Pictures of Me Participating In Varsity Basketball

Benchmark: Teamwork/Communication Skills: TC107: Understand and contribute to the mission and goals of the team TC108: Show commitment to the team As the eighth child born into a family of nine children I followed in my se!en older siblings" footsteps and ha!e played sports all of my life# I learned to lo!e and e$cel in all sports at a !ery young age# The most successful sport that I played throughout my high school career was basketball# I was pulled up from the %unior !arsity basketball team at the end of my freshman year and started for the !arsity basketball teams my sophomore and %unior years# &orking hard and lea!ing it all on the court created my spot in the starting lineup game after game# Chad Mortimer the !arsity basketball coach told the team day e!ery day that 'defense wins championships#( )!ery game our team set team goals* our number one goal each game was to hold each opponent of ours to fewer than forty points# Being the defensi!e player that I was I learned my role each game !ery +uickly* I was to defend the other team"s best offensi!e threat# Though this ga!e me !ery little spotlight on the offensi!e end of the floor I was re+uired to ,TC-./0 understand and contribute to the mission and goals of the team. I knew that it was not my duty to score it was my duty to defend* I was one of the main reasons we held teams to !ery few points# )ach player was made aware that regardless of a snow day or a heat inde$ of o!er a hundred in the gym practice was mandatory# 1ick or not it was also each player"s responsibility to show up whether they participated or not# To ,TC-.20 show commitment to the team I ne!er missed one practice my entire high school basketball career# I can remember showing up to practice with a blanket a pillow and a bucket* I was se!erely ill# I skipped school that day and slept from the minute practice started that day till the time Coach Mortimer blew his whistle to end practice# I refused to gi!e up on my team that day* I was committed and did all I could to be there for my team# As a young adult you must be able to be committed to a team understand the missions and goals of the team and do your best to contribute# Teams can consist of anything* any two people make up a team# In school students are often put in groups for assignments* one must know the goal of the group be committed and do their best to contribute by helping with the work# If one person fails to do their part it ultimately affects the entire group of students# To be successful in the business world a team of employees must all do their indi!idual parts# As an optometrist I will be working with assistants secretaries and possibly other doctors# If I fail as a team member to my employees I may cause the whole business to go under# I must also

know the o!erall goal of e!ery optometrist and do my best to achie!e that goal* I must help my patients see to their best potential#