"Father Christmas is a prehistoric shape shifter

~ Mrs Christmas, CEO of Christmas Inc



"Father Christmas is a prehistoric shape shifter" replied Mrs Christmas, CEO of Christmas Inc today at the company's headquarters in Lapland, to a question about Santa's alleged Mesopotamian origins 6000 years ago.


"Much older than 6000 years" she added. "Domozid and Inanna were just one of the recurring manifestations of the archetype," she explained. Noticing the alarmed expression on the interviewer's face, she clarified: "Look, Christmas Inc is not and has never been a religious organization. We neither condone nor condemn religion. Whatever metaphysical beliefs each of the family holds, remain private."

"Our deepest convictions are expressed in our actions", she elucidated. "And those bespeak thrift, hard work and a fat profit margin. Recently, we've been forced into a fourth", she cackled mischievously, "that of peace keeper and enforcer of international law, if only on Christmas Eve". She went on: "Well, of course Santa or Father or whatever you want to call him, is an ancient archetype. He's there in the ancient rock art of Europe.


Why should that upset anyone? she demands to know. "The problem with people is that they refuse to investigate their own shadow" , she concludes abruptly... … leaving the interviewer reeling in shock.