases? a. The district IT department meets regularly and also has classes for further knowledge.