Picture of Me Helping Freshmen in Freshmen Transitions

Benchmark: Teamwork/Communication Skills: TC110: Help other team members accomplish their tasks TC111: Serve as a leader in your own area of expertise Just prior to the beginning of my senior year, while scheduling classes was asked by Mr! "raper, my principal, to be a mentor in Freshmen Transitions! agreed to it and soon reali#ed that would be helping freshmen that had struggled during their $unior high years with homework and studying! am grateful to be able to help others through their tough times! currently maintain a %!& grade point a'erage and e(cel as a leader in most sub$ects that )'e taken! For this reason, was chosen to be one of three mentors taken from my senior class! *s a freshmen mentor am responsible to help those that are in need with their homework and their study skills for tests and +ui##es! This makes it seem like am forced to do something do not want to do, in reality it is a great feeling to be able to -TC..&/ help other team members accomplish their tasks so that they can one day e(cel to their highest potential! To start e'ery class there is ten minutes of reading followed by forty minutes of work time! "uring the work time help others understand their homework, help them study for tests or +ui##es, or simply keep them on track and keep them moti'ated to get their work done! The first day of Freshmen Transitions class each senior was put in front of the class to make a speech about his or her self! t was who denoted that mathematics and science were my strongest sub$ects of study! *lthough e(cel in all sub$ects in school, it is easiest for me to help others in math and science! For this reason, -TC.../ serve as a leader in my own area of expertise, when students need help in one of these two sub$ects, they often come to me for assistance! am also able to help freshmen, or any student for that matter, after school if help is truly needed! 0hether it is 'ia phone, FaceTime, email, or person to person communication, am always there to help! 0hile being an optometrist, it will be my $ob to ser'e as a leader in my own area of e(pertise, will be called upon to help those that ha'e problems with their 'ision! To do this correctly, must also help my staff accomplish their tasks of filing, scheduling, and doing pre1e(ams on my patients! 2ne mistake can be +uite troublesome, thus, it will be my $ob to be the eyes of the practice and run my business correctly! t is +uite important in life to able to help those that are in need! f you e(cel in a certain area, or simply can $ust manage doing some things, it is wrong not to help those who are not capable! *s a young adult, ha'e been able to use my knowledge to help others 'ery fre+uently! am a great person to come to when help is needed with homework or studying, will not gi'e answers, help to achie'e answers and help those in need understand!