Chemistry of Materials Review Guide This review guide will help prepare you for your chemistry test

. It won’t tell you all of the answers, but will help you find where they should be if you’ve kept up with notes, homework, etc. GENERAL CHEMISTRY PR !LEM S L"ING AN# SA$ETY IN$ RMATI N %& 'he( doi() a(y *i(d of e+,erime(t that may i(volve da()erous situatio(s- whi.h of these should you always do/ 'ear la0 )lasses1 mi+ with water1 la0el all .hemi.als 1 tell your tea.her if there are a(y s,ills 1 ,i.* u, 0ro*e( )lass with your fi()ers .arefully1 2& #es.ri0e what these , ,ro,erties of matter mea(3 $le+i0ility Luster Te+ture Hard(ess,ared to )lass5 .o(du.tivity Is more de(se tha( water Is less de(se tha( water Phase of matter Ma)(eti. A0ility to tra(smit li)ht 6& 'hy is sha,e (ot a ,ro,erty of a material/ 7& List at least o(e ,ro,erty that we tested for i( la0s& 8& 'hat ,ie.e of e9ui,me(t do you use to measure volume of a li9uid/ :& 'hat u(it of measure do you use to measure volume of a li9uid/ ;& 'hat sta)es are i(.luded i( the life .y.le of a ,rodu.t/ <& 'hat are 7 im,orta(t fa.tors to .o(sider whe( .hoosi() a material to ma*e a soft dri(* .o(tai(er/ =& Loo* at your ,eriodi. ta0le> are most eleme(ts o( the ,eriodi. ta0le solid- li9uid or )as/ 'hat is it a0out the ,eriodi. ta0le that )ives you this a(swer/

%?& The .olum(s i( the ,eriodi. ta0le are .alled @@@@@@@@@@@@@ a(d the rows are .alled @@@@@@@@@@@@&

%%& 'hat are 7 differe(t families o( the ,eriodi. ta0le/ 4Name them&5

%2& 'here are the No0le Gases o( the ,eriodi. ta0le/ Name 6 No0le Gases& %6& $amilies of eleme(ts all have @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@& %7& 'hat does the atomi. (um0er o( ,eriodi. ta0le i( ea.h s9uare tell us/ 'here i( the s9uare is the atomi. (um0er always fou(d/ %8& 'hat does the atomi. mass of a( eleme(t tell us/ 'here is this (um0er fou(d withi( ea.h s9uare/ %:& Eleme(ts a(d .om,ou(ds are differe(t from ea.h other 0e.ause of their atoms& E+,lai( what that stateme(t mea(s& %;& The formula for % mole.ule of 0a*i() soda is NaHC formula/ How ma(y atoms/ & How ma(y eleme(ts are i( this


%<& The formula for o(e mole.ule of salt is NaCl& How ma(y eleme(ts are i( this formula/ How ma(y atoms/ %=& The formula for % mole.ule of su)ar is C%2H22 ma(y atoms/

& How ma(y eleme(ts are i( this formula/ How

2?& A .om0i(es sodium 4Na5 with .hlori(e 4Cl5 to form salt& #oes this illustrate that salt is a .om,ou(d or a( eleme(t/ 'hy/ 2%& 'hat are the three su0Aatomi. ,arti.les i( a( atom/ 'hat are their .har)es/ 22& 'hi.h of the two ,arti.les are fou(d i( the .e(ter/ 'hat is the .e(ter of the atom .alled/ 26& $rom your la0s o( differe(t ty,es of ,lasti.s you wor*ed with etha(ol- water- a(d salt water& Salt water is more de(se tha( water& Etha(ol is less de(se tha( water& If you were to mi+ all three of these to)ether- whi.h li9uid would float o( to,/ 27& If you ,la.ed a solid ,ie.e of ,lasti. i( water- what o(e , ,ro,erty would you 0e a0le to determi(e/

28& Your frie(d wa(ts to 0uy a (ew ty,e of .ell ,ho(e a(d as* for your advi.e& (e model is 9uite e+,e(sive 0ut it is made from re.y.led ,lasti.s a(d .a( 0e u,)raded to )et 0etter .ell ,ho(e servi.e later if desired& The other model your frie(d is .o(sideri() 0uyi() is less e+,e(sive- a(d .omes i( a wide variety of .olors& However- it .a((ot 0e u,)raded a(d it is made from all (ew materials& 'hat model should your frie(d 0uy/ #is.uss the tradeoffs& 2:& #raw the !ohr Model of the first : atoms o( the ,eriodi. ta0le& I(.lude i( your drawi()- the ele.tro(s arra()ed i( their .orre.t ri()s& 'rite the (ame of the eleme(t u(der ea.h drawi()& Ma*e your drawi()s (eatB You should 0e a0le to see ea.h i(dividual ele.tro( without s9ui(ti()BBBB

2;& Pra.ti.e writi() the .orre.t sym0ol for ea.h of the first 2? eleme(ts o( the ,eriodi. ta0le& Remem0er- the first letter is u,,er .ase> the 2(d letter is always lower .aseB

2<& 'hat are some ways that we have dis.ussed a(d e+,erime(ted with i( .lass for ha(dli() to+i. waste .aused 0y the ma(ufa.turi() ,ro.ess/ 'hat are the ,ros a(d .o(s of ea.h o(e/

2=& 'hat is the law .o(servatio( of matter/

6?& 'hi.h e9uatio( is .orre.tly 0ala(.ed/