Applying Indirect Strategies to the Four Language Skills

Presented by: Wahyu Asikin Rahmaniah Trimayanti


to coordinate the learning process by using functions such as centering. arranging.Metacognitive Strategies Metacognitive strategies allow learners to control their own cognition-that is. planning and evaluating .

I. Overviewing and linking with already known material B. Self -monitoring 2. Identifying the purpose of a language task 2. Centering Your Learning 1. Finding out about language learning learning 1. Paying attention 2. METACOGNITIVE STRATEGIES A. Organizing. Setting goals and objectives 3. Self -evaluating 3. Evaluating your planning your learning 1. Delaying speech production to focus on listening 4. Planning for a language task 5. Seeking practice opportunities . Arranging and C.

Using a checklist 3.II. Rewarding yourself 2. Making positive statements 1. Using laughter B. Using progressive relaxation. ENCOURAGING YOURSELF C.Taking risk wisely 3. TAKING YOUR EMOTIONAL TEMPERATURE 1. Listening to your body 2. deep breathing or meditation 2. Discussing your feelings with someone else . AFFECTIVE STRATEGIES A. LOWERING YOUR ANXIETY 1. Using music 3. Writing a language learning diary 4.

Cooperating with others 1. Empathizing with others 1. Cooperating with peers C. Social strategies A. Asking questions 1.III. Asking for clarification B. Asking for correction 2. Becoming aware of others’ thoughts and feelings 2. Cooperating with Proficient users of the new language . Developing cultural Understanding 2.