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Payroll in Minutes, Not Days. Packed with Features and Dozens of Useful Reports at the Click of a Button..

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BioEnable Payroll Software is a Web based Payroll Software with user-definable preferences like Salary Heads and Salary structures, huge library of periodical statutory reports required under PF ES!, "#S $aw, %d&ance 'egister, $ea&e 'egister, fle(ible reporting and )any )ore* +ur Software offers a si)ple and effecti&e payroll solution with a highly e&ol&ed )ethodology which addresses an organi,ation-s needs )orerele&ant*.ow you can handle your business better with less effort by auto)ating the nu)ber crunching, report generation and co)plete payroll )anage)ent**/

!alient features of our Payroll !oftware" • Fle#i$le salary definition with for%ula& sla$ etc., • 'nte(ration with )ttendance Monitorin( !yste%s
• • • • • • •
Data '%portin( * 'nterface with +#cel for '%port * +#port of ,arious Data Custo%ization facility of Reports * !alary -eads to suit the needs Capa$le of handlin( of +!', PF * P. processin(&Reportin( Fle#i$le definition of workin( days&holidays dependin( on lea/e (roups Co%plete lea/e %ana(e%ent -R details %ana(e%ent .D! Co%putation, e.D! 0eneration * Printin( of .D! certificates and Returns

co% and call us on at 6 78977:7. a/aila$le with 1racle&M! !23&My !23& M! )ccess etc For )ore details on our payroll software.<=9 .• • +#portin( !alary details to )ccountin( !oftware Network Co%pati$le Client !er/er )rchitecture with optional $ackend. please )ail us your enquiries to this e)ail id -nikhil45$ioena$letech.