Caitlyn E.

Vision Statement

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I am driven to guide my students to master verbal an ritten communication s!ills" so they may e#$ress themselves e%%ectively no an in %uture college and career endeavors. &y engaging my students in the analysis o% a variety o% literature" I ill ins$ire them to res$ect the diverse li%e e#$erience and $ers$ectives o% others. I ill also encourage them to recogni'e connections bet een themselves" their $eers" and the characters and authors o% literature" as e are all uni%ied by the human e#$erience. I strive to use innovative lessons" learning activities" and assessments to motivate my students to thin! creatively and critically beyond my classroom" in all they learn so that they develo$ as thought%ul" $roductive members o% society. &y integrating the arts" technology" media" and other sub(ect matter" I aim to reach each unique learner and $ique h or her curiosity. )bove all" I enthusiastically encourage my students to become li%elong learners li!e me.

University of New England Masters of Science in Education *+1, Major: -iteracy Education

Coursework: .i%%erentiation /heory and Strategies" 0otivational /heory and Cla 0anagement" Su$$orting -iteracy .evelo$ment %or )ll -earners" -iteracy )ssessments as /eaching /ools" Connecting 1eading and 2riting %or Success" 0eeting Student -iteracy Challenges University of Massachusetts Amherst Bachelor of Arts Degree Initial Massachusetts Teaching License *++3 Major: English" Secondary /eacher Education

Major GPA4 5.,

/eaching E#$erience
igh !chool English "eacher *+1+6$resent
Ralph C. Mahar Regional School Orange, MA


Create and deliver lessons to a diverse grou$ o% grades 3 and 1+ students

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Engage students in learning activities that a$$eal to multi$le intelligences and meet their needs Introduce students to a diversity o% $ers$ectives through the te#ts Integrate technology to engage students in gaining *1 st century s!ills 8roduce and analy'e %ormative and summative assessments to create data6 driven instruction that em$hasi'es on the $rogress o% each individual stude as a reader" riter" and critical thin!er )$$ly the 0assachusetts 9rame or!s to my curriculum /each creative riting to grades 361*" including s!ills in $lay riting" $oetry" children:s literature" television $roduction" and $ersonal narrative riting

!#ecial Education Para#rofessional *++3 ; *+1+
Ralph C. Mahar Regional School Orange, MA

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8rovide academic su$$ort and encouragement to students ith social" emotional and behavioral needs Engage students in learning" develo$ing their abilities" and im$roving their academic s!ills /each students one on one and in small grou$s to meet their learning needs %or all sub(ects

Middle !chool $anguage Arts !tudent "eacher *++< ; *++3
Amherst Regional Middle School Amherst, MA

7 7 7 7

Create and deliver lessons integrating multi$le intelligences to a diverse grou$ o% grade < learners )naly'e student or! to $roduce data6drive instruction and teach s!ills necessary %or the 0C)S test Collaborate ith highly quali%ied teachers /utor one on one and in small grou$s

E#tracurricular E#$erience
News#a#er Clu% Advisor $resent


7 =rgani'e and $roduce monthly ne s$a$er on both local and national ne s 7 /each students in grades >61* the characteristics o% riting in (ournalism 7 2or!ed ith students one on one and in small grou$s on im$roving riting

Class Advisor $resent


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Collaborate ith students to create %undraising" volunteering" and social events =rgani'e and !ee$ trac! o% %unds 8roduce and direct $er%ormances %or annual li$ sync com$etition

S$ecial S!ills
&asic S$anish &asic ebsite design Intermediate 0icroso%t =%%ice 2ord and 8o er$oint =ver 1? years e#$erience vocal" dance" theatre $er%ormance@ musical theatre direction and choreogra$hy. 9iction and $oetry riting

8ro%essional .evelo$ment

2I.) 2orld Class Instruction .esign4 )ssessment Standards" and 9ormative )ssessment 0assachusetts Secondary School )dministrato )ssociation4 /eacher 2riting )ligned ith the Common Core Standards Aam$shire Educational Collaborative4 Categor , English -anguage -earners /raining Beys to -iteracy4 )NS2E1 Bey to =$en 1es$onse 2riting