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A file about the Politician & Procurator Essam Sultan

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Who is he?
Name: Essam Abdul-Rahman Sultan
Occupation: lawyer, politician, and Egyptian
Origin: Born in Damietta, on Feb, 13th 1964. He
is one of the most powerful and famous
lawyers in Egypt. He is well-known for defending the public opinion issues that
were against Mubaraks regime and the dissolved Security of State Corps.

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.1964 13

Political Activity:
He was elected as the head of students union at Cairo University for the
academic year 1985-1986.
He was member in several movements that targeted injustice and
despotism. In July 2004, he participated in founding the Kefaya

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movement which called for political and economic reformation and bringing
an end to despotism and injustice that the free Egyptian citizen used to
suffer from.

On Feb, 23rd 2010, Essam Sultan

wrote the first statement of the
National Assembly for change which
included other national figures. He is
member in many conferences and
human rights organizations, most
famous of them all is: Egypts
Assembly for Culture and Dialogue- headed by Dr. M. Selim Al-Awwa.
He founded Al-Wassat Party, a political party that has an Islamic and Arab
culture background that aimed at leading the Egyptian nation with all its
sects under the umbrella of wassat which means moderate in Arabic, on
Feb, 19th 2011.

. 2004


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.2011 19
-Leader to the Cairo University students union during the academic year
-Founder of Egypts Assembly for Culture and Dialogue and member in its
board of directors in 1999.
-Founder of Kefaya Movement in 2005.
-Founder of the National Assembly for Change in 2010.
-Member in the Arab and Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.
-Member of the Islamic National Conference and the Arab National
-Participated in many Egyptian, Arab and International human rights
movements and defended many opinion and freedom cases. He wrote as
well many articles and gave many statements in newspapers and the mass
media round public issues.

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- He is a Member of Parliament representing Damietta Governorate in

2012, and chairman of Al Wassat Party parliamentary body.


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. 2010

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Distinguished statements:
Sultan was well known for his non-stop quarrels and clashes with ElBaradei and Shafiq, among these are:
No fear from the dominance of any party. No party is as powerful as this
great Egyptian people who fomented the revolution. (Jan, 18th 2012)
The actions of a man among a thousand men is better than the statements
of a thousand men in one man (Jan, 22nd 2012)

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Our will to take up our revolution is indomitable. Well never pay any
attention to anybody. Weve vaguely seen all the white, black and grey

threads. Weve seen men and sissies, honest and fake people, the real
bereaved of her child and the wailing hired one. (Jul 17th 2013)


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2013 17 "
Sultan, vice chairman of Al Wassat party, was arrested after being
(unjustly) accused of humiliating the State Councils judges through several
statements in the mass media. He was also accused of torturing people in
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the Rabaa sit-in and setting the governmental building, the Nile Company
for Cooperative Compounds into fire, as well as provoking violence and
violating personal liberty.




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