user: iis_admin pass: esogp_123 AMS DB IP:10.10.19.

205 user:amsuser pass:ams121

Host: group:erpopsvpn New Pass:E7p$yncVPN4gp server name:gpsql1\db01 login :hrms pw: hrms121 step 1 need to check memo id in t_mroles for inactive need to update wrong entry in t_actionhistory (tmroles_id which will be frm t_m roles table id coloumn, roletype,user id delegator, nedxt_approver releiver, memoid asis, action type approved) step 2 update in t_mroles a_sequence value will same in the new row. and also the status should be inacti ve for wrong delegation Hasnain Thoufiq Ahmed need to update t_memo table memo status IN PROGRESS AND NEXT APPROVER releiver m ail id Dear Values user, as this is wrong category we are requesting you to create a new ticket from ente rprise application-> other service request. in the meantime we are taking care y our request. thanks IN CASE OF RESENDING IT TO THE PREVIOUS APPROVER(REJECTION PREVIUOSLY) DELETING THE REJECTION LINE FROM TACTION HISTORY UPDATE INPROGRESS AND UPDATE THE USER ID delete arafat