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◊ [6 poems from October & November, 2001]


THree times, thiS IS the N0WQ:W

obiggotten yearling feathermusti've bewasted, masticula


rrk ukforth in pracidly undulinkerative glissmers, danced

faken' brake torp, klout BLAST@(O makein's with dhine'''

prey you be the one who shat in my appetite,


i saw so,ldiers lanced like hair heirlUUMs,

miceroy dittttk aspfl aspld aspdjk asodfjp

honourably so
michael needed fastened rain drop bead prancers,
dittying like harpoon spitoon

midwife and miway thru essex, little

brittain awake on the shore.

mister sock-pants died in my arms

late lass lives lover lamb

the sky will be forever filled with the alphabet, HOT scrPt

the way
before there were hands, before there were feet, before
there were eyes, be
fore there were thighs, before there were little livers,
before there were large l
ivers, before there were middlelivers,beforethere were
muscles, before there were
ankles, before there were nipples, before there were
jaws, before there were
freckles, before there werepalms, before there wer e
-there were boots & clothes.


Alotted time vesselsTM igging in the pines!

straight from my heart to the supermarket--5 percent
aisles of discount japanese tar WHOOPSOFFERENDS SOON!

heat death

i was Born In A Bucket

and Raised In A Barrel.

blithe denotive entropy

get hideous
smart sopping destmup, phony acrobats
tailing in the yard.
sit humonculously
climbing patterns of sleep to the tower
of turd slamdancing

dry timidly!
stinging rations of fashion in the
hueless world of apathy

blow androgynous
offer sloutions to the packs of wild tellers
in the dusty zoobanks of yesterdecade

hate americans
bringing heat to the floor like a tapdance
flapper, pouring pudding.

give restitution
to the desolately preposterous and complex
theft, dealing with mostly molecules

i'm magnanamous