Firecracker Shrimp Crispy Calamari
Served with horseradish sauce & tomato Asian sauce. 9.5 (S) Crispy shrimp wok-fried with a delicious spicy sauce. 9

Pot Stickers
Stuffed with savory minced pork & spices. (request pan-fried or steamed) 6.25

Spare Ribs
Marinated in Phoenix BBQ sauce. 9

Crispy Spring Rolls
Crispy vegetable spring rolls. (2) - 3.95 (4) – 5.95

Sweet Pepper Calamari Fried Tofu

(S) Lightly fried, then smothered in a mild & sweet chili sauce. 10.5

Cool Lettuce Wraps
Wok-seared shiitake mushrooms, tofu, water chestnuts and red onions. Served with lettuce leaves. (vegetable or chicken) 7.95 Served with Thai spicy-sweet sauce. 5.75

Crispy Shrimp

(S) Tender shrimp lightly fried with a mild Thai spicy sweet sauce. 8.75

Cold Sesame Noodles
Egg noodles tossed with scallions in a delicious sesame & peanut sauce. 6.75

California Wontons

(S) Crispy wontons stuffed real crabmeat & fresh cream cheese. 7

Cucumber Relish

(S) Fresh peeled cucumber squares, pickled daikon & carrots in a delicious spicy house vinegar. 6

Soups / Salads
Traditional Wonton Soup
Fresh pork wontons made daily. Served in a light broth. Cup – 3.5 Bowl – 6.95

Grilled Salmon Salad
Grilled salmon on a bed of fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, red onions & almonds. Served w/ sweet onion dressing. 15.5

Hot and Sour Soup

(S) Tofu, bamboo shoots, eggs & wood ear mushrooms. Cup – 3.5 Bowl – 6.95

Grilled Chicken Ginger Salad
Grilled chicken breast on a bed of fresh romaine lettuce with carrots, bell peppers, almonds & onions. Served with ginger dressing. 10

Egg Drop Soup
A Chinese soup classic. Cup – 3.5 Bowl – 6.95

Thai Beef Salad

(S) Grilled steak slices with red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, celery & chopped scallions tossed w/ lime dressing. 8.75

Phoenix Soup
Flavorful broth with diced shrimp & scallops, scallions, tofu, snow peas, mushrooms & broccoli. 8.75

Pineapple Chicken Salad
Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, red onions, almonds & pineapples, steamed chicken & pineapple vinaigrette. 10

Tom Yum Soup


Winter Rolls
Rice noodles, lettuce, bean sprouts, basil, chicken & shrimp wrapped in rice vermicelli. 6.95

This famous soup of Thailand includes shrimp, lemon grass, kaffir leaves & straw mushrooms. 7.5

Phoenix Eggplant
(S) Stir-fried eggplant & scallions smothered in a spicysweet garlic sauce. 9

Ma Po Tofu
Sichuan style tofu served in a spicy sauce. 9 / add vegetables 11

Vegetables and Shiitake Mushrooms
Stir-fried shiitake mushrooms, red bell peppers, napa, snow peas & broccoli. 9.5

Garlic Snap Green Beans
Stir-fried with caramelized chopped garlic & scallions. 9.95

Vegetable Fried Rice
Authentically cooked with diced carrots & green beans, scallions, bean sprouts, eggs and sweet onions. 8.5

Vegetable Lo Mein
Egg noodles stir-fried with scallions, bean sprouts, sliced cabbage & carrots. 9

Each entrée is served with a choice of Jasmine white rice or long grain brown rice (S) – Spicy (most entrées can be prepared not spicy) Light sodium soy sauce available upon request. Dishes may be cooked with low sodium or steamed with sauce on side for dietary needs.