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Sherman Stein NY Cor erento tre wd Archimedes What Did He Do Besides Cry Eureka? Sherman Stein University of California, Davis @ Published and Distributed by THE MATHEMATICAL ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA Classroom Resource Materials is intended to provide supplementary classroom mate- rial for students—laboratory exercises, projects, historical information, textbooks with unusual approaches for presenting mathematical ideas, career information, etc. Committee on Publications William Watkins, Chair Andrew Sterrett, Jr, Editor Frank Farris Edward M. Harris Yvette C. Hester Millianne Lehmann Dana N. Mackenzie William A. Marion Edward P. Merkes Daniel Otero Barbara J. Pence Dorothy D. Sherling Michael Starbird 101 Careers in Mathematics, edited by Andrew Sterrett Archimedes: What Did He Do Besides Cry Eureka? Sherman Stein Calculus Mysteries and Thrillers, R. Grant Woods Combinatorics: A Problem Oriented Approach, Daniel A. Marcus A Course in Mathematical Modeling, Douglas Mooney and Randall Swift Elementary Mathematical Models, Dan Kalman Interdisciplinary Lively Application Projects, edited by Chris Amey Laboratory Experiences in Group Theory, Ellen Maycock Parker Lear from the Masters, Frank Swetz, John Fauvel, Otto Bekken, Bengt Johansson, and Vietor Katz Mathematical Modeling for the Environment, Charles Hadlock A Primer of Abstract Mathematics, Robert B. Ash Proofs Without Words, Roger B. Nelsen A Radical Approach to Real Analysis, David M, Bressoud She Does Math!, edited by Marla Parker MAA Service Center P.O. Box 91112 Washington, DC 20090-1112 1-800-331-1622 fax: 1-301-206-9789