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Free State Republican Volume 1 Issue 1 News af tae Maryland Republican Party Febuary 2007 Meet the Chairman James Pelara II, DVM, MS: Chairman Pelura ie longtime gravarocte fctivist He has been awwolved in Anne Arun. de! county poities, along with stetewide end aiional campaigns. He wes Chairmen, for Buch/Camney 2004 in Maryland He aloo worked on Gavernor Ehslich’s 2007 ané 2006 campaigns. Pelure was 2 nember ofthe ‘Anne Arundel Coualy Republican, Central Comittee wnt 2008, Him and his wife, Masicnne live in Device somville, where his vetesnary practice is 1o- cated. They have one son andthe daugh- ts, Message from the Chairman. Welcome! We are prouelto send the promos teltion of the Five State Republican. Com. smurication is the key to winning, Republicans in Mayland suffered a major ‘ow last Wovenber, buLit was in no wey fatal, Our otate ie n very good ohape and iio alee to principles hald ner and dew by. Repablians: low taxes, smell eficient go7- tunnen, pro-business, rugged individualism, tnd compeosion Fer shave wstble to de for thenealves We tust adhere to ont principles andre willprevail in the 2007 Muricipal elections, 2008 Presidential elections andthe 2010 Ow ‘betabotial elections [ eincovely appeeeiate your continued dadioe- tion thioagh your service ta your community, ‘your financial suppor to the Maryland Re- Publican Paity and your understanding ac, ‘note then eve, ofthe impottence to demon Strate cur unity and strength Stay natble anc eadity your example. (feach Republican ‘bangs one voter inte the party, we wil be come atwo party cteta, Ba up oe aah of ue “Thane yon, And Introducing the \\DGOP Staff Joka Flynn, Exeoutive Director Bottner eounselorto 1S, Seeretery af Lahor Slane L. Chao, Fyn joined the stff es Ex ‘cutive Directorin Janiaary. Active with the Maryland Young Republican, Flynn will manage the day-to-dey operations of the state pany end work with censral commitvees, cubs fand grasscoois in promoting tar MDCOP mes Audra Miller, Communications Director Miller has heen Communications Ditectot for the state party since early 2005. Previcusly she worked for Sen. Arlen Specter @-EA) cn Capitol Hull She aleo world for the Roman Catholic Church asa lobbyist, fandesser ane communications divest, Mls is the pi ‘mary contact forradio, television and print repatters ae well ao wotking cloaety with loeal committees on messaging, Corey Stottlemyer, Political Director Stotdlemyer joined the state party as Pottical Directorin January. He joined the MDCOP after serving ae Weatein Maryland Regicnal Dizoctor for Govennne Bhai» 2006 eas. paign. He isa vetatan of several politcal Campaigns, including thet of LeRoy Ayers in 2002, Siotileryer wil be responsible for or- iginizing gracorcote efoite, cenckdate recruit ‘ment and trsining, tiling coalitions and maneging database information, ‘Wendy Hershey, Events Coordinator Hershey joined the state partyin January afer pending tro yoaro a the Office of Executive Services in Annapolis, She served as deputy Sinence director for Pipksn for U.S. Senate in 2004 AsEvents Coordinatay, Hershey wil be eapotaible for coordinating event andthe MEGOP's hincausing efits ‘Marcia Fieka, Office/Business Manager ‘Hoke hes been wits the state pasty for 20 yyeats, Her mstitsional knowledge of the pry end all ofthe player ie aa anvalaatle feset to the MDGOP. As offie/bnsiness man. ager, icks ensues thatthe ship s aways sell: ing straight aad efficiently. 2007 In Annapoli$ ‘The 2007 General Assembly Legislative Ses- sions e month inbo te 0-day session, ut sang initiatives are moving ful steam ahead, some gocd and some not s0 good. Withthe new O'Malley Administration weading weler, aad anxious Democrats chomping ot the bit the Administration's slow pace, Assembly, smembers have gone ahead with ther o7m, agendas, nol walling forthe Administration or Ieadlerohip so provide diteoticn, ‘The mejonty pany is beck to uying toma ripulate ou electoral process with several smearurea, inolading early voting ngielation thet takes electoral protections ext ofthe ‘Maryland Constinaion, legislation to allow ‘voters ta ces thre voles exyprnersauthe stale wwith:no checls and balaneeo for a2cutity pro- ‘cea rule changes that make + more discal for Constitaticnal emeadments to be prcposed onimportantiseues auch as eminent demain, secqiing poitical clube te crm Political Ar. tion Committees and moves to meke the Flee ‘oral Cctlege pointless. ‘The fitet budget forthe new Adhinieteation, vas released ith hesghtened spending and immineal shonfals, Slrstard defies end lection your ginaicks by the Democrats have crated a bulge nol thet wal beat to fix. The 2002 Thomicn legislation, pension eahencemenis for leechers and retire slale employes git to unicns) and inezeases te the Madiesid toils have stesined Maryland” = ‘badge: so much tne there is a projected struc- ‘ural defiit of feast $1.4 billion for Fiscal Year 2009, It will oly grow fom thece. So what does the new Admiristeation de? ‘The Fiseal Yeas 2008 Budget presested ty the O'Malley Adauniottation cote the ote up for significant tex increases in the days end sonshs ahead by using up almost all of the siale'steserve Finds, Because cf Governor Bhelich’sotewvardehio, O'Malley wae abie to come se office with « $7 billion suroias (O'Malley took the surplus andl spent it in his rot budge, leaving the bare minimum a- owed in tho etae'e coffins. The budget ended up as a compilation of Mice Millen! ‘Mike Busch items co-opted by the Admin. salion,« continuation of Governor Ehrlich’s policies and a spending plaa the depletes the Siale’s savings. And this s just the frst year Continued an Page 2, Col.) Poge 2 Free State Republican February 2007 2007 In Annapolis ‘Want to improve your Continued from Page t ; Nemyea's sexsi wile consuned procfis whois backin Ammupotsane —- [COMMunity? Care about with tax anereare peoposale which wall four years. Matin O'Mallay hes, to education, crime and taxes? toe dubbed “tevenue exhancenents.” In date, chosen Glendening’s lop policy the meantime, she Demrosrat majority advisor io steer his egerda and eight ‘Want to change your nd the new govetnce hoop digging « fovives Clendening Cobine sccitatics. neighborhood for the tighol that Maryland's texpayers will These ate the same folks tact were rast ‘be Forood to bail out eventually ofthe scandal of Clendening’s tone better? Get active and get UibinneUeEe EN Remo eae — [avolved. Contact your fe ee hee a local Republican Central this first budget is any indication, the Committee to find out how you can do your part. For information about your local committee, go to and go to ithe About Us section. Click on Central Committees for contact information and find out how you can get involved today. Tax Increase Proposals to Watch for in 2008 from Martin O’Malley and the Maryland General Assembly: Sales Tax Income Tax Gasoline Tax Cigarette Tax Corporate Income Tax Amusement Tax Car Tax ated So ee oe ae eee eared and sewage foes, telephous tax, energy tax, kone security system tax, clack tax eae NOTARLE QUOTABLES: “Iastin O"Malley’s fst budget takes Maryland to the bua of financial disaster I is constoactodte make massive bax increases mandatory in the future. He has expanced the size of goverment, snoreased spencing while ignoring the structural deficits, and used al of the state's Raany Day Farin one fell ewoop. Matyland cenact aford thie apending optee and our working familise cannot Ford to pay for it all” (Qdlaryland GOP Press Release, Chaizran James Pelura, Jenavary 23, 2007) "That's not long encugly" seid the otdinaly recerved Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett. "We nood to literelly put stale ‘through their [Republican] hearts. "(Lav-makees stat tocay, Baltimore Sum, lanuary 10, 2007) "Somehow, someplace, somebody is goingto have to pay fori, and iis gcingto be the Maryland taxpayer," Mx. Milles, Southern Maryland Democrat, fold reporters as he entered aews Annapolis Hotel for a meeting with legislative leaders end Mr OMalley. (Milles says MD texpayers will go! the bill for O'Malley plans, Washington Times, December 19, 2206) "What they/e doingie getting everybody act up for alazgo tax ine ‘taxes." (The ail is coming de on O'Malley promises, Waskingron Pos: " Bhuich told a group ofteperters." They wen, they gitto reiog December 14, 2008) Te me DE Our Legislative Leaders | Aprit 9 — Last Day of 2007 Legistative ae Pans Session May 18" and 19" - Marytand Repubtican Pary Spring Convention Fune 6 — Seventeenth Annual Red, White and Blue Dinner Check the MD GOP's Events Calendar for datss of local Lixcoin Day Dinars at Senate Minority Leader House Minority Leader David Brinkley Arhony O'Donnell oa In Honor of President Ronald Reagan's 96" Birthday, ‘the following is from his final speech to the nation on January 11, 1989: ‘The past few days when Tve been st the window upstats, I've thought bit of ihe "shining eity upon abl" ‘The phrase comes Soa Johe Winthrop, who wrots itto deecsibe the Amtica ho imagined, Waste imagined wes important because he was an eaily Pilgyt, an eatly leedom man, He joumneysd here on whet today asd cal a litle wooden tas: and Lke the other Pilgrims, ne was looking for « home that would be fee I've epolon ofthe shining city all ny politcal life, ttf don't mow if ever quite communicated what when! seid it But in my mind wae stall proud sey hilt on racks stronger than oceans, wind -evrpt, Gc blesseel andl teeming with people ofall kinds ling in harmony and peace, «city with ffee ports that Hummes ‘with commerce and sieativity, andif there hed ta be city wells, the walls had doors and the doors were operito cayrone with the will ad the hoa? to got here, Thalshowl save & atl oop atl ‘And how stands she edy on this winter ight? Mote prosperous, more secure, and happier than t was eight yeers ‘go. But moze than that, afer 200 years, ba cenbuies, she sli! stands stcongyand true on the granite ridge, and thor glow hae held steady no matter what ctoon And shee oil « bearct, ail e magn for al whe avact ha feedom, For all the pilgrims fiom allthe Inet places who ate hurling through the davknses,towrael home, We've done our par. And es walk off inio the ety stzets, afin werd tothe men end women of the Reagan, sevolution, the mon and women acrose Amonica who fer sighs yearo cid the work thet brought America beck. My fiends: We did 4 We orereatt uot marking ime. We made a difference We wade the city stronger We zatle the city freer, andwe left nef m good hands. Ain all not bad, not bad a all Anden, good bys, God bless you, end God blocs the United States of America SCE SAD scrtnion nen, op Slee Phaze msbe checks payable to The Maryland Repablisn Paty, Faw Ossapaton Bapoyer Bas City Bae Tip Code Waik lone FarPlose canal elles ‘Mail your coratutions to: 15 West Steet, Annapolis, MD 21401 Checks way be given by mow then cre entity. The Maryan Repubiican Party wl accept contibioes fiom nena, (Corporations, FAC?s, LLC's an gatmrshis. Conteiuticn will be deposited into the Marylend Republinen Party Oporating Aecount, You may also make your secure contribution online at