{3330}{3384}Our pasta this evening...

{3386}{3448}is squid ravioli|in a lemon grass broth...
{3450}{3551}with goat cheese profiteroles,|and I also have an arugula Caesar
{3553}{3634}For entrees this evening, I have|swordfish meatloaf with onion
{3636}{3716}rare roasted partridge breast in|raspberry coulis with a sorrel
{3718}{3795}...and grilled free-range rabbit|with herbed french fries.
{3797}{3888}Our pasta tonight is a squid ravioli|in a lemon grass broth.
{3996}{4097}God, I hate this place. It's a chick's|restaurant. Why aren't we at
Dorsia ?
{4099}{4147}Because Bateman won't give|the maitre d' head.
{4216}{4269}Is that Reed Robinson|over there ?
{4271}{4344}- Are you freebasing or what ?|That's not Robinson. Well, who is it
then ?
{4346}{4417}- It's Paul Allen.|- That's not Paul Allen.
{4419}{4476}Paul Allen's on the other side|of the room over there.
{4478}{4526}Who's he with ?|Some weasel from Kicker Peabody.
{4528}{4572}They don't have a good bathroom|to do coke in.
{4574}{4643}Are you sure that's Paul Allen over there ?|Yes, McDufus, I am.
{4645}{4705}- He's handling the Fisher account.|- Lucky bastard.
{4707}{4813}- Lucky Jew bastard.|- Jesus, McDermott, what does that have to do
with anything ?
{4815}{4861}I've seen that bastard|sitting in his office...
{4863}{4913}talking on the phone to the C.E.O.s,|spinnin' a fuckin' menorah.
{4915}{4974}Not a menorah.|You spin a dreidel.
{4976}{5022}Oh, my God, Bateman.
{5024}{5096}Do you want me to fry you up some|fucking potato pancakes ? Some
latkes ?
{5098}{5186}No, just... cool it with|the anti-Semitic remarks.
{5188}{5287}Oh, I forgot. Bateman's dating someone|from the A.C.L.U.
{5289}{5358}He's the voice of reason.|The boy next door.
{5360}{5443}Speaking of reasonable--|Only $570.
{5445}{5516}That's not bad.
{5518}{5567}A little something|for the purse.
{5569}{5615}Give her the 50.
{6545}{6598}Stoli on the rocks.
{6600}{6680}These aren't good anymore.|It's a cash bar.
{6682}{6737}That'll be $25.
{6816}{6862}You're a fucking ugly bitch.
{6864}{6927}I wanna stab you to death...
{6928}{6990}and play around|with your blood.
{7253}{7299}What can I get|for you two ?
{7894}{7943}I live in the|American Gardens building...
{7944}{8005}on West 81st Street|on the 11th floor.
{8007}{8082}My name is Patrick Bateman.
{8084}{8130}I'm 27 years old.
{8164}{8211}I believe in|taking care of myself,
{8212}{8331}in a balanced diet,|in a rigorous exercise routine.
{8332}{8390}ln the morning,|if my face is a little pufffy,
{8392}{8466}I'll put on an icepack|while doing my stomach crunches.
{8468}{8514}I can do a thousand now.
{8927}{9031}After I remove the icepack,|I use a deeppore cleanser lotion.
{9033}{9111}In the shower, I use|a water-activated gel cleanser.
{9167}{9223}Then|a honey-almond bodyscrub.
{9225}{9315}And on the face,|an exfoliating gelscrub.
{9544}{9603}Then I apply|an herb mint facialmasque,

{9604}{9701}which lleave on forten minutes|while I prepare the rest of my routine.
{9752}{9859}I always use an aftershave lotion|with little or no alcohol,
{9860}{9951}because alcohol dries your face out|and makes you look older.
{9952}{10000}Then moisturizer,
{10002}{10049}then an anti-aging eye balm,
{10051}{10135}followed by a final|moisturizing protective lotion.
{10164}{10247}There is an idea|of a Patrick Bateman.
{10249}{10348}Some kind of abstraction,|but there is no real me.
{10350}{10420}Only an entity--|something illusory.
{10421}{10483}And though I can hide|my cold gaze...
{10484}{10561}and you can shake my hand|and feel flesh gripping yours...
{10563}{10678}and may be you can even sense|our life styles are probably
{10680}{10759}I simply am not there.
{11309}{11356}Good morning.
{11357}{11434}Good morning, Hamilton.|Nice tan.
{11575}{11644}Late.|Aerobics class. Sorry. Any messages ?
{11646}{11730}Ricky Harrison has to cancel.|He didn't say what he was cancelling
or why.
{11732}{11814}I occasionally box with Ricky|at the Harvard Club. Anyone else ?
{11816}{11894}Spencer wants to meet for drinks|at Fluties, Pier 17. When ?
{11896}{11969}After 6:00.|And what should I say ? Negative. Cancel it.
{11971}{12063}Just say "no"|Just say "no" ?
{12065}{12106}Okay, Jean.
{12108}{12168}I need reservations for three|at Camols at 12:30,
{12170}{12216}and if not there|try Crayons.
{12218}{12278}Allright ?|Yes, sir.
{12280}{12409}Oh, wait. And I need reservations|for two at Arcadia at 8:00 on
{12411}{12457}Something romantic ?
{12535}{12618}Silly. Forget it.|I'll make them.
{12620}{12667}No, I'll do it.|No, no.
{12668}{12769}Be a doll and just get me a mineral|water, okay ? You look nice
{12771}{12833}Don't wear that outfit again.
{12835}{12882}What ? I didn't hear you.
{12884}{12947}I said, do not wear|that outfit again.
{12948}{13021}Wear a dress, a skirt or something.|You don't like this, I take it.
{13023}{13101}Come on.|You're prettier than that.
{13103}{13185}- Thanks, Patrick.|- I'm not here.
{13187}{13301}And high heels.|I like high heels.
{13466}{13512}Feathered friends for 600.
{13514}{13569}During courtship,|the male frigate bird...
{13571}{13639}inflates to enormous size|the red pouch found here.
{13980}{14043}And I want|hundreds of thousands of roses.
{14045}{14101}And lots of|chocolate truffles,
{14103}{14160}Godiva, and oysters|in the halfshell.
{14162}{14232}I'm trying to listen to|the new Robert Palmer tape,
{14233}{14340}but Evelyn, my supposed fiance,|keeps buzzing in my ear.
{14341}{14423}Annie Leibovitz.|We'll get Annie Leibovitz.
{14424}{14480}And we'll have to get|someone to videotape.
{14482}{14559}Patrick,|we should do it.
{14560}{14643}Do what ?|Get married. Have a wedding.
{14644}{14697}No. I can't take|the time off work.
{14699}{14757}Your father practically owns the company.|You can do anything you
like, silly.
{14759}{14824}- I don't want to talk about it.|- I hate that job anyway.

{14826}{14872}I don't see why|you just don't quit.
{14874}{14982}Because I want to fit in.
{15235}{15299}Williams party.
{15300}{15372}I'm on the verge of tears|by the time we arrive at Espace,
{15374}{15445}since I'm positive|we won't have a decent table.
{15447}{15555}But we do, and relief washes over me|in an awesome wave.
{15556}{15659}Patrick, this is my cousin Vanden|and her boyfriend Stash.
{15660}{15716}They're both artists.|The menu's in braille.
{15718}{15803}I see you've met everyone.|You look awful.
{15805}{15883}Okay. Allright.
{15884}{15934}I'm fairly certain that...
{15936}{16017}Timothy Bryce and Evelyn|are having an affair.
{16019}{16087}Timothy is the only|interesting person I know.
{16089}{16172}I'm almost completely indifferent|as to whether Evelyn knows...
{16173}{16295}I'm having an affair with Courtney|Rawlinson, her closest friend.
{16296}{16344}Courtney is almost|perfect looking.
{16346}{16431}She's usually operating on|one or more psychiatric drugs.
{16433}{16491}Tonight, I believe, it's Xanax.|Mmm. Oh.
{16492}{16568}More disturbing than her drug use,|though, is the fact that she's
{16570}{16655}to Luis Carruthers, the biggest doofus|in the business.
{16656}{16711}Tell me, Stash.
{16713}{16798}Do you think Soho is becoming too...|commercial ?
{16800}{16879}- Yes. I read that.|- Oh, who gives a rat's ass ?
{16881}{16928}Hey, that affects us.
{16930}{17025}Well, what about the massacres in Sri|Lanka, honey ? Doesn't that
affect us too ?
{17027}{17073}Do you know anything about|Sri Lanka ?
{17075}{17125}How, like, the Sikhs are killing|tons of Israelis over there ?
{17127}{17175}Come on, Bryce.
{17177}{17257}There are a lot more important problems|than Sri Lanka to worry
{17259}{17345}- Like what ?|- Well, we have to end apartheid, for one,
{17347}{17475}slow down the nuclear arms race,|stop terrorism and world hunger.
{17477}{17568}We have to provide food and shelter|for the homeless...
{17570}{17671}and oppose racial discrimination|and promote civil rights,
{17672}{17740}while also promoting|equal rights for women.
{17742}{17799}We have to encourage|a return...
{17800}{17864}to traditional moral values.
{17866}{17923}Most importantly,
{17925}{18028}we have to promote|general social concern...
{18030}{18123}and less materialism|in young people.
{18124}{18215}Patrick,|how thought provoking.
{19657}{19723}Bleaching ? Are you|trying to say "bleaching" ?
{19725}{19771}Oh, my God.|Two things.
{19773}{19819}One: You can't bleach a Cerruti.|Out of the question.
{19821}{19891}Two: I can only get|these sheets in Santa Fe.
{19892}{19940}These are very expensive sheets,|and I really need them cleaned.
{19942}{20027}Lady, if you don't shut your|fucking mouth, I will kill you.
{20029}{20066}Now, listen.
{20068}{20129}I have a lunch meeting at Hubert's|in 20 minutes with Ronald
{20131}{20177}I need those sheets|cleaned by this afternoon.
{20179}{20259}Listen, I can't understand you !|This is crazy ! You're a fool.
{20261}{20308}I can't cope with this|stupid "bitchee" !
{20310}{20370}Understand ?|Christ. Patrick ?

{20372}{20431}Hi, Patrick.
{20432}{20508}I thought that was you.|Hello. This is-{20510}{20590}Isn't it ridiculous, coming all the way up here ?|They really are
the best.
{20591}{20640}Then why can't they|get these stains out ?
{20642}{20724}I mean, can you talk to these people|or something ? I'm not getting
{20726}{20796}- Oh, what are those ?|- Well, it's-{20798}{20874}- Cranberry juice. Cranapple.|- Really ?
{20875}{20942}Listen, if you could talk to them,|I would really appreciate it.
{20943}{21018}I'm really late. I have a lunch|appointment at Hubert's in 15
{21019}{21075}Hubert's ?|That moved uptown, right ? Oh, boy.
{21077}{21131}Listen, I've gotta go.|Thank you, Victoria.
{21133}{21180}Maybe we could do lunch|one day next week.
{21182}{21268}I'm downtown quite often. What about|a Saturday ? I'm at work all
the time.
{21300}{21356}Next Saturday ?|Can't, I'm afraid. Sure.
{21358}{21410}At a matinee of LesMis.|Listen, I really gotta go.
{21411}{21503}Oh, Christ.|I'll call you. Okay. Do.
{21505}{21553}Listen, you're dating Lewis,|he's in Arizona.
{21555}{21601}You're fucking me,|and we haven't made plans.
{21603}{21647}What could you possibly|be up to tonight ?
{21649}{21717}Stop it. I'm--|On a lot of lithium ?
{21719}{21798}Waiting for Luis to call me.|He said he'd call tonight.
{21799}{21886}Pumpkin ? Pumpkin,|you're dating an asshole.
{21888}{21979}Mm-hmm. Pumpkin, you're dating the|biggest dickweed in New York.
{21981}{22080}Pumpkin, you're dating|a tumbling, tumbling dickweed.
{22082}{22156}Patrick, stop calling me|pumpkin, okay ?
{22158}{22239}I have to go.|Courtney ?
{22241}{22287}Hmm ?|Dinner.
{22289}{22350}I can't.|I'm thinking Dorsia.
{22403}{22480}Dorsia's nice.|Wear something fabulous.
{22482}{22530}Oh,yeah !
{22826}{22878}Um, yes, I know|it's a little late,
{22879}{22991}but is it possible to reserve a|table for two at 8:00 or 8:30,
perhaps ?
{23403}{23486}...a facialat Elizabeth Arden,|which was really relaxing.
{23487}{23565}And then,|to the Pottery Barn,
{23567}{23647}where I got this little...
{23648}{23730}silver muffin dish.|Is that Donald Trump's car ?
{23731}{23780}God, Patrick.|Shut up.
{23782}{23848}You know, Courtney, you should|take some more lithium or have a Diet
{23850}{23919}Some caffeine might get you|out of this slump.
{23921}{23986}I just want a child.
{23987}{24050}Just two...
{24268}{24332}Are we here ?|Yeah.
{24514}{24595}This is Dorsia ?|Yes, dear.
{24597}{24662}Courtney, you're gonna have|the peanut butter soup...
{24664}{24726}with smoked duck|and mashed squash.
{24728}{24821}New York Matinee called it|"a playful but mysterious little dish."
{24823}{24915}You'll love it. And then the red|snapper with violets and pine nuts.
{24917}{24963}I think that'll|follow nicely.
{24965}{25056}Mmm.|Thanks, Patrick.

{25204}{25273}Patrick, thanks so much|for looking after Courtney.
{25275}{25343}Dorsia.|How impressive.
{25345}{25398}How on Earth did you get|a reservation there ?
{25399}{25454}Lucky, I guess.
{25456}{25503}That's a wonderful suit.
{25504}{25560}Don't tell me. Don't tell me.|Let me guess.
{25562}{25634}Mmm, Valentino Couture ?
{25687}{25762}It looks so soft.|Your compliment was sufficient, Luis.
{25806}{25928}Hello, Halberstram. Nice tie.|How the hell are you ?
{25930}{26009}Allen has mistaken me for this|dickhead, Marcus Halberstram.
{26011}{26073}It seems logical because|Marcus also works at P&P,
{26075}{26134}and in fact does|the same exact thing I do.
{26135}{26231}He also has a penchant for Valentino suits|and Oliver Peoples
{26233}{26279}Marcus and I|even go to the same barber,
{26281}{26334}although I have|a slightly better haircut.
{26335}{26416}- How's the Ransom account going, Marcus ?|- It's, uh, all right.
{26418}{26474}Really ? That's interesting.|It's not, uh, not great.
{26475}{26540}- Oh, well, you know.|- So, how's Cecilia ?
{26542}{26606}- She's a great girl.|- Oh, yeah. I'm very lucky.
{26608}{26682}- Mm-hmm.|- Hey, Allen, congratulations on the Fisher account.
{26684}{26767}- Thankyou, Baxter.|- Listen, Paul. Squash.
{26867}{26943}Call me.|How about Friday ?
{26945}{27051}No can do.|I got an 8:30 res at Dorsia.
{27052}{27136}Greatsea urchin ceviche.
{27138}{27186}Dorsia on Friday night ?|How'd he swing that ?
{27188}{27236}I think he's lying.
{27295}{27375}- Is that a gram ?|- New card.
{27377}{27447}What do you think ?
{27449}{27511}Whoa-ho.|Very nice.
{27513}{27607}Look at that. Picked them up from|the printer's yesterday.
{27609}{27655}Good coloring.|That's bone.
{27657}{27718}And the lettering is something|called Silian Rail.
{27719}{27803}It's very cool, Bateman,|but that's nothing. Look at this.
{27805}{27862}That is really nice.
{27863}{27958}Eggshell with Romalian type.|What do you think ?
{28030}{28138}Jesus. That is really super.|How'da nitwit like you get so tasteful?
{28140}{28200}I can't believe that Bryce...
{28202}{28272}prefers Van Patten's card|to mine.
{28274}{28343}But wait.|You ain't seen nothin' yet.
{28385}{28519}Raised lettering,|pale nimbus... white.
{28521}{28582}Impressive.|Very nice.
{28635}{28688}Let's see Paul Allen's card.
{29038}{29082}Look at that subtle|off-white coloring.
{29083}{29153}The tasteful thickness of it.
{29155}{29232}Oh, my God.|It even has a watermark.
{29346}{29406}Is something wrong,|Patrick ?
{29408}{29455}You're sweating.
{30135}{30201}Hello. Pat Bateman.
{30203}{30251}You want some, uh, money ?
{30253}{30299}Some food ?
{30355}{30415}- Is this what you need ?|- I'm-I'm hungry.
{30416}{30463}Yeah.|Cold out too, isn't it ?
{30579}{30658}Why don't you get a job ?|If you're so hungry, why don't you get a
job ?

{30659}{30707}I lost my job.
{30708}{30756}Why ? You drinking ?
{30759}{30847}Is that why you lost it ?|Insider trading ?
{30849}{30902}Just joking.
{30903}{30978}Listen, what's your name ?|Al.
{30980}{31027}Hmm ? Speak up.|Come on. Al.
{31028}{31082}Get a goddamn job, Al.
{31084}{31159}You got a negative attitude.|That's what's stopping you.
{31161}{31246}You gotta get your act together.|I'll help you.
{31248}{31339}You are so kind, mister.|You're a kind-- You're a kind man.
{31341}{31387}It's okay.|I can tell.
{31389}{31469}Please, you gotta tell me|what to do. You gotta help me.
{31471}{31542}I'm so cold,|I'm hungry.
{31543}{31606}You know how bad you smell ?
{31607}{31682}You reek of shit.|Do you know that ?
{31766}{31838}I'm sorry.|It's just that-{31839}{31886}I don't know.
{31916}{31973}I don't have anything|in common with you.
{32171}{32234}Oh. Oh, thankyou, mister.|Thankyou.
{32236}{32311}I'm cold out here.
{32313}{32359}You know what a fucking loser you are ?|What ?
{32972}{33038}What beautiful skin you have,|Mr. Bateman.
{33040}{33117}So fine,|so smooth.
{33299}{33358}I have all the characteristics|of a human being-{33359}{33446}flesh, blood, skin, hair-{33447}{33526}but not a single, clear,|identifiable emotion,
{33527}{33610}except for greed and disgust.
{33611}{33675}Something horrible|is happening inside of me,
{33677}{33723}and I don't know why.
{33759}{33848}My nightly bloodlust|has overflowed into my days.
{33850}{33939}I feel lethal,|on the verge of frenzy.
{33941}{34018}I think my mask of sanity|is about to slip.
{34315}{34385}Hey, Mc Cloy,|what do you say ?
{34387}{34446}Hey, Hamilton.|Have a holly, jolly Christmas.
{34448}{34550}Is Allen still handling the Fisher account ?|Ofcourse. Who else ?
{34552}{34623}Mistletoe alert.|Merry Xmas, Patrick.
{34625}{34686}Merry Xmas, Harry.|Merry Christmas.
{34687}{34742}You're late, honey.|Oh, yes, you are. I'm not late.
{34743}{34818}I've been here the entire time.|You just didn't see me.
{34820}{34918}Say hello to Snowball.|Snowball says, "Merry Christmas, Patrick."
{34920}{35003}What is it ?|It's a little baby piggly-wiggly, isn't it ?
{35004}{35063}It's a Vietnamese|potbellied pig.
{35065}{35121}They make darling pets.|Don't you ?
{35123}{35178}Don't you ?
{35180}{35253}Stop scowling, Patrick.|You're such a grinch.
{35255}{35308}And what does Mr. Grinch|want for Christmas ?
{35310}{35364}And don't say|breast implants again.
{35423}{35498}Allen. Marcus.|Merry Christmas.
{35500}{35574}How you been ? Workaholic, I suppose ?|Haven't seen you in a while.
{35576}{35674}Hey, Hamilton. We're goin' to Nell's.|Limo's out front.
{35675}{35754}We should have dinner.|Maybe you could bring-{35756}{35825}Cecilla ?|Yes, Cecilla.
{35827}{35882}Oh, Cecilla would adore it.
{35883}{35947}Well, then,|let's do it, Marcus.
{35949}{35997}Great party.|Thanks.
{35999}{36051}Patrick, why is he|calling you Marcus ?
{36053}{36116}Mistletoe alert.

{36315}{36376}Marcus Halberstram|for two at 7:00.
{36428}{36514}No, l want to know, okay ?|I came here for the cilantro crawfish
{36515}{36602}which is, after all, the only excuse|one could have for being in
this restaurant,
{36604}{36662}which is, by the way,|almost completely empty.
{36663}{36747}I'm very sorry, sir.|J&B straight, and a Corona.
{36749}{36814}Would you like to hear--|Double Absolut martini.
{36816}{36865}Yes, sir.|Would you like to hear the specials ?
{36867}{36925}Not if you want|to keep your spleen.
{37008}{37095}This is a real beehive of activity, Halberstram.|This place is hot.
{37097}{37190}Very hot.|Listen, the mud soup and charcoal arugula...
{37191}{37238}are outrageous here.
{37239}{37295}Yeah, well, you're late.|Hey, I'm a child ofdivorce.
{37297}{37358}Give me a break.
{37359}{37486}I see they've omitted the pork loin|with lime Jell-O. We should've
gone to Dorsia.
{37487}{37552}I could've gotten us a table.|Nobody goes there anymore.
{37595}{37666}Is that Ivana Trump ?
{37667}{37761}Oh, geez, Patrick. I mean, Marcus.|What are you thinking ?
{37763}{37853}Why would Ivana|be at Texarkana ?
{37855}{37951}So, uh, wasn't Rothchild originally|handling the Fisher account ?
{37953}{38063}How'd you get it ?|Well, I could tell you that, Halberstram,
{38065}{38121}but then I'd have to|kill you.
{38281}{38374}I like to dissect girls.|Did you know I'm utterly insane ?
{38445}{38501}Great tan, Marcus.|I mean, really impressive.
{38503}{38546}Where do you tan ?|Salon.
{38547}{38602}I've got a tanning bed at home.|You should look into it.
{38603}{38682}And, uh, Cecilla.
{38684}{38739}How is she ?|Where is she tonight ?
{38741}{38811}Cecilla's, uh--|Well, you know Cecilla.
{38813}{38877}I think she's having dinner|with, um, Evelyn Williams.
{38879}{38947}Evelyn ?|Great ass.
{38949}{39037}Goes out with that loser|Patrick Bateman. What a dork.
{39039}{39114}Another martini, Paul ?
{39252}{39299}You like|Huey Lewis and the News ?
{39300}{39353}Um, they're okay.
{39402}{39492}They're early work was a little|too new wave for my taste.
{39494}{39565}But when Sports|came out in '83,
{39567}{39639}I think they really came into their own,|commercially and
{39717}{39782}The whole album has|a clear, crisp sound,
{39784}{39848}and a new sheen of|consummate professionalism...
{39850}{39927}that really gives the songs|a big boost.
{40149}{40208}He's been compared|to Elvis Costello,
{40210}{40322}but I think Huey has a far more bitter,|cynical sense of humor.
{40323}{40370}Hey, Halberstram ?|Yes, Allen ?
{40371}{40441}Why are there copies of the Style|section all over the place ?
{40443}{40559}Do you-- Do you have a dog ?|A little chow or something ?
{40560}{40630}- No, Allen.|- Is that a raincoat ?
{40631}{40686}Yes, it is.
{40687}{40749}In '87, Huey released this-{40751}{40797}Fore, their most|accomplished album.
{40799}{40887}I think their undisputed|masterpiece is "Hip To Be Square."
{40889}{40955}The song's so catchy, most people|probably don't listen to the
{40957}{41016}But they should,|because it's not just about...
{41018}{41087}the pleasures of conformity|and the importance of trends.

{41089}{41190}It's also a personal statement|about the band itself. Hey, Paul !
{41320}{41395}Try getting a reservation|at Dorsia now,
{41397}{41471}you fuckin' stupid bastard !
{41473}{41568}You fucking bastard !
{42989}{43075}He was completely naked|and standing up on the table.
{43077}{43136}He had no clothes on|what so ever, and he-{43138}{43184}Patrick ?|Patrick.
{43186}{43248}Is that you ?
{43250}{43328}No, Luis, it's not me.|You're mistaken.
{43330}{43380}This is my very good friend,|Patrick Bateman.
{43382}{43482}Where are you going ? We're going to Nell's.|Gwendolyn's father is
buying it.
{43587}{43633}Where did you get|that overnight bag ?
{43694}{43740}Jean-Paul Gaultier.
{44010}{44056}When I get|to Paul Allen's place,
{44058}{44105}I use the keys|I took from his pocket...
{44107}{44155}before disposing|of the body.
{44157}{44232}There is a moment|of sheer panic...
{44234}{44339}when I realize that Paul's|apartment overlooks the park...
{44341}{44405}and is obviously|more expensive than mine.
{44483}{44548}I calm myself|and move into the bedroom,
{44550}{44626}where I find his suitcase|and start to pack.
{44627}{44695}It's time for Paul|to take a little trip.
{44764}{44818}Where do I send the bastard ?
{44819}{44867}Dallas ?
{44868}{44929}Paris ? Singapore ?
{44931}{45006}London ? I'll send|the asshole to London.
{45127}{45210}Hi. This is Paul.
{45211}{45262}I've been called away|to London for a few days.
{45263}{45342}Meredith, I'll call you when I get back.|Hasta la vista, baby.
{45955}{46002}What is it ?
{46003}{46092}Patrick.|Yes, Jean ?
{46094}{46170}There's a Mr. Donald Kimball|here to see you. Who ?
{46172}{46234}Detective Donald Kimball.
{46307}{46356}Tell him I'm at lunch.
{46358}{46465}Patrick, it's only 10:30.|I think he knows you're here.
{46467}{46523}Send him in, I guess.
{46691}{46784}Now, John, you've gotta wear clothes|in proportion to your physique.
{46786}{46878}There are definite do's and don'ts, good buddy,|of wearing a boldstriped shirt.
{46879}{46936}A bold-striped shirt|calls for solid-colored...
{46938}{46996}or discreetly patterned|suits and ties.
{46998}{47080}Yes, always tip the stylist|15 percent.
{47082}{47173}Listen,John, I've gotta go.|T. Boone Pickens just walked in.
{47175}{47287}Just joking. No, don't tip|the owner of the salon.
{47289}{47335}Okay, John ? Right.
{47337}{47414}Got it.|Sorry about that.
{47415}{47478}No, I'm sorry.|I should've made an appointment.
{47479}{47526}Was that anything important ?
{47527}{47601}Oh, that ?|Just mulling over business problems,
{47603}{47708}examining opportunities, exchanging rumors,|spreading gossip.
{47788}{47859}I'm Donald Kimball.|Hi. Pat Bateman.
{47860}{47914}Nice to meet you. Sorry to barge|in on you like this.
{47915}{47964}I know how busy|you guys can get.
{48029}{48126}So, what's the, uh,|topic of discussion ?
{48128}{48187}I've been hired|by Meredith Powell...

{48189}{48262}to investigate the disappearance|of Paul Allen.
{48308}{48366}I see, yeah.|Paul's disappearance, yeah.
{48367}{48418}So it's nothing|that official.
{48419}{48496}- I just have some questions about|Paul Allen and yourself. - Coffee
{48498}{48549}- No, I'm okay.|- Apollinaris ?
{48551}{48597}No, I'm okay.
{48599}{48660}Can you bring Mr.-{48662}{48726}Kimball. No, I'm okay.|Mr. Kimball a bottle of Apollinaris.
{48727}{48778}It's no problem.
{48834}{48893}So, what's the topic|of discussion ?
{48895}{48960}The disappearance|of Paul Allen.
{48962}{49049}Uh-huh, right.|Well, I, um, haven't-{49095}{49162}I haven't heard anything about|the disappearance or anything.
{49164}{49216}Not on page six, at least.
{49218}{49306}- I think his family wants this kept quiet.|- Understandable. Lime ?
{49307}{49404}- No, really, I'm okay.|- You sure ? I can always get you a lime.
{49406}{49478}Just some preliminary questions that I need|for my own files, okay ?
{49528}{49588}Hold old are you ?|Twenty-seven.
{49590}{49636}Where did you go to school ?|Harvard.
{49638}{49701}Then Harvard Business School.|Your address ?
{49703}{49756}The American Gardens Building,|West 81st Street.
{49758}{49842}- Nice. Very nice.|- Thanks.
{49844}{49933}What can you tell me about Paul Allen ?|I'm at a loss.
{49935}{50004}He was part of that whole Yale thing.|"Yale thing" ?
{50006}{50074}- Yeah, Yale thing.|- What do you mean, "Yale thing" ?
{50075}{50170}Well, I think for one that he was probably|a closet homosexual...
{50172}{50219}who did a lot of cocaine.
{50220}{50270}That "Yale thing."
{50272}{50373}What kind of man was he, besides|the information you've just given ?
{50375}{50442}- I hope I'm not being cross-examined here.|- You feel like that ?
{50443}{50494}No, not really.
{50542}{50588}Where did Paul hang out ?
{50590}{50636}Hang out ?|Yeah, you know, hang out.
{50638}{50738}Let me think.|Um, the Newport, Harry's,
{50740}{50787}Fluties, Indochine,
{50788}{50835}Nell's, the Cornell Club,
{50836}{50894}the New York Yacht Club.|He had a yacht ?
{50895}{50990}- No, he just hung out there.|- And where did he go to school ?
{50992}{51052}Don't you know this ?
{51054}{51101}I just wanted to know|if you know.
{51199}{51273}Before Yale, if I remember correctly,|St. Paul's.
{51275}{51346}Listen, I just--|I just wanna help.
{51347}{51420}I understand.
{51479}{51526}Do you have any witnesses|or fingerprints ?
{51527}{51626}Well, there's a message on his answering|machine that says he went
to London.
{51628}{51689}- Well, maybe he did, huh ?|- His girlfriend doesn't think so.
{51691}{51742}- But has anyone seen him in London ?|- Actually, yes.
{51744}{51822}Hmm. But I've had a hardtime|getting actual verification.
{51824}{51916}A Stephen Hughes said he saw him|at a restaurant there.
{51918}{51964}But I checked it out,|and what happened is...
{51966}{52022}he mistook a Herbert Ainsworth|for Paul, so-{52023}{52102}- Had his apartment been burglarized ?|- No, actually, it hadn't.
{52104}{52189}Toiletries were missing, a suit was|gone, so was some luggage.
That's it.
{52191}{52249}I mean, no one's dealing with the|homicide squad yet or anything,

right ?
{52251}{52310}No, not yet.|As I said, we're not sure.
{52311}{52368}Basically, no one's seen|or heard anything.
{52370}{52437}So typical, isn't it ?|It's just strange.
{52439}{52499}One day,|someone's walking around,
{52501}{52561}going to work, alive,|and then-{52563}{52621}Nothing.
{52623}{52670}People just disappear.
{52671}{52760}The earth just...|opens up and swallows them.
{52792}{52865}Eerie.|Really eerie.
{53000}{53052}Listen, you'll have|to excuse me.
{53054}{53156}I have a lunch meeting with Cliff Huxtable|at Four Seasons in 20
{53158}{53253}The Four Seasons ?|Isn't that a little far uptown ?
{53255}{53336}I mean, aren't you gonna be late ?|No, there's one down here.
{53338}{53397}Oh, really ? I didn't know that.|Yeah, it's very good.
{53399}{53498}Listen, if anything else|occurs to you, any information-{53500}{53564}Absolutely. I'm 100 percent with you.|Great.
{53566}{53653}And thanks for your time,|Mr. Bateman.
{55222}{55298}I haven't seen you around here.|You just haven't been lookin'.
{55299}{55405}- Would you like to see my apartment ?|- I'm not supposed to.
{55446}{55492}Do you wanna come|to my apartment or not ?
{55551}{55650}I'm not supposed to,|but I can make an exception.
{55691}{55738}Do you take a credit card ?
{55739}{55802}I'm joking.
{55803}{55851}Come on. Get in.
{56105}{56153}I'd like a girl.|Early 20s.
{56155}{56237}Blonde, who does couples.|Couples.
{56239}{56344}And I really can't stress|blonde enough. Blonde.
{56383}{56458}I'm Paul.
{56459}{56537}My name's Paul Allen.|You got that ?
{56539}{56633}You're Christie.|You're to respond only to Christie.
{56635}{56681}Is that clear ?
{56923}{56970}That's a very fine chardonnay|you're drinking.
{56971}{57038}I want you|to clean your vagina.
{57255}{57330}No. From behind.|Get on your knees.
{57331}{57399}You have a very nice body.
{57651}{57701}Mm-hmm ?
{57703}{57767}Thank you. Send her up.
{57830}{57906}Christie,|get out and dry off.
{57908}{57977}Choose a robe--|not the Bijan-{57979}{58086}and come and meet me and our guest in|the living room for drinks.
{58250}{58300}You've arrived.|How lovely.
{58302}{58348}Let me take your coat.
{58350}{58416}I'm Paul.|How good of you to come.
{58531}{58578}Not quite blonde,|are you ?
{58579}{58626}More dirty blonde.
{58627}{58687}I'm gonna call you|Sabrina.
{58689}{58739}I'm Paul Allen.
{59251}{59298}Don't you wanna know|what I do ?
{59392}{59465}No.|No, not really.
{59499}{59579}Well, I work on Wall Street...
{59581}{59635}for Pierce & Pierce.
{59637}{59687}Have you heard of it ?
{59905}{59972}You have a really|nice place here, Paul.
{59974}{60021}How much|did you pay for it ?

{60023}{60072}Well, actually,
{60074}{60142}that's none of your business,|Christie.
{60143}{60234}But I can assure you,|it certainly wasn't cheap.
{60235}{60290}No. No smoking.|Not in here.
{60353}{60399}Varda truffle ?
{60459}{60514}I don't want you to get drunk,
{60516}{60596}but that's a very fine|chardonnay you're not drinking.
{60774}{60838}Do you like Phil Collins ?
{60839}{60893}I've been a big Genesis fan|eversince the release...
{60895}{60991}of their 1980 album Duke.
{60993}{61106}Before that, I really didn't|understand any of their work.
{61108}{61181}It was too artsy,|too intellectual.
{61183}{61248}It was on Duke where...
{61250}{61320}Phil Collins' presence|became more apparent.
{61385}{61502}I think Invisible Touch is the group's|undisputed masterpiece.
{61568}{61658}It's an epic meditation|on intangibility.
{61728}{61796}At the same time,|it deepens and enriches...
{61798}{61879}the meaning of|the preceding three albums.
{61881}{61953}Christie,|take off the robe.
{61999}{62052}Listen to the brilliant|ensemble playing...
{62054}{62117}of Banks, Collins|and Rutherford.
{62119}{62223}You can practically hear|every nuance of every instrument.
{62225}{62271}Sabrina, remove your dress.
{62312}{62395}ln terms of lyrical craftsmanship|and sheer songwriting,
{62397}{62469}this album hits a new peak|of professionalism.
{62471}{62529}Sabrina, why don't you,|uh, dance a little.
{62565}{62625}Take the lyrics to|"Land of Confusion."
{62627}{62678}In this song,|Phil Collins...
{62679}{62777}addresses the problems|of abusive political authority.
{62817}{62916}"In Too Deep" is the most moving pop song|of the 1980s...
{62918}{62997}about monogamy and commitment.
{62999}{63078}The song is|extremely uplifting.
{63079}{63161}Their lyrics are|as positive and affirmative...
{63163}{63265}as, uh, anything|I've heard in rock.
{63352}{63401}Christie,|get down on your knees...
{63403}{63476}so Sabrina can see your asshole.
{63478}{63542}Phil Collins' solo career...
{63544}{63612}seems to be more commercial,
{63614}{63689}and therefore more satisfying|in a narrower way,
{63691}{63800}especially songs like "In the|Air Tonight" and "Against All Odds."
{63847}{63894}Sabrina, don't just stare at it.|Eat it.
{63951}{64015}I also think that|Phil Collins works best...
{64017}{64112}within the confines of the group|than as a solo artist.
{64114}{64195}And I stress the word "artist."
{64291}{64337}This is "Sussudio."
{64339}{64411}A great, great song.|A personal favorite.
{64671}{64807}Look at the camera.
{65616}{65718}Christie, look at the camera.
{66084}{66130}Don't touch the watch.
{66662}{66709}Can we go now ?
{66710}{66757}We're not through yet.
{67189}{67270}If they have a good personality and they|are not great looking, then
who fucking cares ?
{67272}{67318}Let's just say|hypothetically, okay ?
{67320}{67374}What if they have|a good personality ?
{67375}{67450}I know.|I know.
{67452}{67514}There are no girls|with good personalities.
{67516}{67584}A good personality consists|of a chick with a little hard body...

{67586}{67632}who will satisfy|all sexual demands...
{67634}{67680}without being too slutty|about things...
{67682}{67728}and who will essentially keep|her dumb fucking mouth shut.
{67730}{67777}The only girls|with good personalities...
{67779}{67856}who are smart or maybe funny|or halfway intelligent or talented-{67858}{67926}though God knows what the fuck that means--|are ugly chicks.
{67928}{67983}Absolutely. And this is because|they have to make up...
{67985}{68028}for how fucking|unattractive they are.
{68030}{68107}- Do you know what Ed Gein said about women ?|- Maitre d' at Canal
Bar ?
{68109}{68204}- No, serial killer, Wisconsin, in the 50s.|- And what did Ed say ?
{68206}{68280}"When I see a pretty girl walking|down the street, I think two
{68282}{68340}"One part of me wants to|take her out and talk to her,
{68342}{68401}be real nice and sweet|and treat her right."
{68403}{68461}- And what did the other part|of him think ?
{68462}{68525}What her head would look like|on a stick.
{68638}{68719}Hi, guys.|I wanna get your opinion on something.
{68752}{68809}It's my business card.
{68810}{68892}I decided to get|a new one too.
{68929}{68975}Oh, it's-{68977}{69023}Very nice, Luis.
{69062}{69106}Thank you.
{69438}{69489}Listen, what about dinner ?
{69490}{69558}Is that all you ever have to contribute,|Van Patten ? "What about
fucking dinner" ?
{69560}{69633}Cheer up there, Bateman. What's the matter ?|No shiatsu this morning
{69634}{69713}Keep touching me like that, you'll draw|back a stump. Hold on there,
little buddy.
{69714}{69761}Excuse me.
{70634}{70728}God. Patrick.|Why here ?
{70730}{70793}I've seen you|looking at me.
{70794}{70872}I've noticed your...
{70874}{70937}hot body.
{70938}{70987}Don't be shy.
{70989}{71041}You can't imagine how long|I've wanted this-{71042}{71106}ever since that Christmas party|at Arizona 206.
{71108}{71186}You know, the one you were wearing|that red-striped paisley Armani
{71275}{71365}I want you.|I want you too.
{71366}{71413}Patrick.|What is it ?
{71414}{71489}Where are you going ?
{71490}{71558}I've gotta return|some video tapes.
{71738}{71811}Patrick !
{72369}{72422}Okay, London the-{72424}{72492}London, there's, um, a reservation--|Any Paul Allen ?
{72494}{72551}No. A reservation, but--|Kimball !
{72553}{72604}I've been wanting to talk with you.|Come into my office.
{72606}{72652}Jean, greatjacket.|Matsuta ?
{72654}{72749}Do you remember where you were the night|of Paul's disappearance,
{72750}{72797}which was on|the 20th of December ?
{72849}{72923}I guess I was probably|returning video tapes.
{73006}{73053}I had a date|with a girl named Veronica.
{73054}{73114}That's not what I've got.|What ?
{73116}{73173}That's not the information|I've received.
{73174}{73230}Well, I-- Wait.

{73231}{73303}- What information have you received ?|- Let me see.
{73305}{73373}Well-{73374}{73421}You were with--|Well, I could be wrong.
{73422}{73509}When was the last time|you were with Paul Allen ?
{73511}{73565}We'd gone to a new musical...
{73566}{73652}called|Oh, Africa, Brave Africa.
{73654}{73728}It was a laugh riot.|That was about it.
{73730}{73811}I think we had dinner at Orso's. No, Peto--|No, Orso's.
{73813}{73891}I hope I've been informative.|Long day, a bit scattered.
{73893}{73940}I'm a little spent now too.
{73942}{74017}But how about lunch|in a week or so...
{74018}{74073}when I've sorted out|all this information ?
{74074}{74121}Great.|Yes, I'd like that.
{74122}{74200}And if you could try and pin down|where you were...
{74202}{74289}the night of Paul Allen's disappearance,|it would make my job a lot
{74290}{74345}Absolutely.|I'm with you on that one.
{74432}{74478}Huey Lewis and the News.
{74542}{74621}Great stuff. I just bought it on my way here.|You heard it ?
{74653}{74743}Never. I mean,|I don't really like singers.
{74745}{74829}Not a big music fan, huh ?|No, I like music.
{74830}{74943}Just they're--|Huey's too black sounding for me.
{74945}{74994}To each his own.
{75044}{75097}So, lunch next week ?
{75098}{75145}I'll be there.
{75362}{75411}Oh !
{75413}{75461}Oh !
{75998}{76086}Will you call me before Easter ?|Maybe.
{76174}{76221}What are you doing tonight ?
{76222}{76290}Dinner at, uh, River Cafe.
{76291}{76371}Au Bar afterwards, maybe.|That's nice.
{76417}{76485}I never knew you smoked.
{76486}{76533}You never noticed.
{76611}{76666}Listen, Patrick.
{76669}{76712}Can we talk ?
{76857}{76914}You look... marvelous.
{76962}{77009}There's nothing to say.
{77010}{77096}You're gonna marry Luis.|Isn't that special ?
{77133}{77179}Patrick ?
{77287}{77334}Yes, Courtney ?
{77397}{77462}If I don't see you|before Easter,
{77464}{77514}have a nice one, okay ?
{77634}{77681}You too.
{77819}{77880}Patrick ?
{77882}{77928}Yeah ?
{78695}{78742}There is this theory now--|Listen to me.
{78743}{78790}There is this theory now that if|you can catch the AlDS virus...
{78792}{78874}by having sex with someone who's infected,|then you can catch
{78875}{78955}Alzheimer's, muscular dystrophy,|hemophilia,
{78957}{79022}leukemia, diabetes,|dyslexia.
{79024}{79089}I'm not sure, but I don't think|dyslexia is a virus.
{79091}{79148}But who knows ?|They don't know that.
{79150}{79196}Prove it.
{79474}{79520}Oh, God.|What ?
{79522}{79604}It's a fucking milligram of sweetener.|I wanna get high off this,
{79606}{79661}not sprinkle it on my fucking oatmeal.|It's definitely weak,

{79662}{79714}but I have a feeling if we do|enough of it, we'll be okay.
{79716}{79799}Can you keep it down ?|I'm trying to do drugs.
{79801}{79857}Fuck you ! Calm down.|Let's do it anyway.
{79858}{79906}That's right.
{79908}{79955}That is if the faggot in the next|stall thinks it's okay !
{79957}{80003}Fuck you !|Hey, fuck you !
{80062}{80119}Sorry, dude. Steroids.
{80121}{80178}Okay, let's do it.
{80655}{80722}Where did Craig go ?
{80724}{80806}Well, Gorbachev is downstairs.|McDermott went to sign a peace
{80808}{80854}between the United States|and Russia.
{80856}{80922}He's the one behind Glasnost.
{80924}{81007}- He said he was in mergers and acquisitions.|- You're not confused,
are you ?
{81009}{81058}No, not really.
{81060}{81128}Gorbachev is not downstairs.|- Karen's right.
{81130}{81194}Gorbachev's not downstairs.|He's at Tunnel.
{81196}{81242}Ask me a question.
{81275}{81322}So, what do you do ?
{81323}{81406}I'm into, uh, well, murders|and executions, mostly.
{81408}{81500}- Do you like it ?|- Well, it depends. Why ?
{81502}{81628}Well, most guys I know who work in mergers|and acquisitions really
don't like it.
{81686}{81772}So, where do you work out ?
{81837}{81897}You think I'm dumb,|don't you ?
{81898}{81973}What ? You think I'm dumb.|You think all models are dumb.
{81975}{82043}No.|I really don't.
{82045}{82111}That's okay.|I don't mind.
{82113}{82159}There's something sweet|about you.
{82794}{82841}Doin' the crossword ?
{82962}{83016}You need any help ?
{83258}{83325}-Jean ?|- Yes, Patrick ?
{83326}{83406}Would you like to accompany me|to dinner ?
{83407}{83477}That is,|if you're not doing anything.
{83478}{83545}Um, no. No,|I don't have any plans.
{83698}{83748}isn't this a coincidence ?
{83750}{83805}Listen, where should we go ?|Anywhere you want.
{83806}{83878}Let's not think about what I want.|How about anywhere you want ?
{83925}{83988}I don't know, Patrick.|I can't make this decision.
{83990}{84079}Come on.|Where do you wanna go ?
{84081}{84197}Anywhere you want, just say it.|I can get us in anywhere.
{84198}{84245}What about...
{84441}{84487}Dorsia ?
{84698}{84759}Dorsia is where|Jean wants to go.
{84761}{84848}Well, I don't know.|We'll go wherever you wanna go.
{84850}{84896}Dorsia is fine.
{85049}{85095}Dorsia. Yes ?
{85097}{85197}Yeah, can you take two tonight at,|oh, let's say 9:00 ? We're
totally booked.
{85198}{85245}Really ? That's great.
{85246}{85331}No, I said we are totally booked.|Two at 9:00 ? Perfect.
{85333}{85381}See ya then.
{85446}{85502}Yeah ?
{85503}{85586}You're... dressed okay.
{85587}{85689}- You didn't give a name.|- They know me.

{85717}{85804}Why don't you meet me|at my place at 7:00...
{85806}{85863}for drinks.
{85865}{85911}And Jean,
{85913}{85961}you'll wanna change|before we go out.
{86163}{86213}Patrick, it's so elegant.
{86214}{86263}What a wonderful view.
{86325}{86371}sorbet ?
{86410}{86465}Thanks, Patrick.|I'd love some.
{86611}{86701}Do you want a bite ?|I'm on a diet. But thank you.
{86703}{86786}You don't need to lose any weight.|You're kidding, right ?
{86788}{86837}You look great.|Very fit.
{86868}{86943}You can always be thinner,|look better.
{86945}{87052}Well, maybe we shouldn't go out to dinner.|I don't wanna ruin your
will power.
{87054}{87120}No, it's all right.
{87122}{87204}I'm not very good|at controlling it anyway.
{87267}{87314}So listen.
{87315}{87389}What do you really|wanna do with your life ?
{87391}{87445}Just briefly, summarize.
{87446}{87515}And don't tell me you enjoy working|with children, okay ?
{87517}{87622}Well, I'd like to travel|and maybe go back to school,
{87623}{87694}but I don't really know.
{87696}{87801}I'm at a point in my life where|there seems to be so many
{87804}{87887}but I'm-- I don't know--|I'm just so unsure.
{87970}{88035}Do you have a boyfriend ?
{88037}{88127}No, not really.|Interesting.
{88128}{88216}Are you seeing anyone ?|I mean, seriously ?
{88276}{88351}I don't know.|Not really.
{88474}{88538}do you feel... fulfilled ?
{88540}{88603}I mean, in your life ?
{88604}{88676}I guess I do. For a long time|I was too focused on my work.
{88677}{88800}But now I've really begun to think|about changing myself, you know,
{88802}{88862}developing and growing.
{88864}{88941}Growing.|I'm glad you said that.
{88996}{89101}Did you know that, uh,|Ted Bundy's first dog,
{89103}{89179}a collie,|was named Lassie ?
{89180}{89263}Had you heard this ?|Who's Ted Bundy ?
{89308}{89366}Forget it.
{89368}{89431}What's that ?
{89433}{89552}Duct tape. I need it for, uh,|taping something.
{89740}{89807}have you ever wanted to...|make someone happy ?
{89808}{89866}What ? No !|Put it in the carton.
{89980}{90022}Jean ?
{90069}{90179}What ?|Uh, make someone happy ?
{90211}{90268}Have you ever wanted to ?
{90324}{90384}I'm looking for, uh,
{90476}{90554}I guess you could say I just wanna have|a meaningful relationship...
{90556}{90648}with someone special.|Hmm.
{90831}{90912}Patrick ? Patrick ?|I know you're there.
{90914}{90967}Pick up the phone,|you badboy.
{90968}{91067}What are you up to tonight ?|It's me. Don't try to hide.
{91068}{91169}I hope you're not with some little number|you picked up because

you're my Mr. Bateman.
{91171}{91234}My boy next door.
{91236}{91294}Anyway, you never called me|and you said you would,
{91296}{91356}and I'll leave a message for Jean|about this, too, to remind you,
{91358}{91415}but we're having dinner|with Melania and Taylor.
{91416}{91471}You know Me lania.|She went to Sweet Briar.
{91473}{91527}And we're meeting|at the Cornell Club,
{91528}{91576}so I'll call you|tomorrowmorning, honey.
{91578}{91635}Oops. Sorry.|I know you hate that.
{91637}{91768}Bye, Patrick.|Bye, Mr. Big Time C.E.O. Bye-bye.
{91848}{91919}Was that Evelyn ?
{91988}{92046}Are you still seeing her?
{92145}{92223}I'm sorry.|I have no right to ask that.
{92340}{92399}Do you want me to go ?
{92496}{92562}I don't think|I can control myself.
{92615}{92730}I know. I should go. I know I have|a tendency to get involved with
unavailable men.
{92791}{92837}I mean,
{92868}{92933}do you want me to go ?
{92935}{93006}I think if you stay,
{93008}{93072}something bad will happen.
{93104}{93150}I think I might hurt you.
{93185}{93242}You don't wanna get hurt,|do you ?
{93244}{93299}No. No, I guess not.
{93331}{93395}I don't wanna get bruised.
{93440}{93512}You're right.|I should go.
{93648}{93766}Oh. Don't forget you have a lunch date|tomorrow with Donald Kimball
at Smith and Wolenski's.
{93850}{93905}It slipped my mind completely.
{94362}{94458}So, the night|he disappeared-{94460}{94526}any new thoughts|about what you did ?
{94573}{94656}Not sure.|Um, I had a shower...
{94658}{94704}and some sorbet ?
{94706}{94755}I think you're getting|your dates mixed up.
{94757}{94803}But how ?
{94805}{94878}Where do you place...|Paul that night ?
{94880}{94964}According to his date book, and|this was verified by his secretary,
{94966}{95036}he had dinner|with Marcus Halberstram.
{95038}{95091}And ?|I questioned him.
{95093}{95195}- Marcus ? - Yes, and he denies it, though,|at first, he couldn't be
{95196}{95267}But he denied it.|Yes.
{95296}{95346}Well, does Marcus|have an alibi ?
{95348}{95431}Yes.|He does ? You'resure ?
{95433}{95479}I checked it out.|It's clean.
{95578}{95660}Now, where were you ?
{95662}{95712}Where was Marcus ?
{95714}{95766}He wasn't with Paul Allen.
{95768}{95819}Who was he with ?|He was...
{95821}{95880}at Atlantis... with...
{95882}{95979}Craig McDermott, Frederick Dibble,|Harry Newman, George Butner...
{95981}{96042}and... you.
{96143}{96189}Oh, right, yeah.|Of course.
{96191}{96291}We had wanted|Paul Allen to come,
{96292}{96345}but he had made plans.
{96347}{96442}And I guess I had dinner with|Victoria the following night.

{96444}{96501}Personally, I think the guy|went a little nutso.
{96503}{96620}Split town for a while. Maybe he did go|to London, sightseeing,
drinking, whatever.
{96622}{96723}Anyway, I'm pretty sure he'll turn|up sooner or later. I mean, to
{96724}{96851}that one of his friends killed him for no|reason whatsoever would be
too ridiculous.
{96852}{96907}Isn't that right, Patrick ?
{97407}{97466}Christie. Christie.
{97468}{97558}I'm not so sure about this.|I had to go to Emergency after last
{97560}{97626}This won't be anything|like last time. I promise.
{97628}{97695}I don't think so.
{97696}{97775}Just come in the limo|and talk to me for a minute.
{97776}{97823}The driver's here.|You'll be safe.
{98275}{98332}Nothing like last time.|Promise.
{98334}{98380}All right.
{98382}{98461}So, you're looking great.|How have you been ?
{98463}{98555}Well, I actually might need surgery|after last time. Really ?
{98556}{98655}My friend told me I should maybe|even get a lawyer.
{98656}{98721}Lawyers are so complicated.
{98723}{98784}Don't do that.
{98786}{98832}Here's a check.
{99977}{100069}Uh-uh. Half now,|half later.
{100195}{100279}Okay, your name is Christie.
{100281}{100344}We're meeting a friend|of mine, Elizabeth.
{100346}{100452}She'll bejoining us|in my new apartment shortly.
{100454}{100536}You'll like her.|She's a very nice girl.
{100682}{100769}You look really familiar.|Did you go to Dalton ?
{100827}{100892}I think I met you at Surf Bar, didn't I ?|With Spicey ?
{100894}{100971}Well, maybe not with Spicey, but|definitely at SurfBar. You know,
{100972}{101024}Anyway, Surf Bar sucks now.|It's terrible.
{101026}{101150}Went to a birthday party there|for Malcolm Forbes. Oh, my God,
{101152}{101213}This is nicer|than your other apartment.
{101265}{101316}Oh, it's not|that nice.
{101428}{101516}Where did you two meet ?|Oh, God. We met at...
{101518}{101624}oh, God, at the Kentucky Derby|in '85, or '86.
{101625}{101705}You were hanging out with that|bimbo Allison Poole. Hot number.
{101707}{101761}What do you mean ?|She was a hot number.
{101763}{101873}If you had a platinum card, she'd give you|a blowjob. This girl
worked in a tanning salon.
{101875}{101936}What do you do ?
{101938}{102032}She's my... cousin.
{102034}{102128}Uh-huh.|She's from... France.
{102129}{102210}Where's your phone ?|I've gotta call Harley.
{102293}{102382}Where do you summer,|South Hampton ?
{102410}{102486}- No.|- Oh, God, it's his machine.
{102488}{102584}It's 3:00 in the morning. He's a goddamn|drug dealer. These are
his peak hours.
{102586}{102636}Don't tell him you're here.|Why would I ?
{102638}{102684}This tastes weird.
{102686}{102788}Harley, it's me. I need your services.|Translate that howeveryou
{102790}{102880}- I'm at--|- Paul Allen's.
{102882}{102937}Who ?|Paul Allen's.
{102939}{103033}I want the number, idiot. Anyway, I'm at|Paul Norman's and I'll

try you again later.
{103035}{103125}And if I don't see you at Canal Bar tomorrow|night I'm gonna sic
my hairdresser on you.
{103127}{103173}Did you know that guy|who disappeared ?
{103175}{103244}Didn't he work at Pierce & Pierce ?|Was he a friend of yours ?
{103294}{103363}Do you have any coke ?|Or Halcyon ?
{103364}{103437}I would take a Halcyon.|Listen.
{103478}{103529}I would just like to see...
{103531}{103591}the two of you...|get it on.
{103592}{103669}What's wrong with that ?
{103671}{103725}It's totally disease free.
{103769}{103843}Patrick, you're a lunatic.|Come on.
{103844}{103900}Don't you find Christie|attractive ?
{103901}{103992}Let's not get lewd. I'm in no mood|for a lewd conversation.
{103993}{104049}Come on.
{104051}{104133}I think it'd be a turn-on.|Does he do this all the time ?
{104200}{104264}Christie,|you're not drinking your wine.
{104300}{104358}Are you telling me you've never|gotten it on with a girl?
{104360}{104435}No. I'm not a lesbian.
{104436}{104505}Why would you think|I would be into that ?
{104507}{104559}Well, you went to|Sarah Lawrence for one thing.
{104561}{104671}Those are Sarah Lawrence guys, Patrick.|You're making me feel
{104781}{104828}Did you know...
{104830}{104913}that Whitney Houston's|debut LP...
{104915}{104987}called simply|Whitney Houston...
{104988}{105056}had four number-one|singles on it ?
{105091}{105142}Did you know that,|Christie ?
{105144}{105226}You actually listen|to Whitney Houston ?
{105228}{105295}You own|a Whitney Houston CD ?
{105327}{105405}More than one ?
{105407}{105490}It's hard to choose a favorite among|so many great tracks.
{105540}{105655}But the "Greatest Love Of All"|is one of the best, most powerful
{105656}{105708}ever written...
{105710}{105756}about self-preservation...
{105758}{105811}and dignity.
{105812}{105899}It's universal message|crosses all boundaries...
{105900}{105953}and instills one...
{105955}{106042}with the hope|that it's not too late...
{106044}{106100}to better ourselves.
{106101}{106182}Since, Elizabeth,
{106184}{106303}it's impossible in this world we|live in to empathize with others,
{106304}{106390}we can always empathize|with ourselves.
{106392}{106495}It's an important message.|Crucial, really.
{106564}{106634}And it's beautifully stated|on the album.
{108310}{108368}- Not the face !
{108370}{108467}You bitch, not the fucking face,|you piece of bitch trash !
{110592}{110656}I want a firm commitment.
{110658}{110745}I think, um, Evelyn,|that, uh, we've lost touch.
{110747}{110793}Why ? What's wrong ?
{110876}{110925}My need to engage|in homicidal behavior...
{110927}{110994}on a massive scale|cannot be corrected,
{110996}{111068}but I have no other way|to fulfill my needs.
{111104}{111174}We need to talk.|Talk about what, Patrick ?
{111176}{111224}It's over, Evelyn.
{111226}{111286}It's all over.

{111288}{111367}Touchy, touchy.|I'm sorry I brought up the wedding.
{111368}{111452}Let's just avoid the issue,|all right ? Now, are we having
coffee ?
{111454}{111570}I'm fucking serious. It's fucking over, us.|This is no joke.
{111572}{111641}Uh, I don't think we should|see each other anymore.
{111643}{111769}But your friends are my friends|and my friends are your friends.
{111771}{111850}I really don't think it would work.|You have a little something-{111852}{111980}I know that your friends are my friends,|and, uh-- and I've
thought about that.
{111982}{112055}You can have 'em.
{112057}{112140}You're really serious,|aren't you ? Yes, lam.
{112216}{112316}- What about the past ? Our past ?|- We never really shared one.
{112318}{112367}You're inhuman.|No.
{112369}{112444}I'm in touch with humanity.
{112446}{112552}Evelyn, I'm, uh, sorry.|I just, uh-{112554}{112603}You're not terribly|important to me.
{112605}{112669}Oh, no !
{112671}{112725}No. No, Patrick.
{112727}{112836}I know my behavior can be...|erratic sometimes.
{112869}{112943}What do you want me to do ?|What is it that you want ?
{112945}{113025}If you really wanna do something for me,|then stop making this
scene right now.
{113027}{113097}Oh, God, I can't believe this.
{113099}{113159}I'm leaving. I've assessed the|situation, and I'm going.
{113160}{113240}Where are you going ?|I'm just leaving.
{113242}{113293}But where ?
{113319}{113373}I have to return|some videotapes.
{114112}{114156}Here, kitty, kitty.
{114547}{114598}Oh, my God.|What are you doing ?
{114600}{114648}Stop that.
{115649}{115707}Drop the weapon !|Drop it now !
{115708}{115757}Get on the ground!|Put your-{116791}{116849}Burning the midnight oil,|Mr. Smith ?
{116851}{116908}Hey, now don't forget|to sign in.
{119043}{119119}Howard, it's Bateman.|Patrick Bateman.
{119121}{119193}You're my lawyer, so I think you should|know I've killed a lot of
{119195}{119262}Some escort girls|in an apartment uptown,
{119264}{119341}uh, some homeless people,|maybe five or ten,
{119343}{119400}an N.Y.U. girl I met|in Central Park.
{119402}{119456}I left her at a parking lot|behind some doughnut shop.
{119458}{119534}I killed Bethany, my old girlfriend,|with a nail gun.
{119536}{119643}And-And-And then some man,|s-s-some old faggot with a dog.
{119644}{119697}Last week, I, uh-{119699}{119783}I killed another girl|with a chain saw.
{119850}{119928}I had to.|She almost got away.
{119930}{119976}And-{119978}{120101}Someone else there. I can't remember,|maybe a model-- She's dead
{120103}{120164}And, uh, Paul Allen.
{120166}{120258}I killed Paul Allen|with an ax in the face.
{120260}{120366}His body is dissolving|in a bathtub in Hell's Kitchen.
{120368}{120479}I don't wanna leave anything out here.|I guess I've killed
maybe... 20 people.
{120480}{120555}Maybe 40 !
{120556}{120637}I have tapes of a lot of it.
{120639}{120702}Some of the girls|have seen the tapes.
{120704}{120768}I even, um,

{120937}{120997}I ate some|of their brains...
{120999}{121089}and I tried to|cook a little.
{121146}{121223}Tonight, I, uh-{121225}{121320}I just had to kill|a lot of people !
{121321}{121373}And, um,
{121446}{121569}I'm not sure I'm gonna|get away with it... this time.
{121637}{121710}So, uh-- I mean,
{121712}{121795}I guess...
{121796}{121860}I'm a pretty, uh-{121886}{121958}I mean, I guess|I'm a pretty sick guy.
{122060}{122130}if you get back tomorrow,
{122132}{122186}I may show up at Harry's Bar.
{122188}{122262}So, you know,
{122264}{122317}keep your eyes open.
{122490}{122536}Oh !
{125659}{125715}Are you my 2:00 ?
{125717}{125811}No.|Can I help you ?
{125839}{125937}I'm looking for...|Paul Allen's place.
{125964}{126055}Doesn't he... live here ?|No, he doesn't.
{126057}{126127}You sure ?
{126129}{126185}You saw the ad|in the Times ?
{126187}{126258}No. Yeah.|I mean, yeah.
{126259}{126345}ln the Times. There was no ad|in the Times.
{126375}{126430}I think you should|go now.
{126431}{126478}But I think-{126517}{126570}I wanna know|what happened here.
{126572}{126650}Don't make any trouble,|please.
{126652}{126706}I suggest you go.
{126989}{127035}Don't come back.
{127037}{127089}I won't.
{127091}{127141}Don't worry.
{127789}{127889}Patrick Bateman's office.
{127891}{127980}Jean ? I need help.|Patrick, is that you ?
{128005}{128067}Jean, I'm not-{128069}{128177}Craig McDermott called. Wants to meet you,|David Van Patten and
Tim Bryce at Harry's.
{128179}{128272}Oh, God. What did you say,|you dumb bitch ?
{128274}{128367}Patrick, I can't hear you.|What am I doing ?
{128369}{128416}Where are you, Patrick ?|What's wrong ?
{128467}{128580}I don't think I'm gonna make it,Jean,|to the, uh,
{128582}{128628}office this afternoon.
{128630}{128676}Why ?
{128678}{128791}Just say no ! What is it, Patrick ?|Are you all right ?
{128793}{128893}Stop sounding|so fucking sad.
{128895}{128941}Jesus !
{130793}{130899}That's a table for three. Bateman,|you're looking wild-eyed. Rough
day ?
{130901}{130971}Hey, look. Bryce is back and|he's drinking mineral water.
{130973}{131047}He's a changed man, except for he still|can't a reservation to
save his life.
{131049}{131101}Why don't you just try|150 Wooster?
{131103}{131187}I'm not going anywhere|unless we have a reservation.
{131189}{131280}Le Cirque, Flamingo East, OysterBar.|Come on, faggots. Let's get a
{131282}{131372}Keep your shirt on.|Maybe lose the suspenders.
{131374}{131422}Need a reservation|for 8:30.

{131424}{131485}Excuse me, gentlemen.|Right back.
{131487}{131545}10:00 would not be|any good. No.
{131547}{131627}Just fucking call them. Give me the phone.|I'll do it. I'll call
you back.
{131628}{131710}Face it. The Japanese will own most|of this country by the end of
the '90s.
{131711}{131783}Shut up, Carnes.|They will not.
{131818}{131906}So, uh, Harold,|did you get my message ?
{131908}{132009}Jesus, yes. That was hilarious.|That was you, wasn't it ?
{132011}{132101}Yeah, naturally. Bateman killing Allen|and the escort girls.
{132103}{132149}That's fabulous. That's rich.|What exactly do you mean ?
{132151}{132257}The message you left. By the way, Davis,|how's Cynthia ? You're
still seeing her, right ?
{132259}{132309}W-Wait, Harold.|What do you mean ?
{132311}{132397}Excuse me. Nothing.|It's good to see you.
{132399}{132460}Is that Edward Towers ?
{132462}{132508}Carnes, wait. Uh-{132510}{132648}Davis, I'm not one to bad-mouth anyone.|Your joke was amusing.
{132650}{132744}But come on, man.|You had one fatal flaw:
{132746}{132796}Bateman is such a dork.
{132798}{132885}Such a boring,|spineless lightweight.
{132887}{132979}Now, if you said Bryce or Mc Dermott.|Otherwise, it was amusing.
{132981}{133043}Now, if you'll excuse me,|I really must be going.
{133045}{133129}Wait. Uh-- Stop.
{133160}{133222}I did it, Carnes.
{133224}{133271}I killed him.
{133272}{133334}I'm Patrick Bateman.
{133411}{133465}I chopped Allen's|fucking head off.
{133495}{133615}The whole message|I left on your machine was true.
{133617}{133685}Excuse me.|I really must be going now.
{133687}{133763}No. No, listen.
{133765}{133825}Don't you know who I am ?
{133827}{133893}I'm not Davis.|I'm Patrick Bateman.
{133958}{134036}We talk on the phone|all the time.
{134037}{134100}Don't you recognize me ?
{134133}{134201}You're my lawyer.
{134203}{134313}Now, Carnes, listen.
{134315}{134369}Listen very, very carefully.
{134458}{134538}I killed Paul Allen,
{134540}{134588}and I liked it.
{134589}{134681}I can't make myself|any clearer.
{134682}{134781}But that's simply not possible.|And I don't find this funny
{134783}{134868}It never was supposed to be.|Why isn't it possible ?
{134869}{134972}It's just not.|Why not, you stupid bastard ?
{134973}{135028}Because I had dinner|with Paul Allen...
{135029}{135091}twice in London|just ten days ago.
{135093}{135143}No, you...
{135209}{135277}didn't.|Now, if you'll excuse me.
{136265}{136321}We've seen the results|of that mistrust...
{136322}{136407}in the form of lies,|provisions in the states.
{136409}{136516}We need to find a way to cooperate while|realizing foreign
{136517}{136575}can't be run|by committee.
{136577}{136636}And I believe there's now|the growing sense...
{136638}{136732}that we can accomplish more|by cooperating.
{136733}{136828}And in the end, this maybe the eventual|blessing in disguise...
{136830}{136878}to come out of|the Iran-Contra mess.

{136880}{136967}How can he lie like that ?
{136969}{137016}How can he pull that shit ?|What shit ?
{137017}{137068}Now, where do we have|reservations at ?
{137069}{137141}I'm not really hungry, but I'd like|to have reservations
{137143}{137213}How can you be so fucking,
{137215}{137275}I don't know,|cool about it ?
{137277}{137360}Some guys arejust|born cool, I guess.
{137473}{137525}Bateman ?
{137527}{137653}- What are you so fucking zany about ?|- I'm just a happy camper.
{137655}{137714}Rockin' and a rollin' !
{137716}{137765}Oh, brother, look.
{137767}{137888}He presents himself as this harmless|old codger, but inside-{137889}{137952}but inside-{137954}{138024}But inside doesn't matter.
{138025}{138129}Inside ? Believe or not, Bryce,|we're actually listening to you.
{138131}{138193}Come on, Bateman.|What do you think ?
{138263}{138366}- Whatever.|- Whose moronic idea was it to order dry beers ?
{138368}{138416}I need a scotch.
{138804}{138877}There are no more barriers|to cross.
{138879}{138971}All I have in common with the|uncontrollable and the insane,
{138973}{139053}the vicious and the evil,|all the mayhem I have caused...
{139054}{139104}and my utter indifference|toward it,
{139106}{139168}I have now surpassed.
{139232}{139302}My pain is constant and sharp...
{139304}{139391}and I do not hope|for a better world for anyone.
{139393}{139501}In fact, I want my pain|to be inflicted on others.
{139503}{139565}I want no one to escape.
{139592}{139661}But even after admitting this,
{139663}{139715}there is no catharsis.
{139717}{139783}My punishment continues|to elude me...
{139785}{139862}and I gain no deeper knowledge|of myself.
{139864}{139954}No new knowledge can be|extracted from my telling.
{139956}{140056}This confession|has meant... nothing.
{143311}{143381}Come on.

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