Android Finger Print Scanner Software Development Kit

BioEnable is offering first of its kind Fingerprint Scanner Development Kit for Android developers.

For whom?
1. 2. Android developers can get started with developing Fingerprint Scanner based applications. Android ablet !an"fact"rers#Firmware developers can test the Fingerprint scanner performance re$"irements and e%plore if the& wo"ld like to s"pport Fingerprint Scanner on their ablets.

Android ablets do not s"pport Fingerprint Scanners b& defa"lt. Drivers for the Fingerprint scanner are not incl"ded in the Android 'S image and hence even b& installing a compatible App it will not work with the Scanner. • (n order to s"pport Fingerprint Scanner the Android 'S image needs to be "pdated with a new image that incl"des Drivers. • Drivers for one Android ablet ma& not work on other if the )hipset is different. (n order to make the development simple o"r offer a Development kit that incl"des pop"lar Android ablet* +pgraded 'S , Fingerprint scanner for &o" to get started immediatel&. • •

Contents of Kit:
• • • • • • • Sams"ng -ala%& 1..1 inch Android ablet /10-B 1iFi2 with +pgraded 'S image , Drivers +SB host cable accessor& +SB Fingerprint Scanner SDK )D with !an"al Fingerprint (mage )apt"re Fingerprint emplate e%traction Fingerprint emplate 131 !atching

What Functions is support ! the SDK?

-) .For more details on o"r software* please mail "s &o"r en$"iries to this email id 4ni"hil#$ ioena letech%com or call on us at & '()''*'+.